Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Robert Langdon Books - DAN BROWN

I have chosen to write about these 3 books in one post from one simple reason. They are all adventures of the professor Robert Langdon. I have been introduced to Dan Brown and his writing by my little sister who one day 7 years ago brought home DaVinci code and since then i have been a fan of his adventures and the charm of Professor Langdon.

Da Vinci Code
This is the first book I have read by Dan Brown. Only after reading Angels & Demons I had realised that I was supposed to read that one first but it does not really matter to me to be honest. I was captivated by this book . My sister read it first and I was just watching her enjoying the book. So as soon as she finished I grabbed and did not let go for 3 days. I was absolutely ingrossed in the book. I even went and got a picture of Last Supper and looked and searched for all the signs Robert Langdon mentioned in the book. Amazing how somebody's mind can produce such a theory. And trust me I am a massive fan of Dan Brown theory mentioned in this book. Always been a fan of conspriration theories. I highly recommend this book to read. It is exciting, adventurous, mind-blowing book which captures you and will not let you go.

Angels & Demons
I have to say this is my favourite book from Robert Langdon's adventure books. If you are fan of DaVinci Code, you will absolutely love Angels&Demons. I love the dynamic of this book. It is a fast story, which never leaves you bored and you have to continue to read on because you will want to find out what will happen next. Also i was amazingly shocked by the twist at the end. This book does not disappoint on surprising twist and turns.

The Lost Symbol
I got a Lost Symbol as a present from my Ex on my 23rd birthday. He knew I was a fan of Dan Brown's writing so when Lost Symbol came out, he got it for me straight away. I was so excited to read this book. Why not? Both previous novels were so amazingly good. But I have to say I was really really disappointed. I actually have to say that it was painful to read. Lost Symbol was the first and only book which took me 3 months to read as I could not get into it. I was enthusiastic at the beginning. First 5 chapters went down easily but gradually the book got more and more boring. No fast pace story, no excitement, no exciting theories. Everything was just bland. I had to actually make myself read this book. Every day I was only able to read a chapter or two because I was falling asleep. The story got a little bit exciting three quaters into the book but then the twist disappointed again. I have to say this is one of small number of books I do not like and do not recommend to read as I want to spare you the disappointment.

All in all I do recommend DaVinci Code and Angels&Demons. They are books which will keep you on the edge and you will want to read them as they are interesting and full of twist and turns in the story you would never expect. Their flow is exciting and easy to follow. Unfortunaly, to my great disappointment, I am not recommending Lost Symbol for reasons above.

If you fancy buying these books, is fairly cheap. Kindle versions of DaVinci Code and Angels&Demons are £5.22 and Lost Symbol (surprisingly cheaper - probably thanks to being rubbish) is £3.67. If you are still a fan of good old books ( I am too, its just not practical for me to have a massive library at the moment ) you can get paperbacks for about £3.


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