Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Hi there guys.. 

My name is Zuzana Vystrcilova. I know it's a mouthful .. so just call me Zuz. That's what my friends called me and hopefully if you reading this blog you might have become my friend at this point or we will be friends. 

Probably you all wonder what is this blog about. Well from the name A Secret Reading Garden you actually guessed. And if you haven't guessed it from the name the introduction to my blog and this post make it perfectly clear for you. It's about books. Wow.. what a surprise I know. Look, the reason I have decided to start this blog is because i love books. I love getting lost in a good book. My friend Chris hates me when i start reading a good book because i get lost to the world ( and don't pay enough attention to him :)) Anyways, the reason I have decided to blog about my passion for books is to share the emotions, thoughts and opinions about books. I read a lot. If i like a book i can read it within 2 days.  And i just thought, there isn't a website which would tell you what's the book about and what feelings and views are about this book. Yes, there are the famous book reviews you can in magazines or newspapers telling what's the book about briefly and the critics will talk about the style of writing and if the story is good or bad.. or you can google each individual book or novel and wikipedia will tell you the plot from the start to end..but you don't actually ever read what's the opinion of general public on various books. Here I will just do that. I will write about every single book i read, it's kinda a reading journal i guess. But i just wanna share the love I've got for to books (I guess i inherited that from my mum). And of course i wanna know what YOU think about the book if you have read it. 

To each post I also add a picture in lomography style, which is another of my big loves. so maybe from time to time i can write reviews about that as well. Just let me know, if you are interested in it..

I guess that is enough from me know. Hope you will like my creativity a little bit. if you have any questions or comments let me know and i will gladly answer to anything. 

Happy reading i guess. 

Zuz xXx

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