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If I am being honest in this post, I have to start from the beginning. There are two reasons why I decided to read this book.

1) My romantic soul was starving with hunger after finishing A Walk To Remember. This book left such a big hole in my heart but also there was some dissatisfaction. I wanted a Happy Ending for Jamie and Landon! And they did not get it which left me sad.  So I started to read this book in search for this. I hoped that this book will satisfy my needs for a good love story. And I have not been wrong. Nicholas Sparks is the king of romance. Every book I have read so far, was special and unique in its own way. I have grown to love every character and had my fingers crossed all the way that everything will work out to the best. 

2) Of course who cannot miss the adverts on TV! This movie is hitting the cinemas on March 1st in Uk and I am counting down the hours. I have already secured the attendance of my 2 housemates for the premiere. I am not going to miss it. I am very interested in seeing Julliane Hough in a serious movie like this. Not dancing around in a ballroom, but out of her comfort zone. And what about lovely Josh Duhammel. My sister is such a big fan! And there isn't  a girl who wouldn't say that he is a piece of a gorgeous man. And as you know me, if it is a novel or book I need to read it first, before I see the movie - so I can compare and probably moan about the differences between the novel and the movie.. CANNOT WAIT !!! :-)

So on Valentine's day (yes, I was single on Valentine's day third year running) I decided to pop to WH Smith and purchased this book. Especially, when the night before I finished and said goodbye to A walk to remember. I wanted more romance! And I got what I paid for.

I really like this book. Maybe not as much as A walk to remember but it is still in my Top 10. I love story and the mystery around Katie. I think she is such a brave character who can be an example to many women around the world who suffer from domestic abuse by the men who supposed to love them and cherish them. But instead all they get is being abused. I know that Katie haven't left her husband Kevin the ideal way. Yes, there are some issues with stealing someone else's identity, but she had no choice. I think Katie is one of the most inspiring characters I know. She had to find the inner strength to leave her abusive husband, to leave her home and start somewhere else. She had to learn to trust people again. She had to find out who she really is and finally realise that she deserves to be happy and loved the right way. And at the end she found it with Alex.

I love Alex. He is such a wonderful man. He lost his wife and was left on his own to look after his two children. But instead of giving up and moaning about it, he found the courage and become a great father, who loves his children very much. Who cares about their wellbeing and try to make the most of the situation and wants only their happiness. And the way how he cares about Katie as well! The simple romantic gestures he does without wanting any form of pay. I adored him all the way through for keeping her secret. It was so sweet!!He deserves Katie and her love and Katie deserves Alex and his love. And Alex's children deserves a happy family.

And there is the horrible husband - Kevin.  I think I haven't had such a hatred from a character in a long time.. well maybe Bill from Southern Vampire Mysteries - but I have my reasons for it.  Kevin is in a completely different league. He is one horrible person. I will never have sympathy for people like him, because in my own opinion, they do not deserve it. Yes, I know that many of you will say that he is ill. And I agree, he needs help... but I still hate what he has done and what kind of a person he is. Nothing will ever change that..

I think the biggest surprised in this book was the big twist about Jo at the end. I was not expecting it! Not at all. All the way through I thought the same as Kate. That she was Alex's and the children's counsellor. Such a twist!! I am not going to spoil it for you. It is amazing.

The story captivated me from the start and this is one of those books you cannot put down. And even if you do, you continue to think about it until you pick it up again. You want to know what will happen next. And you have your fingers crossed for Katie and Alex 's Happy Ending. I have to say I can't wait to see the movie and I hope that Julliane and Josh will do the characters the justice.

I recommend to read this book. It will make you laugh.. it will make you cry.. it will make you gasp and at the end you will be left with your mouths opened wide. But you will fall in love with this book as I did. Another well done to Mr Nicholas Sparks who again created one great love story. Now, I want more.

Happy Reading Lovelies xXx

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