Sunday, 10 February 2013

DEADLOCKED - Charlaine Harris

Well, I have finally found the courage and read this book. Actually I am starting to write this post when I am about 62% into this book (an advantage which you get when you are reading book on the kindle). And I have to say I do not like this book.

My first impression are sadness, loss of faith in true love, depression, loneliness... They arent feelings I usually get when I read Sookie's adventures. And this is so sad.

I have lost faith in Sookie's and Eric's relationship. It's like Charlaine Harris decided to write this relationship off completely. She made Eric to be this arrogant selfish bastard and Sookie became winey, not very understanding girlfriend. It's all about Eric proving and choosing her first, but I do not see anywhere that she would be fighting for their relationship either. A that is sad! Them two made these books entertaining. Their relationship is a heart of these books and i feel like the author is breaking this heart into little pieces... Where have all the funny dialogues gone? Where is the amazing flirtation you could feel through the pages. Every girl wanted to be in Sookie's place. As Pam pointing out to Sookie once, Eric hadn't had somebody like her in a long time. And he does truly loves her. And she loves him. We have been there when the blood bond was broken and she realised she loves him on her own. Where did all go? I loved the scene in the Dead in The Family where she jumped into his arms. There.. That is love! I was ruling all the way for Eric and Sookie. I think they are meant to be! He is the one for her and it makes me angry and unhappy, actually broken-hearted that after 11 books where they relationship blossoms and they get through the ups and downs, it looks like the end of it. I am not happy. And I am sure that there is more that 95% of the fan base of these  books who are as disappointed as I am. Yes, I agree with the fact that Eric should try harder to save this relationship. He should show Sookie how much he loves her and that he wants to be with her. But two can play this game and all Sookie does is being angry with Eric for something which he was clearly set up to do. My heart is aching while reading through this book. All I keep thinking is why did Charlaine Harris decided to kill off this beautiful love story? Why she kept us hoping that everything will workout for them two somehow? Why did she from the start - from the first book give us signs that them two belong together?
It makes me so so so angry...

Deadlocked was the second book from Southern Vampire Mysteries I could not wait to finish as it was really painful to read. Its not because of the story or the writing, it is because my dreams and hopes for Eric&Sookie's happy ending have been shattered to pieces. I love them together. They supposed to be together and will be rulling for them till the end. Which comes out in May. I hope that Charlaine Harris will give them a justice and does not fully kill the great love which is between them.

Fingers crossed!! Have a read and let me know what do you think? Who's team are you on?

Happy reading Lovelies xXx

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