Wednesday, 19 December 2012


As mentioned in some of the previous posts I wrote, I am a big fan of lomography and photography in general. I got this book from one of my favourite shops - Urban Outfitters and I am very very pleased that I did.

It's full of little tips and tricks you can use when you are a lomographer and are interested in preserving this way of photography. Lomography is photography where instead off using digital cameras or mobile phones, you going back to the good old way - film cameras.
Lomography is a company who preserve the magic of film cameras in modern world. I have 6 vintage film cameras and a Polaroid camera. It's fun because you never know how the pictures will turn out.

Adam Bronkhorst put together a book full of tips and tricks which help means my fellow lomographers to get better in this fine art. My favourite ones are the chapter Shooting with sprockets (otherwise I would have to buy a special camera for this effect - which I probably will do anyway) and Urban Games. This a really fun activity which you can do with a group of friends. Get a polaroid or any other vintage camera, list if things they need to - and pictures are the proof, and hit the city by storm. Thinking of doing it on my travel around the world next year :) also making Photograms is another chapter I recommend to look at :)

This books is a great Christmas present for a fan of photography and another good coffee table book to keep your friends entertained :)

The retail price at Urban Outfitters is £14.99,but you can get it cheaper on

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