Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A Crossfire Novel: Bared To You - SYLVIA DAY

Ok, i have to say, i only downloaded this book after reading a review on Amazon. The reason why i haven't bought it when it has been published, was a simple question: How it will be better than Fifty Shades Trilogy?

I love Fifty Shades of Grey and somewhere deep down I am looking for my own Christian Grey, who isn't? (I will write a review for Fifty Shades Trilogy soon as well.) . I was really worried that Sylvia Day is one of those writers who wants to milk the cow while they can. "Mummy porn" how it is popular to call these books, are very trendy right now. And they are outselling books like Twilight, Hunger Games and even J.K. Rowling's all Harry Potter's books. You can see people reading them on buses, trains. You can read endless articles on daily mail website referring to sales increases in lingerie industry, sex shops... and there also are the endless articles about the lifestyle. Even Spotify has an advert for the Fifty Shades Trilogy audio books. It's everywhere you move.  There are fan pages on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites dedicated to these books. Don't get me wrong I am member of one as well. I would love for Henry Cavill or Ian Somerhalder to play Christian Grey.. but my question is once is over will there be a hole ? A hole, which other authors and writers will try to fill with cheap and not so original stories? 

That's why i was very vary when I found out about Bared to you. Firstly, I wasn't even aware that there will be three books. How very similar, I know. But an Amazon review persuaded me to try to read this book. And I was pleasantly ( well pleasantly even can't describe it hehe) surprised!!

Sylvia Day wrote a lovely novel. Stripped down of all the sex scenes, down to basics, it's a love story. A love story between two people who meet by accident. They both have a very very difficult past. They are both fucked-up. And who isn't in this age? I love Eva. She is like every other girl. Unsecured, jealous, madly in love with this gorgeous billionaire Gideon. I love the fact that they both are making mistakes. Although Eva has a very terrible past, she got through it and found her place in the world. She is an inspiration to me to be honest with you. I love her attitude to the world. She says it how it is. And Gideon. Well he is like any other guy. Sometimes he doesn't have a clue about how the woman's mind work, in bed he is this amazing lover who apparently doesn't want to have anything to do with romance, but he says the most romantic things to Eva. They are such a cute dysfunctional couple, who love each other so much from the first moment they meet, that they are working through their issues. 

And the sex scenes.. well they are way hotter than the ones in Fifty Shades. Sylvia Day wrote a fine piece. Sometimes, while reading the book I had to put it down and well.. ( i will not go to details). The sex is mind-blowing and I love the fact that is without the S&M bit. It's like any other couple's sex. When you read through certain scenes, you actually know that this could happen to you. It is the lust after the other person, the amazing attraction which is pulling you together without any help or reason. You just know that you want to be with the person then and there. 

And lastly, the book is situated in New York. So that's a win-win for me straight away :)

The book is well written, really easy to follow and read. Firstly, I wasn't pulled in straight away like with Fifty Shades, but soon that has changed. after first three chapters I was sucked in and stayed long hours up to read it.

I recommend this book. I think any Fifty Shades fan will be pleasantly surprised. Yes. there is lots which has in common with Fifty Shades. but Bared to you is a fine erotic novel and i am looking forward to the next two. Well done, Sylvia Day. 

But tell me what you think? Do you prefer Fifty Shades? What's your opinion on this "mummy porn" business? 

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

KINDLE by Amazon

I know this is not a post about book. This is a book about one of my favourite gadgets of all the time.

I am a big gadget fan. I always check out new things and gadgets. When there is something new brought to the market - if it is an iPhone, iPad, new camera or vintage camera... i always read to reviews and check out YouTube for reviews and how to guides there...

Kindle was an exception. I was one of those people who loves books as an object. I love everything about them.. the smell.. the way it feels when you hold in your hand... i even heard myself saying "I will never buy an e-reader or kindle. I will always stay with the book." How wrong i was!!!

One day one of my ex-house mates returned from honey moon. She got as a present a kindle. And she has sold it to be. Well the idea of  a kindle being quite useful. Well if you are like me or like one of my closest friends, you read a lot. And as much as i love the book itself, its quite heavy. And sometimes i read couple of books in the same time, so my handbags feels double my weight LOL. That means that my arm is in so much pain. And also i live in a shared house, that explain the house mate bit and have only my room to store my precious things in. So if you read 2-3 books a week and you buy a book every single time you pop into town or Asda (cant leave without checking the book aisle there lol)... the space where you can store your books its getting smaller and smaller...... And that's where the kindle comes it. 

I have to say after speaking to Sneeha.. i have order a kindle for myself the next day. And i was not disappointed. i have the 3G version with keyboard. currently it stores 56 books (space and arm ache saved there). the battery last up to a month without charging it. The first time i have charged it, it lasted for over 3 months. i take it everywhere with me. its my faithful companion on my journey to work, gym or travels around the world. it fits in nearly every handbag or even a back pocked of the jeans. The most amazing things it the ink and the way the kindle works. its not actually lighten up.. it looks like you are reading a book. so when it's dark you need to put the light on. i bought a recycled case and skin for it which makes it book very on trend. getting books is so easy as well, i just turn on the wifi, find the book i want to read and whisper net download it straight to my kindle. The kindle has lovely features like audio books, you can read books and magazines on it. The kindle store is directly on your kindle so you can download a book anytime straight to it. You can change the size and font of writing... and if you want to make it trendy there is plenty of covers and skins to choose from. 

amazon recently brought new versions to the market but i still prefer my own old one with the keyboard. i am such a big fan of kindle that my love for it persuaded my friend Claire to buy one. 

as you see and from what you read, i swear buy the kindle... i even wrote a review on amazon!!! and i don't usually do that ! so if you love books as much as i do.. or if there is somebody who shares the same interest and passion, give the kindle to them as a present.. i am sure they will thank you for a long long time and you will be in their good books. well it stores up to 3000 books ... and that it a great library hehe. 

tell me, what you think about the kindle? have you got one yourself? 

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


This is my favourite book of all the time... I know You might find it boring or too old to read.. but it's a classic. I was skeptical myself when i started to read. Actually I have only downloaded to on my kindle because it was free. I know how horrible of me... wouldn't pay for such a classic book which is such a big part of english literature. But i have to say i was pleasantly surprised..

Firstly i feel in love with the language. I adore old english and the way they used to talk.. i found it so romantic and very special. I even adore the way the society behaved at that time. i am a big fan of historical novels and stories. Most of the books i read when i was in my teens was from about the same time.

Secondly i admire Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennett. She is such a charming character. Who knows what she wants in her life. She is brave. She doesn't do what is expected of her. She has such a courage and tells what she thinks. She is an excellent example of the way girls should be and how they should behave.

Thirdly i love a good love story. Who doesn't?!? Especially where the guy is the one who falls in love and go to extreme measures and change for the girl who caught his attentions. and because of him trying so hard, he wins her heart and admiration at the end.

And lastly who doesn't admire and wants their own Mr Darcy in their life? Especially we girls! Mr Darcy is a perfect gentleman. At the beginning we think of him as proud, quiet, quite rude man. But we slowly discover that he is shy, lovely, good-hearted, polite gentleman who falls in love when least expected with a girl who he finds in the first place only tolerable.:)

As said on the beginning.. i love this book.. it has everything a good book supposed to have... its well written. Jane Austen is such an amazing writer, one of the most successful female writer in the english literature. She has intrigues - it's nice to know that even that people gossiped, made up false accusations and went behind backs to get what they wanted. And at the end it is a love story with happy ending. The heroines and heroes of this book struggle at first. they have to go through self discovery, changes and even swallow their pride to come to happy ending.

I come to this book and read parts of it time to time. Especially the romantic ones. And every single time, it captivates me and i cant put it down. Even now... took me 2 days to read it.. and i stayed up until 1am to read it.

please give this book a chance, i am sure you will not be disappointed. and tell me what was your favourite part.  Oh and please check out the movie as well. I love the version with Keira Knightley. She is such a perfect Lizzy :)

"If you will thank me, let it be for yourself alone. That the wish of giving happiness to you might add force to other inducements which led me on, i shall not attempt to deny. but your family owe me nothing. Much as i respect them, I believe I thought only of YOU" Mr Darcy to Lizzy.

Thursday, 9 August 2012


I know what you think... WTF !!! is she kidding?! Is she really reading a teenage story? Really?!!

Don't punish me just yet. The reason i came across this book is actually the film and crisis i have been going through with my housemates. It got over the top and i wanted to chillax for a bit. So i decided to have a movie night. And what's a movie night without a chick flick, right? So i just watched Angus, thongs and perfect snogging .. and it was the right choice. I have never laughed so much in my life. this is movie that even if i had the worst day, week, or month... even a year always puts a smile on my face. 
not to mention that Aaron Johnson is so unbelievable cute and hot in the same time. Shame he is taken (although i know i wouldn't stand a chance and it would be only unfulfilled dream of mine). And also i am not 23 years older than him. Seriously what is it with the guys recently... are we girls not good enough for them so they have to look and go out with our mums, aunties and grandmas? 

but back to the topic. so after watching the movie... me being me.. i have downloaded the first 2 book of Confessions of Georgia Nicolson. And i have to say, it wasn't a disappointment at all. 

Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging is one the most hilarious books i have ever read. Georgia is in her way so patronising  and stuck up on her own arse but you still feel for her and you still want her to get The Sex God. 

i took my kindle to work, read it on the bus there and back. read it through the work and lunch. i couldn't put down the book for a minute. i had laughed to much. it's very easy to read for anybody and it sucks you in. it makes you think about your own teenage years. all the love, heartbreak, embarrassment, times you spent with your friends.. times when nobody understood you. times when you felt your friends abandoned you for their new boyfriends. even now we still go through all those feelings. And even now we all dream about getting off with the our own Sex God. 

i recommend this book just for the sentimental purposes. it will make you laugh. and it will make you shake your head when reading some parts. 

all in all.. this good is a good feel book on a bad day. check out the movie as well. i am currently on the 5th book so i wonder how it all pants out... if Georgia and Sex God are meant to be or if Dave the Laugh will win her heart... 

please let me know what you think .. let me know what this book made you think off. 

Love Zuz xxx

An apology..

Hey guys, 

sorry for being quite for last couple of weeks.. but you know how it goes.. Life gets into way. Had a family (household) crisis which took my attention and time to read and write.. but i am back to it now and in next couple of days there will couple of posts coming towards you. 

so please don't give up on me just yet.. 

check it in couple of days and i am sure you will be lovely surprised. Read through couple of books which i want to talk to you about and also well can't miss out the amazing topic the whole world is talking about and that's The Olympics and how amazing Team GB is doing. 

so keep an eye on my posts.

have an amazing day 

ZUZ xxx