Wednesday, 15 August 2012

KINDLE by Amazon

I know this is not a post about book. This is a book about one of my favourite gadgets of all the time.

I am a big gadget fan. I always check out new things and gadgets. When there is something new brought to the market - if it is an iPhone, iPad, new camera or vintage camera... i always read to reviews and check out YouTube for reviews and how to guides there...

Kindle was an exception. I was one of those people who loves books as an object. I love everything about them.. the smell.. the way it feels when you hold in your hand... i even heard myself saying "I will never buy an e-reader or kindle. I will always stay with the book." How wrong i was!!!

One day one of my ex-house mates returned from honey moon. She got as a present a kindle. And she has sold it to be. Well the idea of  a kindle being quite useful. Well if you are like me or like one of my closest friends, you read a lot. And as much as i love the book itself, its quite heavy. And sometimes i read couple of books in the same time, so my handbags feels double my weight LOL. That means that my arm is in so much pain. And also i live in a shared house, that explain the house mate bit and have only my room to store my precious things in. So if you read 2-3 books a week and you buy a book every single time you pop into town or Asda (cant leave without checking the book aisle there lol)... the space where you can store your books its getting smaller and smaller...... And that's where the kindle comes it. 

I have to say after speaking to Sneeha.. i have order a kindle for myself the next day. And i was not disappointed. i have the 3G version with keyboard. currently it stores 56 books (space and arm ache saved there). the battery last up to a month without charging it. The first time i have charged it, it lasted for over 3 months. i take it everywhere with me. its my faithful companion on my journey to work, gym or travels around the world. it fits in nearly every handbag or even a back pocked of the jeans. The most amazing things it the ink and the way the kindle works. its not actually lighten up.. it looks like you are reading a book. so when it's dark you need to put the light on. i bought a recycled case and skin for it which makes it book very on trend. getting books is so easy as well, i just turn on the wifi, find the book i want to read and whisper net download it straight to my kindle. The kindle has lovely features like audio books, you can read books and magazines on it. The kindle store is directly on your kindle so you can download a book anytime straight to it. You can change the size and font of writing... and if you want to make it trendy there is plenty of covers and skins to choose from. 

amazon recently brought new versions to the market but i still prefer my own old one with the keyboard. i am such a big fan of kindle that my love for it persuaded my friend Claire to buy one. 

as you see and from what you read, i swear buy the kindle... i even wrote a review on amazon!!! and i don't usually do that ! so if you love books as much as i do.. or if there is somebody who shares the same interest and passion, give the kindle to them as a present.. i am sure they will thank you for a long long time and you will be in their good books. well it stores up to 3000 books ... and that it a great library hehe. 

tell me, what you think about the kindle? have you got one yourself? 

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