Wednesday, 23 January 2013


OK. So I am not a person who follows diet books. I actually have never in my whole life bought a diet book. But this book sparkled my interest when I was reading I know! Like that would not be bad enough! But the days at work are long and boring. So please, give me a break.

So one day looking throught the website I came across an article about this book. Basically the author was shocked that it suggested cold baths in the morning, black coffee and so other silly stuff. So me being me (and I put some extra pounds on over the holiday), I got home and order it to my lovely kindle. And I have immediately started to read. And I read and read and read. Gone through it within couple of days on my bus journeys  to work.

I will be very honest. I do not do diets from a simple reason - they do not work for me. I had to develop my own plan to loose weight and keep it off. I cannot even deal with personal trainers bcos i purely think that sometime they have not got a clue about person's body and their goals. I know you guys, who are personal trainers, will probably disagree with me and that is fair. You have been probably studying the sport science and are well train in your job but it does not work for me. I am sorry. So I stumble across this book and I have to say that it has some silly ways of loosing way and fat but I like how it explains how the body works. I understand my body so much better now.

I have stuck to this diet for 3 weeks (it is not bcos it did not work - the opposite is the truth, its bcos i went on another holiday and couldnt stick to it). I have not been following all the rules. My schedule was this. Woke up at 5.45 AM, cleaned my teeth, drunk a cup of black coffee (no milk so it boost my metabolism) and went to the gym for 45 mins. I waited 3 hours after gym session to eat my first meal and then i had to normal meals. Yes occasionally I went for a yoga or pilates class in the afternoon which helped as well. My last meal for after 5PM and it usually was high protein one (yogurt in my case as I  am a vegetarian). I have to say I did not have a cold bath in the morning, but I have still felt more energiazed and I have lost inches and been more toned. I loved the results and if you work really hard, it works and you get the body you dream of.

I have read various reviews about this book on amazon. Some of them called the anorexia bible and apparently it is full of this from pro-anorexia website. This is not true. You eat 3 meals a day. It is basically a high protein diet and it makes you to work-out. Which basically leads to healthy lifestyle. Even the goverment recommends 20 mins of activity a day so you burn calories, have a healthy lifestyle and do not become obese. Trust me, I have watched so many healthy lifestyle programs. Currently my fave is on Channel 4 - Embarrasing Fat Bodies.

As I said at the beginning of this post, I do not read diet books usually, it was only pure fascination with the article which brought me to this book. But I have to say this book teach some very good eating and healthy lifestyle habbits. And that comes from a girl who used to be anorexic. I will always have a weird relationship with food. My family and my friends know it all, but this time I have not felt like I was starving myself on a boring diet. Instead I have been fully of energy and kept certain habbits up until now.

Tell me about your succesful story! Write in the comments below if you have one and want to share. We girls always want to discuss body issues, dont we? hehe

As usual you can get this book on - kindle version £7.99 and paperback for £8.


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