Friday, 13 July 2012


Let me start by saying: "THIS IS MY FAVOURITE BOOK OF ALL THE TIME !" The reason is not because it is a love story and we all love a good love story. The reason is not because the movie adaptation is good as well. The reason is not that it is written by Nicholas Sparks... The reason is... that this book is great. It makes you laugh. And it makes you cry. I have to say that when it came to the sad parts of this book, i was crying my eyes out and went through box of Kleenex. And that's what you want from a good book. You want a story which is so captivating that you can't put the book down. You take it everywhere. Like Ronnie took her Anna Karenina book with her everywhere... Yes, in my head I look like Ronnie. This is one thing I do with every good book... I become the main character. And Yes, Will looks like Liam Hemsworth in my head (sorry Miley Cyrus - it's nothing against you, you have got him for real anyway. And you are such a cute couple) ..

I have to say, I was very skeptical when I started reading this book. Actually it has been on my book shelf for over a year. I have just come across it the other day after looking through You Tube and finding clips from the movie adaptation. And me being me, I had to know if the book is like the movie...


So give it a try yourself and see what you think about this. Some might say, it's another love story and curse me for recommending it to read.. but some of you might see what I see it this book ..  A beautiful story about love, not only between girl and boy, about love within family and about going through hell, you will learn how to say goodbye, how to forgive and realise.. Life is short and incredible. Don't waste it.


The Last Song is a story about Ronnie. Ronnie's parents divorced 3 years ago and she feels her dad abandoned her and her brother Jonah.. She actually hasn't spoken to him for past 3 years. Ronnie is a girl with a good heart but is lost in the world at the moment. And she is not definitely impressed when her mum suddenly ships her and Jonah to their dad's for the summer.

Of course as any other teenage girl soon turning 18, she rebels against the idea and there is lots of arguments and her shouting and blaming her dad for everything.

On the first day, Ronnie meets Will. Well he actually crushes into her and spill her soda all over her. What a charmer, ey? And guess what? It's a love at first sight. Of course they don't get together for first couple of chapters.

Ronnie also meets Blaze and her boyfriend Marcus. Marcus immediately start lusted after Ronnie which causes Blaze to be jealous. Blaze's jealousy takes a new turn when she sets up Ronnie as a shoplifter. Yes, Ronnie did shoplift in New York, but doesn't want to do it anymore. But she still lands in lot of trouble.

Ronnie also finds a nest of sea turtle eggs which she falls in love with and starts to protect. This eventually leads to another meeting with Will.. and after a rocky start they finally become a couple. Yes, Ronnie sees the fireworks with Will. This relationship changes the both of them. And their view of the future. Of course there isn't a easy road to ultimate happiness and there are some bumps on the road. On the day of the turtle's eggs finally hatching, Ronnie's dad collapses and it's revealed that he has terminal cancer and is going to die.

This starts to change Ronnie. She becomes frustrated and upset with the whole world. She pushes everybody away. Even Will. She breaks up with him after she finds out that Will knew what has happened on the night when church, her dad loves and is making a window for, burnt down. Ronnie decides to stay with her dad until the end. They spent Steve's last months together and they rebuilt their relationship. Ronnie even starts to play the piano again as she realises that is her dad's big love.

One november morning, Steve does not open his eyes. He dies happy knowing that his children love him. On the day of the funeral, Ronnie meets Will again and they give their relationship another go. Their love is stronger than any of the bumps. Will even transfers to Columbia so he can be with Ronnie in New York.

Happy ending. :)

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Thought you should know how the little me looks like


Hi there guys.. 

My name is Zuzana Vystrcilova. I know it's a mouthful .. so just call me Zuz. That's what my friends called me and hopefully if you reading this blog you might have become my friend at this point or we will be friends. 

Probably you all wonder what is this blog about. Well from the name A Secret Reading Garden you actually guessed. And if you haven't guessed it from the name the introduction to my blog and this post make it perfectly clear for you. It's about books. Wow.. what a surprise I know. Look, the reason I have decided to start this blog is because i love books. I love getting lost in a good book. My friend Chris hates me when i start reading a good book because i get lost to the world ( and don't pay enough attention to him :)) Anyways, the reason I have decided to blog about my passion for books is to share the emotions, thoughts and opinions about books. I read a lot. If i like a book i can read it within 2 days.  And i just thought, there isn't a website which would tell you what's the book about and what feelings and views are about this book. Yes, there are the famous book reviews you can in magazines or newspapers telling what's the book about briefly and the critics will talk about the style of writing and if the story is good or bad.. or you can google each individual book or novel and wikipedia will tell you the plot from the start to end..but you don't actually ever read what's the opinion of general public on various books. Here I will just do that. I will write about every single book i read, it's kinda a reading journal i guess. But i just wanna share the love I've got for to books (I guess i inherited that from my mum). And of course i wanna know what YOU think about the book if you have read it. 

To each post I also add a picture in lomography style, which is another of my big loves. so maybe from time to time i can write reviews about that as well. Just let me know, if you are interested in it..

I guess that is enough from me know. Hope you will like my creativity a little bit. if you have any questions or comments let me know and i will gladly answer to anything. 

Happy reading i guess. 

Zuz xXx