Tuesday, 18 December 2012


I read about this book on the Daily mail website when Blake Lively was dating Leonardo DiCaprio and was pictured with this book in her hands. Then I researched it and found out that its #1 best seller according to New York Times. So I ordered it to see what is the fuss about.

Basically it's a kinda self-help book regarding women and their dating life. I was not very impressed at the beginning but as I read on I found myself more and more intrigued with the advice the book gave. And there some good ones. Especially when you are pretty crappy at dating and men in general.

I started to apply small changes into my life and on some occasions the advice worked. One thing I learnt and will always remember is that "Guys like confident girls!" . It's not only to attract them, keep them and always surprised them, but we will feel much more better about ourselves. My trick is to put one of your fave tunes on. I highly recommend JET - Are You Gonna Be My Girl or THE BLACK KEYS and either their Lonely Boy or Howlin' For You. That always help me. Put your favourite outfit on with heels and go and steals his heart ;)

This book offers a lot of various advice which might help you not only with boys but also some great advice in other aspects of life. Read it and let me know which one help you or interested you the most. Or what helps your confidence ? Or what your good mood song?

I think I paid for this paperback about £2 on amazon.com.

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