Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Silver Linings Playbook - MATTHEW QUICK

So.. where to start?! Firstly, let me say this is not a book which I would usually pick up in a book store. Yeah, maybe second glance at the back ann quick read through what this book is about and I would put it in my basket, but this time the curiosity got to me first.

Everywhere.. every magazine.. every critic.. every awards ceremony this season is bragging about this movie and how awesome Jennifer Lawrence is as Tiffany. I think she actually became everyone's favourite actress at the moment. And I am along in the queue. So yeah, I have to be truthful. The biggest reason why this book tempt me to purchase it was all the fuss about the movie.

So I bought it on Valentine's Day along with Safe Haven and decided to read it. And what a great choice I have made!!!!!! Actually,  my friends must be pretty sick of me recommended to everyone I know.

I adore this book! It's definitely one of the most interesting books I have ever read. The writing is simple and easy to follow. It's written in a style of a person who spent a long time in mental institution like Pat. A therefore everyone can read it.

The story is so lovely. I absolutely love Pat. I just wanna take him into my arms and tell him that at the end of his life movie everything will be alright. Although he might not see it that way at the moment, everything will be fine. He will find his Silver Lining. It's amazing how much Pat loves Nikki and how hard he is working on improving so he can be the man Nikki deserves and wants him to be. Yes, it is unhealthy and obsessive and it is adorable in the same way. Every girl dreams about guy who would do that for her. It's incredible to follow his journey full of expectations and guessing if he ends up winning Nikki back. All the way through I was thorn... Do I want to Pat end up with Nikki? Do I want that he realises what is true and what now? Do I want him to remember why he has been in mental institution in the first place? Do I want him to end up with Tiffany? There were plenty of questions on my mind while reading through this book and the amount of various questions increased more and more when I got deeper into the book. But at the end I have realised that all I want is for Pat to find his Happy Ending - His Silver Lining.

Tiffany was one of the craziest characters I have known..Wow, some of the stuff seemed very creepy at the beginning but at the end her behaviour made sense. And she cares for Pat so so much. Although maybe she didn't have to pretend to be his ex-wife Nikki. But I did understand where she was coming from. She was trying to help him to move forward. And for that I cannot be angry with her.

My favourite character was Cliff. I love this bubbly man. I wish that if I ever need a counsellor I want one just like Cliff with a wonderful office like his. He is funny, but smart and can really can get across his point. And he is helpful and doesn't bullshit like other counsellors. And he is Eagles fan!! What more you want. He really truly cares for Pat and wants him to get better!

All in all I did enjoy this book very much. It is really funny. It doesn't make you cry, but it sure makes you laugh out loud from the beginning. Pat's story is funny and sad in the same time but he is one loveable character and his story is not a boring one. Although I could put this book down and go on with my everyday life, I was still looking forward to the time when I can read it again. My bus journeys became very entertaining. And as I said, I recommend it to everyone to read.

I actually cannot wait for the movie to come out on DVD so I can watch. Unfortunately silly me never found the time to watch it at the cinema. How stupid of me!! Now I have to wait till April!!

Happy Reading Lovelies! xXx

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