Thursday, 10 January 2013


Sundays At Tiffany's is a sweet sweet story which will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. I have picked up this book one Friday night in Asda for about £2. You know the feeling when you want to read something which is not very complecated - just something which will put you in the happy mood and restore the faith in love and there is somebody in the world who you supposed to be with (this happens to me quite often).

And Sundays At Tiffany's is a perfect book to do just that. It is easy to read and follow. I just adore the story about a girl who's true love is actually her imaginary friend from childhood. I was actually surprised that this was the story. Especially in current times when everybody is practical and do not believe in imaginary friends. Sometimes I feel that I am one of few people who actually believe in soulmates and true love. So book like this one makes me really happy. I know! How cheesy!

The story focuses on Jane and her imaginary friend Michael. As any child with complicated life Jane has an imaginary friend who makes her life more bareable. They do everything together but unfortunately as in any other child life there is the time when the imaginary friend needs to leave and let Jane live her life. Jane supposed to forget about Michael, but she never ever does. She even writes a musical and starts a production on a movie inspired by Michael and their relationship. 23 years later they meet again and develop a different type of relationship - they fall in love. But he is an angel and she is a human. How they can be together. So we follow their story. And all the way through we have fingers crossed that they will find a way to be together. Will they get their happy ending? I will not spoil this for you, read it!

As I said, this book is one very lovely book which is great if you want to have some Me time spending reading and relaxing. Make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee (hot chocolate is permitted also), makes yourself comfortable on the sofa (bed, bath, garden..) and start reading. I promise, that if you are a romantic soul like me, you will not put this book down.

As usual you can can the kindle version from for £4.74 and paperback for about £5.20. So go on. Get it and let me know what do you think about this unusual piece by James Patterson.

Happy reading lovelies ! xXx

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