Wednesday, 19 December 2012


As mentioned in some of the previous posts I wrote, I am a big fan of lomography and photography in general. I got this book from one of my favourite shops - Urban Outfitters and I am very very pleased that I did.

It's full of little tips and tricks you can use when you are a lomographer and are interested in preserving this way of photography. Lomography is photography where instead off using digital cameras or mobile phones, you going back to the good old way - film cameras.
Lomography is a company who preserve the magic of film cameras in modern world. I have 6 vintage film cameras and a Polaroid camera. It's fun because you never know how the pictures will turn out.

Adam Bronkhorst put together a book full of tips and tricks which help means my fellow lomographers to get better in this fine art. My favourite ones are the chapter Shooting with sprockets (otherwise I would have to buy a special camera for this effect - which I probably will do anyway) and Urban Games. This a really fun activity which you can do with a group of friends. Get a polaroid or any other vintage camera, list if things they need to - and pictures are the proof, and hit the city by storm. Thinking of doing it on my travel around the world next year :) also making Photograms is another chapter I recommend to look at :)

This books is a great Christmas present for a fan of photography and another good coffee table book to keep your friends entertained :)

The retail price at Urban Outfitters is £14.99,but you can get it cheaper on

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


I read about this book on the Daily mail website when Blake Lively was dating Leonardo DiCaprio and was pictured with this book in her hands. Then I researched it and found out that its #1 best seller according to New York Times. So I ordered it to see what is the fuss about.

Basically it's a kinda self-help book regarding women and their dating life. I was not very impressed at the beginning but as I read on I found myself more and more intrigued with the advice the book gave. And there some good ones. Especially when you are pretty crappy at dating and men in general.

I started to apply small changes into my life and on some occasions the advice worked. One thing I learnt and will always remember is that "Guys like confident girls!" . It's not only to attract them, keep them and always surprised them, but we will feel much more better about ourselves. My trick is to put one of your fave tunes on. I highly recommend JET - Are You Gonna Be My Girl or THE BLACK KEYS and either their Lonely Boy or Howlin' For You. That always help me. Put your favourite outfit on with heels and go and steals his heart ;)

This book offers a lot of various advice which might help you not only with boys but also some great advice in other aspects of life. Read it and let me know which one help you or interested you the most. Or what helps your confidence ? Or what your good mood song?

I think I paid for this paperback about £2 on

The Polaroid Book - Edited by STEVE CRIST

This is a great coffee table book. I fell in love with this book the first time I saw it at Urban Outfitters shop in Leeds. I was browsing there as usual for new camera or some unusual book, when I came across this book.

It's a collection of Polaroid pictures taken over the years. It's a beautiful collection of photographs captured everyday life. I look through it and every time I find a different which interests me. Something what I haven't seen before.

I got this book from a guy I was seeing for my birthday. I wanted to buy it myself but he got there first. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the thought but he turned out to be a bit of weirdo. But that's a different story.

I recommend this book especially when you like photography, vintage and moments of life caught on the camera. It's kinda surprising how beautiful pictures can a simple Polaroid camera take. I promise everybody will find something which will tickle their fancy.

This is a great coffee table book which your visitors will enjoy :) it retails around £10 -£20 at various retailers like Urban Outfitters, Joy,

Monday, 17 December 2012

A Crossfire Novel: Reflected In You - SYLVIA DAY

Reflected in you is a second volume from the Crossfire trilogy by author Sylvia Day. I really enjoyed the first instalment of the trilogy. So I was kinda counting down the days and marked the release day in my calendar.

Reflected in you takes us further into the relationship between Eva and Gideon.Yes, there is a lot of sex scenes (not as much as you think) but the reason why I enjoy this book was that Mrs Day explored more of the relationship part and how these two people are copying with various aspects of their personalities.

I am not going to go too much into the story, because i do not want to spoil it for you. It is up to you to read and form your own opinion about this book . All i say is that this book is so much better written than Fifty Shades of Grey. Dont get me wrong, I am a big fan of Fifty Shades trilogy, but the same words and sentances repeat all the way through the book. And Christian is the only fucked-up half of the couple. In Crossfire Novels Eva and Gideon are damaged on the same level. They have gone through similar events in the past which had inflected their lives and characters. Eva is a gorgeous woman who does not have a slightest idea how beautiful and desirable she is. She is full of insecureties and has very serious jealousy issues. Gideon is a powerful man who does not have an idea, what is it like to be in a proper relationship. And together they have to work through various issues so they can have a happy relationship. Of course the road is not easy and there are some bumps which caused them to fight, argue, break-up and then make up again.

This book is very entertaining and sometimes makes me blush and I have to take a time off to breathe through it. On many occassions I found myself smiling a secret smile while reading at work. It is one of those books which you cannot put down and you take it everywhere. Thank God to Amazon for Kindle.

I recommed this book, especially when you are like me a fan of adults novels. Do not let anybody to tell you that is wrong to read books like that. I am personally for reading these books and I think it is healthy to explore the sexuality. Books like this one were with us for many centuries. But do please start with the first one.

I am again putting a new mark into my calendar for the last volume in this trilogy. Enwined in you should come out on Kindle on the May, 7th 2013. And I will  be buying it.

The Southern Vampire Mysteries - CHARLAINE HARRIS

The Southern Vampire Mysteries are the inspiration for my favourite TV show of all time - TRUE BLOOD. There are 13 books in total and i am currently on the 12th book. The 13th book is due to be released next May. I will be honest, I am currently having a little break from reading these books as I have a life to live. Do not take this the wrong way, but when you start reading these books, you will not be able to put them down. And this is my case as well.

I started to read these books after i saw first series of True Blood and fell in love with Alexander Skarsgard (an actor who plays Eric Northman - just in case you havent heard of True Blood and the sexiest Swede in the world - and hopefully my future husband ;-) ). I always liked the genre of this type. Vampires, Werewolves, Fairies.. It has always fascinated me - various interpretation of what vampiries supposed to look like and their habits? What kills them? Are they afraid of garlic? What is the thing with the silver? And plenty more questions like these. Through various books, TV shows and movies I have learnt a lot. I am a big fan of Vampire Diaries. Twilight books are on the list of books I want my kids to read and The Southern Vampire Mysteries will be there too. I think The perks of being a wallflower was the last book which captivated me to the level when i could not put it down. But these books took me even further. I could not stop thinking about them. I read them all the time. On the bus, at work, on my lunch, at home. I even stayed up all night reading so i know what will happen next. Well done to Charlaine Harris who's world captured me and would not let me go.

Here is the list of the books, as i said, i read 11 of them, but i am kinda scared to read the 12th one. I have been reading some reviews online and have to say that I am not liking where the books and the story is heading.

Dead Until Dark
Living Dead In Dallas
Club Dead
Dead To The World
Dead As A Doornail
Definitely Dead
All Together Dead
From Dead To Worse
Dead And Gone
Dead In The Family
Dead Reckoning
Dead Ever After

My favourite ones are Dead to the world, From dead to worse and Dead and gone. I have to say there are various reasons why i like these books but the main one is the relationship between Sookie and Eric. I personally think that Eric and Sookie supposed to be together. And I think Mrs Harris was the same opinion, or at least she was till the 11th book. I love Eric and Sookie together. I think she is really happy with him. And all the way through the books we can see signs and little comments which confirm these facts more and more. I am not ashamed to say that I rule for Eric and Sookie to end up together. Hell yeah! They have been through so much together and they got through it. Mrs Harris put them through so many challanges, men in Sookie's life, quests, misunderstandings and all the way through they always found a way back together. Their interaction is amazing,their dialogues are witty and interesting. Even Sookie herself said on occasions that Eric is the only person who gets her humour and she always knows where she stands with him. He always tells her the truth. Ok, maybe not the whole truth but he never lies to her, not like Bill. I am sure that if Mrs Harris destroys this relationship there will be a lot of upset fans! Maybe she could somehow make Eric human or Sookie a vampire.. There is a lot of possibilities.

I think these books are funny, filled with witty dialogues and lots stories. It's not always about Sookie. I am surprised how slutty Sookie sometimes is. There were times when I wanted to shake her and tell her : What the hell are doing? And I hate the fact that she doesn't see Bill for what he is and forgives him for everything. Even for a rape! Really?!? My housemates says that I bully Bill and maybe they are right, but I just can't stand the thought him ending up together. I think I would rather see her with Sam. Although I am #TeamEric all the way!

And there could be a lot less description of what Sookie wears. We get it. She wears shorts a lot and puts her hair into a ponytail. Thank you. Move on and give us the story! Or more Eric and Sookie!

My fave character apart from Eric Northman, obviously, is Pam. She is so much funnier in the books and I miss her and Sookie's friendship in the series. It makes the book more funnier and Sookie has an actual friendship, not love relationship, with a vampire. And Pam calls her favourite breather and actually likes Sookie and wants her to be with Eric!

My least fave book was Definitely dead. Firstly, I can't stand Quinn and his "Babe". Not sure what's the big deal with him. Ok, so he turns into a tiger! And?!? Secondly, don't get the story in New Orleans. It is pretty boring. The whole book was a pain to read. It was New moon all over again! Tragedy in a really good series.

Although these books have some down I would still recommend to read them. Especially if you are fan of the HBO series. I am sure that you will fall in love with Mr Northman as much as I did. Fingers crossed that Charlaine Harris will realise how much Sookie and Eric belong together!

In the meantime I will try to find courage to read Deadlocked and after that Dead ever after in May.