Sunday, 10 February 2013


Ok. This is something I have never had in mind when I started this blog. This supposed to be a blog about books I read and my opinion and impression from them. Fitness books, diet books and style books weren't on the list of the books. But here I go again writing about a fitness book this time. The only reason why I am doing this is because it works.

My mum was recommend this book by her sister. As you can see and after you will browse through it, it is a proper 80's book. But it works. My mum was on this health kick when she was about 40. Maybe it came with the age and she started to pursue success  with the diets. Maybe it was because of the divorce from my father which finally gave her and us freedom. It's a long story. And it doesn't have anything to do with the book so I leave to rest. So basically, she started to be real careful about what she eats and everything in our fridge and pantry was healthy. As you can imagine as teenagers, me and my sister were not very impressed, but we got on with it. Soon we could see the change in our mum's weight and appearance. Unfortunately the diet did not do all the tricks and she needed to workout. My mum is terrible runner and all the cardio workouts are not for her. Although she should do it, otherwise her heart will not be healthy. But her younger sister recommended this book. So she brought it home and started to workout every night. Slowly she increased her flexibility and intensity and you could see the results. After a month her body was much more slimmer. Her posture was sexier and she felt incredible.

So when a boy told me that I have a fat ass (what a lovely guy I know! Wonder who teach him the great manners!) I turned to her and we started to do workouts together. And I could see the results within a week. I know you will not probably believe me, but it's true. This 80's workout book based on some kinda slow movements which the instructor learnt in some African tribe really worked. And I got so many compliments. Your muscles get tighter and you feel more flexible. Your belly become so small and your waist is trim. Your legs are long and skinny. It's unbelievable.

Sadly I stop doing this workout as any teenager. I was more interested in partying and drinking and dancing. That was a workout I loved in those days, but now when I am in my late twenties, I found myself ordering this book online on amazon so I can get into shape. The body is not as it used to be and love fashion so I need to make sure that I fit in all those pretty clothes :) And again it works. It's old school like me and all my friends say, but it works. Why not do it, when the results are so visible.

Try it, let me know what you think. It might not work for  you, but there will be some moves you will love and it could be adapted to your daily regime and you will be able to see the results.

Have a good session Lovelies xXx

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