Tuesday, 14 August 2012


This is my favourite book of all the time... I know You might find it boring or too old to read.. but it's a classic. I was skeptical myself when i started to read. Actually I have only downloaded to on my kindle because it was free. I know how horrible of me... wouldn't pay for such a classic book which is such a big part of english literature. But i have to say i was pleasantly surprised..

Firstly i feel in love with the language. I adore old english and the way they used to talk.. i found it so romantic and very special. I even adore the way the society behaved at that time. i am a big fan of historical novels and stories. Most of the books i read when i was in my teens was from about the same time.

Secondly i admire Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennett. She is such a charming character. Who knows what she wants in her life. She is brave. She doesn't do what is expected of her. She has such a courage and tells what she thinks. She is an excellent example of the way girls should be and how they should behave.

Thirdly i love a good love story. Who doesn't?!? Especially where the guy is the one who falls in love and go to extreme measures and change for the girl who caught his attentions. and because of him trying so hard, he wins her heart and admiration at the end.

And lastly who doesn't admire and wants their own Mr Darcy in their life? Especially we girls! Mr Darcy is a perfect gentleman. At the beginning we think of him as proud, quiet, quite rude man. But we slowly discover that he is shy, lovely, good-hearted, polite gentleman who falls in love when least expected with a girl who he finds in the first place only tolerable.:)

As said on the beginning.. i love this book.. it has everything a good book supposed to have... its well written. Jane Austen is such an amazing writer, one of the most successful female writer in the english literature. She has intrigues - it's nice to know that even that people gossiped, made up false accusations and went behind backs to get what they wanted. And at the end it is a love story with happy ending. The heroines and heroes of this book struggle at first. they have to go through self discovery, changes and even swallow their pride to come to happy ending.

I come to this book and read parts of it time to time. Especially the romantic ones. And every single time, it captivates me and i cant put it down. Even now... took me 2 days to read it.. and i stayed up until 1am to read it.

please give this book a chance, i am sure you will not be disappointed. and tell me what was your favourite part.  Oh and please check out the movie as well. I love the version with Keira Knightley. She is such a perfect Lizzy :)

"If you will thank me, let it be for yourself alone. That the wish of giving happiness to you might add force to other inducements which led me on, i shall not attempt to deny. but your family owe me nothing. Much as i respect them, I believe I thought only of YOU" Mr Darcy to Lizzy.

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