Thursday, 10 January 2013


Say You Love Me is one of my favourite books since childhood.  To be true, i actually thank to my mum for introducing me to this book. She borrowed it from the local library when i was about 16 and read within one day and then recomenned it to me. And i fell in love! Say You Love Me became a pernament member of my library. I have got in both Slovakian and English.

As a 17 year old girl, all you dream about is everlasting romantic love, adventure a end up with the one you love at the end.  And this book brings you just that. It is like a little escape from reality of life.

I absolutely look up to the heroine in this book. Kelsey is one of my favourite main characters of all the times. I think, at that time of my life, she was a good example. I took so many things she did and how she behaved to the heart and tried to be a better person for it. Kelsey sold herself in the middle of a whore house so her uncle can pay off her debts and her sister can live without a shame. She has been strong after her parents tragic death and she has been even more stronger and independent woman all the way through relationship with Derek. She was not playing the character of manupulative girl who can get as much as she wants out of her situation with Derek. She has just been herself, no pretending (well maybe apart from the fact that she hasn't told him who she really is), no greediness. She was just kind and loving smart girl who captured the heart of even heartthrob like Derek.

Derek is great too. He is an English gentleman who knows how to behave when needed but also enjoys the funny side of the life. I fell in love with him even more when he did not give when Kelsey rejected his marriage proposal. In contrary he tried even harder to get her to say 'Yes.' . I also adored how he accepted that his mother was a normal servant in his house. Very well done. And brave for that time.

Also I like the side love story between Jason Mallory and Molly. It's incredible how much they loved each other and how strong their love was. It survived years and years. And they still looked at each other the same way. This is something I am looking for in life. Everlasting love!

I get back to this book every year. It's kinda my way through hard times or if I am having a bad week. I have my favourite parts which I skip to. This is a book which will be with me always. Shame you can't get iron Kindle :( but you can get it from - market place for about £1. Bargain! This book will make you smile and will happy mood back into your life. Especially when you are a romantic soul like me. Happy reading !!

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