Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A Crossfire Novel: Bared To You - SYLVIA DAY

Ok, i have to say, i only downloaded this book after reading a review on Amazon. The reason why i haven't bought it when it has been published, was a simple question: How it will be better than Fifty Shades Trilogy?

I love Fifty Shades of Grey and somewhere deep down I am looking for my own Christian Grey, who isn't? (I will write a review for Fifty Shades Trilogy soon as well.) . I was really worried that Sylvia Day is one of those writers who wants to milk the cow while they can. "Mummy porn" how it is popular to call these books, are very trendy right now. And they are outselling books like Twilight, Hunger Games and even J.K. Rowling's all Harry Potter's books. You can see people reading them on buses, trains. You can read endless articles on daily mail website referring to sales increases in lingerie industry, sex shops... and there also are the endless articles about the lifestyle. Even Spotify has an advert for the Fifty Shades Trilogy audio books. It's everywhere you move.  There are fan pages on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites dedicated to these books. Don't get me wrong I am member of one as well. I would love for Henry Cavill or Ian Somerhalder to play Christian Grey.. but my question is once is over will there be a hole ? A hole, which other authors and writers will try to fill with cheap and not so original stories? 

That's why i was very vary when I found out about Bared to you. Firstly, I wasn't even aware that there will be three books. How very similar, I know. But an Amazon review persuaded me to try to read this book. And I was pleasantly ( well pleasantly even can't describe it hehe) surprised!!

Sylvia Day wrote a lovely novel. Stripped down of all the sex scenes, down to basics, it's a love story. A love story between two people who meet by accident. They both have a very very difficult past. They are both fucked-up. And who isn't in this age? I love Eva. She is like every other girl. Unsecured, jealous, madly in love with this gorgeous billionaire Gideon. I love the fact that they both are making mistakes. Although Eva has a very terrible past, she got through it and found her place in the world. She is an inspiration to me to be honest with you. I love her attitude to the world. She says it how it is. And Gideon. Well he is like any other guy. Sometimes he doesn't have a clue about how the woman's mind work, in bed he is this amazing lover who apparently doesn't want to have anything to do with romance, but he says the most romantic things to Eva. They are such a cute dysfunctional couple, who love each other so much from the first moment they meet, that they are working through their issues. 

And the sex scenes.. well they are way hotter than the ones in Fifty Shades. Sylvia Day wrote a fine piece. Sometimes, while reading the book I had to put it down and well.. ( i will not go to details). The sex is mind-blowing and I love the fact that is without the S&M bit. It's like any other couple's sex. When you read through certain scenes, you actually know that this could happen to you. It is the lust after the other person, the amazing attraction which is pulling you together without any help or reason. You just know that you want to be with the person then and there. 

And lastly, the book is situated in New York. So that's a win-win for me straight away :)

The book is well written, really easy to follow and read. Firstly, I wasn't pulled in straight away like with Fifty Shades, but soon that has changed. after first three chapters I was sucked in and stayed long hours up to read it.

I recommend this book. I think any Fifty Shades fan will be pleasantly surprised. Yes. there is lots which has in common with Fifty Shades. but Bared to you is a fine erotic novel and i am looking forward to the next two. Well done, Sylvia Day. 

But tell me what you think? Do you prefer Fifty Shades? What's your opinion on this "mummy porn" business? 

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