Friday, 29 March 2013


I found this album while browsing through iTunes one boring evening. I was on a hunt after new additions for my music library. It was purely the fact there is just so many times I can listen to The Smith, Stereophonics, Snow Patrol ... until I get tired of them and will never want to hear them again. So in the hope of finding new bands who would catch my fancy and hopefully prevent me from disliking the bands I already love, I found myself browsing through iTunes and the Staff recommends section. If I am being honest, I have only heard Bastille's single Pompeii recently. It was on Spotify's Top 40 tracks in UK and it caught my interest.

So when the opportunity to buy and listen to the whole album presented itself, I took it without any hesitation. I downloaded the album to my iTunes library, transferred it onto my iPod and was ready to lose myself in the music. 

And they have done so well! Very well! So much that everywhere I go and to every one I know, I recommend to buy this album and listen to it. I fell in love with this masterpiece. I know it off by heart already due to the fact that I have listened to it so many times. There wasn't a day this week when I wouldn't press play button on my iPod and the beautiful music created by Dan Smith and his bandmates  - Chris "Woody" Wood, Kyle Simmons and Will Farquarson (not sure how to pronounce his surname) - wasn't coming out of the headphones and touched my heart and soul.

The whole album is very melancholic but romantic in the same time. The tracks blend into each other perfectly. It is a symphony for my heart and soul. I absolutely adore these english boys who are based in London.

Bad Blood was released on August 20th 2012. - I know I am well behind with my music education!!

The track list :

  1. Pompeii
  2. Things We Lost In The Fire
  3. Bad Blood
  4. Overjoyed
  5. These Streets
  6. Weight Of Living, Part II
  7. Icarus
  8. Oblivion
  9. Flaws
  10. Daniel In The Den
  11. Laura Palmer
  12. Get Home
  13. Weight Of Living, Part I

I enjoy every single track on this album but my fave top three tracks are : Weight Of Living, Part II, Oblivion and Flaws. There is something about the first one especially that in the morning it is on the repeat. 

I also know that Oblivion was featured on one of my favourite TV shows - The Vampire Diaries. Seems that even the Hollywood is impressed by these four lads from UK. 

So far there was 5 singles released from Bad Blood. The most successful is Pompeii which ranked the number two single the UK charts and it was a  number one single in the Scottish Chart. Bad Blood also topped UK album chart and the boys shot the fame and a spot as a supporting band for UK tour of Two Door Cinema Club

Just couple days ago the Bastille performed their single "Pompeii" at The British Museum. You can watch the clip on our lovely YouTube. 

I will certainly follow Bastille as they are increasingly becoming one of my favourite bands and I am sure that they have a great future ahead of them. I will keep a close eye on their live performances as well as they earned their place on my Bucket List Of The Bands I Want To See Live. I will let you know if there are any tour dates announced. 

If you wanna keep up-to-date or are nosey just like me follow them on twitter @BASTILLEdan  or visit their official site :

Fashion Icon Of The Month: DIANE KRUGER

Diane Kruger (36)  is an actress, model and one of my style icons. I have been following Diane for quite some times and love how her style developed over the years. She isn't afraid to take risks and on many occasions she surprised with unexpected choices.

She transitioned from world of modelling to acting with grace. We all fell in love with her as Helen Of Troy in famous epic movie Troy where she starred alongside three gorgeous men - Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana. Couple of years later she played a role of German actress and spy in Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds. And we all loved her 40's style.

Now she is coming to our screens once again as stylish as ever in one of the most anticipated movies of the year (personally the one I am most looking forward to) The Host where she plays the role of The Seeker.

Saoirse, who played Wanda/Melanie, said that Diane wore amazing outfits on the set everyday. The girl has it all. This beautiful woman found her man of the dreams in no other than Joshua Jackson ( they have been going out together over 7 years now and still look they are in the honeymoon period). She regularly travels between Paris and Vancouver. She speaks fluently German, French and English (not such a pretty face). She has been the face of Calvin Klein and L'Oreal.

Diane Kruger has her own amazing style. She is known for beautiful unique evening gowns, gorgeous ladylike outfits for press conferences, quirky style on other occasions and laid back easy but fashionable style when of duty. I always look forward to when her name is mentioned in a fashion magazine. Most recently I have enjoyed her interview for UK Glamour magazine's Style Issue where she posed for the front cover as well.

Another reason why I admire Diane is for her quote in one of her interviews in 2006. They asked her about marriage and this was her answer:

"Without sounding pessimistic, I learned that I don't believe in marriage. I believe in a commitment that you make in your heart. There is no paper that will make you stay. A guy friend of mine said, and it made a lot of sense, that people should get married at the end of the road, not the beginning. "

I couldn't agree more. So all in all I adore her fashion style and sense to throw piece together and it looks amazing, but I love her as a great actress and I personally think that she is a great role model. Rihanna could learn from her in more that one way.

I will continue to spy on her style and will make sure to take lots of notes and plenty of inspiration as I think Diane has one of the most amazing wardrobes in the industry. I cannot wait for more of fashion creations.

What do you think of the This Month's Fashion Icon? Is Diane Kruger your cup of tea?

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Trailer Of The Week: THE HOST

I do not think that I have to even say why I have chosen this movie for this week. I love the book. I have a lot of respect for the author of this book and I am very excited about this movie adaptation. Not to mention that I cannot wait see the story to come to life on the big screen. I cannot wait for the three main character become alive and see how the chosen actors cope with my expectations - well everyone's expectations. And Jake Abel & Max Irons are incredibly hot!! (personally I prefer Jake better - the amount of times I saw him in my dreams.. LOL) 

So I do not even need to talk about it more. Review of this movie will come shortly. But for now, here is this week's TRAILER OF THE WEEK 


The stars of this movie are Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons and Jake Abel. I personally cannot wait to see Jake Abel as my favourite character of all the time Ian O'Shea. Also I am very much interested how will Saoirse portray both Wanda and Melanie and what the internal conversation between them two will look like. 

The Host opens in cinemas on March 29th 2013. I am going to see it at 14.45 with both my housemates :)

Are you going to see it?

Follow the on twitter @TheHostMovie and @TheHostFilmUK for updates about the movie, cast, news and gossips. 

Monday, 25 March 2013

Playlist Of The Week - Run4Life 2

Another week is here. I know, Monday blues are hitting me hard as well. It was such an effort to even get out of the bed this morning! I am not sure where you all are and how's the weather in your part of the world, but here in Leeds is snow! Yes, You heard me right! It is nearly the end of March. First day of Spring is already gone and UK is full of this white horrible cold stuff. THE SNOW!!

Don't get me wrong. I understand that people can like snow, some even love it. But that is not my case. I prefer Spring and Summer and we have had already enough for this year!

So it is cold icy outside. The pavements are covered with snow which melted a little bit and then turned into ice. No weather or not mood to go to the gym. I get it. 

So here is this week's playlist to maybe help you a little bit to shed the Blues and pick up your iPod or other MP3 player and hit the treadmill. It did certainly helped me. I was running for my life this evening. 

RUN4LIFE PLAYLIST / WEEK March 24th 2013

  • "POMPEII" by Bastille
  • "BIBLICAL" by Biffy Clyro
  • "MIRRORS" by Justin Timberlake
  • "I NEED YOUR LOVE" by Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding
  • "BEAUTIFUL, DIRTY, RICH" by Lady Gaga
  • "BLUE ORCHID" by The White Stripes
  • "GO RIGHT AHEAD" by The Hives
  • "HOWLIN' FOR YOU" by The Black Keys
  • "MR BRIGHSIDE" by The Killers
  • "IN MY PLACE" by Coldplay
Again it should take about 25 minutes so you can keep your daily workout. Going strong guys!!

New Albums EveryOne Should Own

As you all know, Music is a big part of my life. I actually think everyone's life.

My brain doesn't function in the morning, unless on the way to work I listen to my iPod. My free time is useless, unless there is music in the background. Our house is so quiet, but when we are all in, there are four rooms with music blasting from the speakers. We cook with music, we study with music, we entertain with music.. I even have special playlists for my writing. Music influence our lives in a massive way! Sometimes, in various situation, I imagine what song would play in the background if I would be in a movie. 

And therefore I decided to share with you a list of albums I am very excited to add to my music collections. Of course feel free to comment below with your own suggestions. I always like to find new artists. 

  • JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE  "The 20/20 Experience"
  • IMAGINE DRAGONS  "Night Visions"
  • BASTILLE "Bad Blood"
  • DAUGHTER "If You Leave"
  • STEREOPHONICS "Graffiti On The Train"
  • DAFT PUNK "Random Access Memories"
  • TOM ODELI "Long Way Down"
  • BO BRUCE "Before I Sleep"
  • THE HOST movie soundtrack
  • SEASICK STEVE "Hubcap Music"

I know it is a right pick'n'mix but I love all kinds of music. Yes, I do prefer indie music such as The Black Keys, Imagine Dragons, The Hives... but I am opened to try new musicians as well. It was only last week when I discovered Bastille and his amazing album Bad Blood and now I listen to it all the time. 

So what album you cannot wait to add to your music collection?

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Event Of The Month: Leeds TRINITY Opening

Trinity Entrance from Brigatte
Last Thursday night me and my friends decided to go to the opening of new shopping centre in Leeds - The Trinity. I was so excited as this shopping centre has been build since I moved to Leeds. And that was 5 years ago! It had been put on hold due to the economic crisis hitting hard the development business.

But after some hard effort and some generous funding, the plan went ahead and the building continued. For past couple of months me and the whole of Leeds watched buildings being torn apart and then put back together. New modern designs we popping up all over the city centre. Our favourite shops
like Urban Outfitters, Topshop, River Island were getting bigger spaces.

Soon enough, the deadline of the opening came and the whole Leeds got excited. Not only that! The great British designer Henry Holland curated the opening ceremony! And there was also the prospect of new fashion brands opening their stores in the heart of Leeds. 

21st March 2013. The day, when thousands and thousands came to the opening of this great new place. Henry designed the longest designer's dress in the world. The acrobats put on a fantastic show. And there was an official opening ceremony twice a day - 10AM and 6PM. Plenty of people were queuing outside from the early morning. 

Full House waiting for Henry Holland's creation

I went after work to have a look around and hopefully catch a glimpse of the second opening show @6PM. However I haven't expected such a turn up. There were so many people, that you could hardly move. Me and my friends had to try hard not to lose each other in there. I caught only half of the ceremony as there was no space for watching it from any of the balconies. It was that packed! Like a tin of sardines! 

But I really enjoyed what I found in there. There is a massive flagship Topshop store which has three floors.

The same my favourite shop in the world - Urban Outfitters. There is a brand new store with three floors packed with fashion, music, books and cool stuff.
I am also very excited about the Mango store. And in autumn Victoria's Secret is opening a store as well. Claire and I went absolutely mental when we found out that VS is opening their store here. I told Claire to get a job there so we can get a staff discount hehe.

There is also the pop up shop for One Direction fans and Candy Kittens store owned by Jamie from Made in Chelsea. Both of them are here for 3 weeks only. Which is kinda exciting to be honest. I was particularly curious about the Candy Kittens store. But I have to say when I walked in, a disappointment washed over me. There was only one thing in the store I liked. A that was a pink bike which was a decoration. Not for sale.

However, the food quarter (well food floor) is amazing. There is plenty of different restaurants to choose from - Nando's, Carluccio's, Yo!Sushi, T.G.I Fridays, Giraffe, Juice.. There are also new players in town - Homemade burgers, The Alchemist, Angelica, The Botanist, Crafthouse ..I am very pleased that new restaurants are opening hearts to Leeds's population and I cannot wait to sample their foods and service. It will be like being in a different city.

Glass Roof over the centre

I like how Trinity connects the whole city centre under one roof. I think it's a fantastic idea, especially on a rainy day. The roof is a beautiful glass piece, with lights which shines like little stars when it is dark outside.  Although the roof doesn't fully cover the shopping centre, it does provide a good shelter. On a cold day, the inside of the centre is really cold as well. Be ready for it. It is not like Meadowhall, White Rose or Trafford centre where you can take your coat off. In this place you need to keep your warm coat on - otherwise you freeze in the winter.

However, that is the only downside I could find. I also like that the owners are bringing in The Everyman cinema -  the first branch in North!!! I am particularly excited to visit it when it opens its doors. It supposed to be a very unique experience for the cinema lovers. I cannot wait.

The Trinity Leeds is opened everyday till 8PM. Soon they will also launch a membership club. I have already sign up for the news about it.

All in all, I am very glad that the centre has finally opened its doors. It gave us an opportunity to get something to be excited about. It provides space for our favourite shops and will have plenty more to offer when it develops even further in the future. I personally am happy that there is finally a bigger place in Leeds where people - students, friends, families... can hang around and enjoy the shopping day. 

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Dream Guy Of The Week: Mr Max Irons

Move over Robert Pattison and Taylor Lautner!! There is a new heart-breaker in town! And he is no more then a son of Jeremy Irons and Sinead Cusack. Maximilian Paul Diarmuid Irons. For us known as MAX IRONS!!!

Born 17th October 1985 in London, this 6' 2" tall British actor is going to break your hearts in Stephenie Meyer's new movie The Host. Not only he is destined to become a great actor  ( he has it in his genes ) but also he had his fingers in modelling too (Burberry and Mango choose him to be face of their brands - impressed yet?). 

Max firstly caught my eye in 2011's movie The RedRiding Hood directed by Catherine Hardwick - by the way she is also the director of Twilight ( starting to see maybe a little of pattern here - a destiny maybe?). After that he has gone quiet a little bit - couple of TV roles and modelling campaigns). 

And then the big break came! Max landed himself a role of  Jared Howe. One of the main characters from the acclaimed novel written by nobody else then Stephenie Meyer - THE HOST.(Yes, I know I am starting to be a little bit obsessed with this novel - I know).  The Host is coming to our cinemas on March 29th and I can predict that it will be phenomenal!! There will be thousands and thousands of girls all around the world who will fall in love overnight. I am sure if this movie is done as half well as the book is written, we can see that it will open the doors for him and the rest of the cast (Look how many doors it opened to Kirsten Stewart and the girl cannot act!). 

This gorgeous boy is not only handsome, but he is british ( and we all know how sexy british accent is), he also plays guitar (but apparently not very well - according to his friends). He prefers London to LA (another couple of gold points there!) because in his own words : "It rains, it's sad but I like going to the pub after work and in London people don't have plastic surgery." He also prefers natural looking girls, as opposite to proper made up. (This boy is getting some serious bonus points here!). According to him: "Kindness and a generous spirit go a long way. And a sense of humour. It's like a medicine - very healing. A woman who isn't preoccupied with superficial things - who knows what is real and important. Someone is willing to slum it over now and then. And does whatever makes her happy!" (Is this guy for real? He dated Emily Browning for a bit but she broke up with him! How dare she! But I am sure there will plenty of girls out there who would love to help him mend a broken heart after The Host hits the cimena !! hehe)

Max likes books, free diving and hiking. Apparently he loves Greece to bits  - everything about the place and goes there to travel around and get to know the place even better. 

What do you girls think about this former bad boy who has a bright future ahead? I am sure to expect a lot of doors to open for him in the future and we will hear more and more from this British lad. 

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Song Of The Week

JT is back!! And with a BOOOOOOOM!! We haven't heard from him for over 7 years!! Yes, that is how long there was no Justin Timberlake's music in our lives.. I know it was couple of boring years, but now he is back with his new album coming out this week, so I have decided that this week's song will go to his second single from his brand new album                                   20/20 Experience:

Mirrors - Justin Timberlake

I don't think I need to say more. This song captured our hearts straight away. I have first heard it when Justin performed in on this year's Brit Awards. I loved it from the start. Frankly said, Mirrors is a track which even guys love. My colleague at work, who nicely said, is not a JT's fan came up to me and recommended me to listen to it. TOO BLOODY LATE! I've been already hooked! And I am sure the rest of the world is too. I cannot wait to purchase Justin's new album. Getting paid tomorrow so guess what I will be doing on iTunes?!? hehe

Anyways, enjoy my lovelies, and let me know what do you think of this week's song of the week. xXx

Top 10 APPS I Cannot Live Without

Iphone, Ipad, Smartphone, Android, MacBook, Tablet, Kindle..and many more are devices which have become such a big part of our lives.

I am personally an owner of couple of these gadgets. I am an Apple sucker. I cannot live without my iPod and Macbook and recently an iPad has become a member of my little family of gadgets. I can say it out loud - I am a gadget girl. I love when a new technology is brought into world. I will be honest, my absolutely Must have is my Samsung Galaxy Note Phone. I have the first version of this phone and cannot live without it. I am also a proud owner of a keyboard Kindle by Amazon and recently I have purchased a gorgeous Samsung NX1000 camera in white with came with Samsung Tab 2. (that will be a surprise pressie for my little sis!).

Anyways, all these gadgets, we cannot imagine our world without,  run on different apps. There's millions and millions of different apps on the android or iTunes market, so I have decided to put together and share with you my TOP 10 APPS I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT.

  1. Twitter : This is my number 1 App as I am addicted to twitter and have to be up to date with what is going on in the world. And twitter is the perfect source for that.
  2. Man With A Camera : Best ever photography app which has about 10 different cameras and style in the pocket of one app. I have stopped using my DSLR camera and use this app instead. Shame it is only available on Android gadgets. 
  3. Instagram : It took the world with a storm. Overnight we started to share pics of our everyday life. Bloggers use it to stay in touch with their followers, ordinary people share their lives with the world, musicians and artists can share a little bit of their lives with the fans. I love Instagram. Had for past 4 years and never regretted getting it. 
  4. Facebook : although the boom of Facebook is slowly dying down, we all have an account and we all regularly share updates, status, pics with the people on different sides of the world. This is how I communicate with my sister.
  5. Pinterest : I fell in love with Pinterest couple months ago. I discovered through reading an interview with Whitney Port who said she goes on Pinterest to get inspiration for her design so I couldn't resist and created an account and I have quickly become a fan. Love sharing my photos, creating different boards and lots of times I find there inspirations for my outfits. 
  6. Google+ : Don't need to even explain why. Google+ have become a big part of my life, especially since launches this blog.
  7. Skype : App to stay in contact with my mum. 
  8. Panorama Camera : This camera app takes stunning panoramic pictures. I have recently used at The Script gig and it has an amazing results. One of the best panoramic apps, if not the THE BEST.
  9. Lloyds TSB : Even do not explain why. It is always nice to know how poor I am. 
  10. Voucher Cloud : Great app. Have been using for over 2 years now. It has lots of great offers off food, drinks, shopping. I cannot even count how many times I used it at GBK. 

What is your top 10 apps? Can you recommend me any good ones I have not mention here, I would me more than grateful for your suggestions.  xXx

Monday, 18 March 2013


As a girl, I always look for new products to make my skin look great and make me gorgeous overall. It is a must. Every girl wants to look good in her own skin. We all want perfect skin, plump lips, long eyelashes.. We all want to look like the girls from the photographs who stare at us from every magazines, we all want to have a perfect look like hollywood actresses and we all want to look fabulous on pictures. 

We are subject to cameras all our lives from early childhood ( the day we are born ) until we die. On every corner is a hidden camera which will take a picture - a memory, which lasts lifetime. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social network there is hundreds and hundreds (maybe thousands) of photographs which we would love to burn. And its not only on the pictures we want to look good, we actually want to look amazing every single day of our life. 

And SMASHBOX COSMETICS - a company founded in 1996 by the grandsons of Max Factor, Dean and Davis Factor, is just about that. Their motto is CREATED, TESTED, PHOTOGRAPHED. 

SMASHBOX offers a range of products with the result. They want us girls to always look  'camera ready'. Their range included amazing primers, which guarantees perfect make-up all day; silky smooth foundations, which makes your skin without any signs of blemishes or spots; eye-shadow palettes, blushers, gorgeous lipsticks and many many more.

The first time I have ever heard about this brand was from the famous reality show THE HILLS where best friend of Lauren Conrad, Lo was working for Smashbox Studios. Even then I have googled the company and read only praises about their products. Unfortunately for me, Smashbox products weren't available as much in UK. That has fortunately changed, when our high street chemist Boots, started to stock up SMASHBOX BRAND in their store. Oh Boots, how much I loved you when I first found the counter in the Leeds store!!

I have become obsessed after purchasing the first product - my PHOTO FINISH PRIMER. You see, I have a very sensitive skin, which reacts with nearly everything. I cannot wear creamy foundations or have a gel primer, so when I found this kinda creamy watery primer I was so happy. It doesn't make my skin greasy. My make-up lasts all day - I work from 8.30am till 7pm and when I get to the gym a take off my make up, I can actually see it on the baby wipe.

At the same time I have purchased their FULL EXPOSURE MASCARA and since I don't want any other. My lashes are long and full of volume. Without any clumps.

And after that I have been sold to this brand. Every time I pass by the counter I have to buy something. I am an addict. I bought the two lipsticks from their limited edition LOVE ME - in both shades Love me & Tempt me. Love me shade is my favourite lipstick in the world. I absolutely love the colour, it is wearable on every occasion and lasts a long time (unless you drink a lot of coffee from Starbucks like me) and the lips feel so soft.

I am also a proud owner of their BB CREAM and HALO POWDER. My skin absolutely adores the Halo Powder and it let it breather and doesn't cause any spots. And of course there is the UNDER EYE PRIMER which helps me with my black circles under my eyes. I have also added the SOFT EYE PALETTE into my collections with the LOVE ME BLUSHER. Yes, I am a little bit obsessed. But why not trust a product which actually brings you the results that it promised?!?!?!

Yes, SMASHBOX products are a little bit pricey, but it is your skin. You wear these products on daily basis and it is your skin, wouldn't you rather pay for something which brings you the results you want and doesn't harsh your skin? I certainly would. 

The other thing I love about Smashbox is that they post tutorial videos on their website. It couldn't be more easier. You go on their website and there are tons of videos where their head make-up artist teaches you how to use their products. I absolutely love it, because they take you through it step by step. SHAMAZING!!

Even the packaging is so gorgeous and easy on the eye. The Love Me collections is packed in back boxes with white writing on it. So gorgeous!

I absolutely love SMASHBOX COSMETICS. Everywhere I go, every girlfriend I speak to, I never fail to recommend their products. And I will continue to do it as I believe that they are one of the best cosmetics companies out there. 

Check it out yourself on

And don't forget to check out their how to do videos. xXx

Trailer Of The Week: THE EAST

Ok, so I have decided to share with you some of the movies I am really looking forward to see this year. So every week there will be a trailer for upcoming movie, which is on my list MUST SEE MOVIES FOR 2013. 

Let's start with the one for this week : THE EAST.

The East premiered on Sundance festival earlier this year and caught my attention for 2 reasons:

  •  First, as you probably guessed is Alexander Skarsgard.  Yes, I love him very much and I personally think that he is my soulmate (Jokes - I am crazy, but not that much). He is an amazing actor who is very picky about the roles he plays ( we will all forgive him for the little stiff in the most boring movie of last year - Battleship. It's a one off - hopefully). So if Alex picked this movie, there must be something about it. 
  • Secondly, the first time I saw the trailer it took my breath away. The trailer for this movie is fascinating and it makes you to go and watch it in the cinema. Well, at least it made me to want it. Ellen Page's voice over montage of scenes from the movie is kinda haunting but captivating. The issues she is talking about in it are so real and are actually happening in the real life at the moment. 

Terorists. A word which brings goose bumps on everyone's skin. Zal Batmanglij who directed The East has decided to make a movie about very touchy subject we are all interested in. To be honest, I was very skeptical the first I read the synopsis for the film, but the trailer made me want to think this through again. I think this movie will a big controversy and I cannot wait to see it in the cinema.

The film star big names like Brit Marling, Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page. You know it will be good.

The East opens in theatres on May 31st 2013 and I am really excited to see it. I bet it will leave us with lots of question which will be playing on our minds.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Playlist Of The Week - Run4Life

As you all know I have become kind of a gym freak at the moment. I am trying to lose couple of pounds and tone up for the summer. Hey, I am a girl who loves fashion and summer so I have a plenty of outfits on my mind and I wanna feel good when I am wearing them.

I know it is all about confidence, don't worry I am not stupid. And probably my mum, sister and friends would tell me them I all perfect the way I am. But they are not in this body. My body confidence is really low to be honest and I have always struggled with it. So this time I decided to this the right way.

I have obtained a membership in Virgin Active Club in Leeds The Light shopping centre, purchased some kick ass gym wear, changed my diet to healthy version and decided the I will be in charge of my body and they way it looks.

And so far it is working. I have lost a stone. And I feel incredible. My clothes fit a lot better, I have a spring in my step and my confidence is growing. There is a certain goal I have in mind and I have still 8 pounds to go.

Unfortunately with my busy work schedule, sometimes I find hard to motivate myself to go to the gym. I have become an obsessive runner and trying to push myself every time further and further, but there is sometime the lack of motivation to put on the trainers. 

So I have decided that I will create each week a different playlist to help me put on my gym clothes, trainers and hit the treadmill with my iPod and headphones in my ears. And I have decided to share it each week with you. You can find it on Spotify under Run4Life by Zuzana Vystrcilova (which is my name - I know it is a mouthful) or you can create it on I-Tunes. 

So here is the playlist for this week starting March 18th 2013:

  • FLASHDANCE by Deep Dish
  • HARLEM SHAKE by Baauer
  • 212 by Azelia Banks
  • LONELY BOY by The Black Keys
  • I HATE TO SAY I TOLD YOU SO by The Hives
  • FEEL SO CLOSE  by Calvin Harris
  • RADIOACTIVE by Imagine Dragons
  • MILLION VOICES by Otto Knows
  • ONE DAY/RECKONING SONG by Asaf Avidar & The Mojos
As you can see it is a mix of Indie, Dance and Chillout Music. It should take about 25 mins which is an ideal length of time for your cardio workout. 

Have a great workout :-) xXx

Saturday, 16 March 2013

What To Wear - The Script & The Original RudeBoys Gig - Vintage Indie inspired by Alexa Chung

As you all know Music & Fashion are two of my four great loves. So when it comes to What To Wear to a massive gig like was the one in Sheffield, I had to plan ahead.

I love Alexa Chung. I love her style from hair to tip of her shoes. She is my style icon. I will definitely post something about that later on in the month, but the reason I mentioning this now is because I went to her for the inspiration on what to wear last night.

I knew that I wanted to wear something vintage inspired. So after my hard workouts in the gym started to pay off ( yes I have lost weight and tone up which was one of my New Year Resolutions) I decided to go vintage a la Alexa Chung.

I put on my Topshop wet look leggings, vintage cream blouse from Primark, beige coat from South. I have paired it up with black wedges from South - wanted to add couple of inches in height but in the same time I didn't want my feet to fall off as it was a long day. My current obsession with hats and great bargain find in Marks&Spencer added my lovely dark blue fedora hat. As an indie / vintage / geek chic girl I took my Cambridge Satchel with me and Voila - the fashion star has been born. 

I wanted to wear something I feel comfortable in, can dance in and look incredible good and my work paid off. My hair had the beach waives / just fucked hair style which gone well with the whole assemble! It gave me confidence.

My make up was real simple. I am currently very much obsessed with Smashbox Cosmetics and I swear in last two months I bought nearly every possible product. So I went for the Camera Ready BB cream and Halo Powder to make my skin look fabulous and perfect. My lashes were lengthen and volume was added by Full Exposure Mascara. A little bit of limited Love Me Blusher for the cheeks. Only products which wasn't by Smashbox was my lip tint from Maybelline as they last for ages and dont need to be reapplied all the time. Quick couple of sprits of CKin2U and I was ready to go.

I felt great, I looked OK and I had a fantastic night. What more can a girl want?

The Gig Of The Month: THE SCRIPT - Sheffield Motorpoint Arena, March15th 2013

Oh yeah! The day I have been waiting for for past 6 months has come! The best Irish band in the world is on tour and I have been lucky enough to get the tickets for their Sheffield gig. Yes, I am talking about the Great One and Only - THE SCRIPT!!!!

I have been a big fan since the beginning. Bought the first album when I was with my ex and got even him to listen to them. Breakeven was the hymn of my break-ups. And then their brought out SCIENCE & FAITH and fell even more in love. I love their Alternative Irish Rock tunes. The lyrics of their songs seems to always capture everything what I feel. So when the third album, simply titled #3 came out, I was on a mission. The mission was that as soon as the tour is announced I will purchase the tickets! And that is what I have done! As soon as the tickets went on sale I bought two for the Sheffield gig. One was for one of my great friends as a birthday present - Killed two birds with one stone! And since then I have been looking forward to this gig. 

So on friday late grey morning I have made my way to Sheffield. The gig was held in Sheffield Motorpoint Arena. I knew the way as I have been here before (seen Olly Murs here last year). The doors opened at 6.30pm and the arena slowly started to fill up.  The warming act were The Original Rude Boys (who as you know from my previous post were amazing).

And at 8.10pm the band. the 3 Irish musicians took the place. And they did so so well. The opening tune was Good Ol'Days and they got everyone on their feet from the start. And as soon as the song finished, Danny took to the microphone and said Hello. They haven't been to Sheffield for 3 years and apparently they got there the night before and "painting the town red because that is what happens when you are somewhere after 3 years" according to Mark.They continue on to We Cry and so on... They played mixture of old (Science&Faith, I'm Yours, Before The Worst, Talk You Down, Break-even, You Won't Feel A Thing, For The First Time, Nothing, If You Ever Come Back) and new (Hall Of Fame, Six Degrees Of Separation, If You Could See Me Now) tracks. The whole arena was on their feet and singing. We even did a sing-along to The Man Who Can't Be Moved and every single member of audience was singing their hearts out. Danny got a little bit emotional after we all finished. 

When was a turn to sing Nothing they asked us to call our Ex and Danny took a mobile phone from one girl who called her Ex AJ and the whole arena and The Script sang to AJ that he means Nothing to us. Incredible! Absolutely fantastic! 

They were witty with the introduction to every track and created one amazing atmosphere. I have really enjoyed myself. I've been singing out loud every song (no sore throat this morning to my surprise!) and dance and sway to the melody. Absolutely fabulous atmosphere! Everything was spot on and every single person there enjoyed themselves (well maybe apart from this really moody cow who was sat behind me and was in a mood - seriously you are at the gig - if you aren't enjoying yourself go home and stop being a moody bitch!)

The last song of the gig supposed to be For The First Time and the whole audience sang the chorus about ten times and then Danny, Mark and Glen thanked the audience for great evening and away they went. Luckily as with every gig, the paying customers asked for more and they got it! Mark and Glen came back on the stage and started to play, but where was Danny?  you might ask. He came back through the audience. I saw him really close. It was SHAMAZING! 

The final final was Hall Of Fame and when they were coming to the end of the song, glitter came down from the roof and it looked absolutely fantastic. Very impressive!!

I have tried to take as many pics as possible, but my lovely Galaxy Note was running low on battery. But the photographs I have managed to take are pretty damn good and hopefully mirror the great atmosphere at Motorpoint Arena. Sheffield was on their feet and it was the best gig I have been to so far!

Well done boys! The Irish know how to make us dance, sing and enjoy ourselves. 

I will definitely keep an eye for future gigs, maybe watch the one in Manchester live on their fan page!

Follow The Script on Twitter : @thescript

The Original Rude Boys : An Unexpected Surprise

Yesterday I went to see The Script in Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield. Bought the tickets as a birthday present for one of my good friends who is a massive fan. I was really excited ! I consider music a big part of my life as you know, so when a gig is on my the horizon I get excited more and more as each day passes. I was wondering who would their warming act be. Purchasing tickets 6 months before, I didn't know who it was. And to be honest, I didn't what to know. I always like being surprised !

And surprised I was! Amazingly surprised!

The Original Rude Boys is band from Dublin. Its members are Sean "Neddy" Arkins, Robert Burch and Sean "Walshy" Walsh. "Neddy" is the one doing the rapping, Robert is playing guitar and has is an amazing vocalist and "Walshy" plays ukulele. So first, there is the sexy Irish accent! There is nothing better when a man has an Irish accent! Secondly, these boys are not only gorgeous, but amazingly talented too. They started their set with high energy track. Their tunes are a mixture of singing and rapping. But it works! It blends very well and by the time the first song finished I was on my feet dancing. And that didn't change all the way through. Robert has not only good looks (He is hot to the trot)  but also an amazing voice. Rapping was absolutely spot on and the ukulele made it even more quirky.  Random but it wouldn't be the same without it.

They paid the attention to the audience too. Talked to it and introduced every track. Unfortunately for me my phone's battery died and couldn't write them down so I can give you track list! But later on I have googled them and found out that all the tracks were from their album THIS LIFE. It goes without saying that I have immediately purchased a copy on ITunes. The whole set was very energetic, the tracks were great and I truly enjoyed every bit of it. Even the lighting was great. Each song had a different mood and colours.

I was particularly impressed when near the end of their set they asked the audience to light their mobile phone, the lights went off and the arena looked like a night sky full of stars. The boys took their phone and took a pic of this and posted it on their twitter and Facebook page.

After their gig they were so awesome and asked the fans to come to see them to say hello and suggest where they should go for a drink in Sheffield. Which is very impressive as not many bands do this. I had a look on twitter and it seems they won hearts of the Sheffield audience as the twitter was flooded with pics of their fans with them.

Immediately I got back to my hotel room and charged my phone, I went on my twitter and started to follow them. I was even bold enough to tweet them to say how impressed I was with their performance. Of course I kinda knew that they wouldn't even probably see my tweet. These lads impressed the whole Sheffield, I'm sure that at least 50% of the audience have become a new fan. But to my surprised they replied to me! Twice!!!! Well happy about it.

The original rude boys are The ones to watch!!! I think the are great live.

If you wanna know more about them and get your own opinion about their music check their Facebook page or follow them on twitter (I prefer the twitter option! ). I will keep my eyes opened for their future gigs. Hopefully with some luck they will come and play for us in Leeds so we can show them how amazing the Leeds audience can be.

Seriously guys, go and check them out! You will be pleasantly surprised!

Follow them on twitter @ORBsOfficial . 

Thursday, 14 March 2013


I have to say this was one of the books I found most hard to read. No, stop moaning!! Let me explain and then you might understand why the first thing I said was what I have just said.

I purchased this book over 4 years ago. Just after I finished reading the amazing Twilight series. Stephenie Meyer's name automatically drawn me to this book. She wrote Twilight! I was so sure that The Host will be as amazing! Quick glance at the back of the book and online reviews confirmed for me that I am in for a treat !  So I took it with me for a day in the park.. but for some strange reason I could get into this book. I read first couple of chapters and gave up because I had to force myself read further. Maybe it was just the fact that I had to take a break. Maybe I was still hung up on Twilight series and therefore I could not get into this story? Who knows?!? So I decided to put it to rest on the bookshelf and come back to it when I felt like it. So about a year ago I tried to read it again. I picked it up just after moving to a new house and meeting my lovely housemate Claire. We both started to read it at the same time. But the same has happened!!! For the life of this, again, I could not get into the story. I progressed a little further than the last time but still it wasn't for I have decided to take another break from this book. I read hundreds of books in the meantime - but this one .. This one somehow never made it to my handbag so I can read when I travel.

So with the movie adaptation coming out in March, I have decided to give it one last try. Third time lucky, ey?!!?! And of course Claire, for some strange reason, could not understand why I could not get into it. So one evening after I cleared my mind of all the previous stories flowing in my head, I picked up the book, made myself comfortable, cup of green tea next to me and I bit into the story. And I was surprised!!!

I got into it straight way. I immediately grown to like Wanderer and was excited for her journey. I could not stop reading it!! I took it with me everywhere and my friends hated me because I was not responsive. You see, when I really really like a story, there is nothing in the world which could stop me reading it. And I fell in love with this story from the beginning until the end. It was a masterpiece. 

I absolutely adore the way Stephenie wrote this story. How she managed to created a future world where our bodies are occupied by alien race - The Souls. And she created an unusual heroine in very strange, no I have to say the weirdest, situation of all. Wanderer (Wanda) became my new heroine. She is one of the character I most heart. I admire her. I know I should maybe feel a little bit bad for siding with the Alien but she is one the most exceptional characters - she is kind, beautiful on the inside, smart. selfless, would do anything for the people she loves. And she even loves Melanie. And she feel sad that she took Melanie's body and life.  I know I should feel bad for Mel. She lost her body, life and love. She lost her family and was erased and instead of her, there is a Soul in her body. But I do not feel sorry for. Not sure why. Yes, I know how hard it must be. But I knew from the beginning that Wanderer will do the right thing at the end. That she will give her own life for Mel's so Melanie can go back to Jared.

And then there is Ian O'Shea. OMG!! I haven't fallen for a fictional character since Eric Northman, but Ian is just amazing. He is sweet, kind, loving, smart, strong.. I just love everything about him. This the second time in all the books I have read when I have not fallen for the person the main character supposed to be. Ian is  kind as a soul, but strong as a human. No wonder Wanderer fell in love with him. She deserves him and he deserves her. It is a true love!! He is my favourite character in this book. I could wait to find another page with him in it. Could wait to find if them to will get their own happy ending.

I have to mention Jamie and Jeb as well. They are wonderful character who added humour in the book. I love how both of them gave Wanda a chance and show the rest of the group how wonderful she is. 

Jared and Melanie.. I cannot not mention them. They are meant for each other.  And their love is deep and survived more than one obstacle. I rule for them as well. They deserve happiness, but they were not important to me as Wanderer and Ian. Their relationship ship came to the third important. Of course I hope that there will be a way that all the characters in this book will find a way to happy ending. You know me!! A romantic soul in planted in me!!

I really really enjoyed this book. Loved every single bit of it. I actually come back to it from time to time and read my favourite parts. I am glad that I waited to read it. Otherwise I would probably never realised how amazing this story is. It is truly unique! I have recently heard that Stephenie is writing a sequel which I am so excited about! Cannot wait for Wanda's new adventures!!

I was so wrong when I thought that this book is not good at all. I was really wrong. I thing that was the biggest mistake I have ever made about books. I loved The Host. I cannot wait for the movie to be in the cinema's. MARCH 29th. I will be there. 

Team Wanda and Ian all the way hehe !! Happy Reading Lovelies xXx

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Song Of The Week

All this week I have been writing and posting. And obsessing about Safe Haven. This film got underneath my skin. I am not sure exactly why it left such a big impression on me?!? Maybe because it is a love story.. About because it is about finding true love at the end and it kinda reminded me that there is a hope for everybody. Even me.

So while re-designing this blog and posting I was listing to Safe Haven Soundtrack. Surprise ! Surprise! I know.. I am a weirdo. But to be honest, I prefer to be crazy. It is so much more fun than being normal - that is boring.

Well and I came across this track. It reminds me the scene of the first date. Alex took Katie canoeing but it starting to pouring it down. Cats and dogs style. So they when to this old diner and had a meal there and after the meal they dance around the diner. What a perfect date!! I wish I would be on it instead. So romantic!!! And this tune was playing while they were dancing. And I really really loved it.

So The Song Of The Week goes to:

"Brandi Carlile - Heart's Content (Strings Mix)

I found it on good old YouTube. I found it very down to earth and romantic. And I sure would love to dance to it on my first date. No question there. 

I hope you will enjoy it. Let me know what do you think. What is your tune of the week? xXx


Have you ever given a thought to how you going to die???

I keep having this one dream since about age seven. I am in a hospital. My body is really really tiny and my skin nearly translucent. I can see my veins! All of them. And I feel so so so tired. I think I am sick otherwise I would not be in a hospital. And it need to be serious. The boy I love is sitting next to me and the doctor walks in and informs that I have leukemia. I am dying. I go through various ways of trying to save my life (chemotherapy, blood transfusion..). But nothing is working and I eventually come to realisation that I am going to die. I get worse day by day and as I prepare to welcome the death I say goodbye to my family and friends. I am young. Maybe 30 years old maximum. I have no children but there is a man I love deeply with me and I am sad. Sad to be leaving him because I finally found out that he does really truly love me.. And then after a long struggle I die.

I know this might sound very strange to you. Talking about death on a blog and my strange dreams. But I keep having since a young age and I kinda think that this is the way I am going to die. And this is one of the reason why I picked up this book. There are three reasons in total:

1. This weird morbid dream I keep on having.
2. This is the only book my housemate Heidi read in 4 hours and recommended to me.
3. I have seen a film which was based on this novel and I absolutely loved it.

I expected big things from this book. I thought it will capture my attention and I will not be able to put it down. I will want to read constatnly. Especially when Heidi recommended ! She was speaking of this book so highly! I was excited. I wanted to read it so much. She even lent me her only copy.

So I put the book into my satchel to read on the bus on my way to work. Away I went then. I read first two chapters but for some reason I could not get into it.  I wanted to find out what a person who knows that they are dying feels. How will Tessa cope? What will she do with the rest of her time? How she will react? How her parents will react.. But instead I felt a little bit bored. But I set my goal and the goal was the read it through. I force myself and slowly got into it. I went through series of various emotion. 

Firstly I hated Tessa. I think she is one of the most selfish character I have ever read about. She thinks that just because she is dying she is invicible and nobody will stop her. He has this ridiculous list  of this she wants to do before she dies: Sex, Drugs, Stealing, Breaking the law, Say yes to everything.. She has sex with a random guy. She takes mushrooms. She steals in Morrisons and put her down her dad a lot. Seriously she is really really cruel! I know that knowing that you are going to die must be hard. The thought that you have only limited amount of days on Earth but be hard. Especially when everybody around you gets to live and experience new things. They will have their own lives after you are gone. But Oh my world, I just wanted to slap her. On many many occasions!

But then she met Adam and she changed. Being for the first time in love, brought the best in her. She was  more thoughtful. She realised there is more to the life than sex, drugs, alcohol and breaking the law. For the first time she actually wanted to live and looked for the signs that she might get to live. And that is when I started to like Tessa and although I knew that this book doesn't have a happy ending, I hoped and prayed for her to somehow miraculously to heal and get healthy. 

And then I was jealous. Adam is one of the good  guys. She found a gold in him. He loved her. He cared for her. And he did not run away when he saw what the illness does to her. He stayed all the way through until the end. And I was jealous that she found somebody like him, because I have been searching for years now and nothing from it.

And at the end I felt sadness. Sadness because Tessa got to be finally happy and she didn't get to enjoy it. I loved the way Jenny Downham portrayed Tessa's last days. You could imagine very clearly how it maybe feels when you are dying. You can hear the  people around you. You are concious one minute and passed out the next one. And you think of all things that made a clear mark in your memory. You make notes for people who you are leaving behind. Give them advice. Try to tell to enjoy life while they can.

Yes, at the beginning I didn't think much of the book and the main character. But slowly I learn to appreciate this book and realise maybe that was the way Tessa could cope with her destiny. And at the end I wanted her to live and get the things she wanted.

When I finished this book, it was just after midnight, I sat queitly for about 20 mins loooking into nothing. I thought about my own dream and how would I cope with the fact that somebody somewhere decided that I have only couple of years, months, days to live. How would I react? What would I do with my last days? But that is hard to say. So at the end I had no real right to judge the way Tessa behaved. I might would be the same.

Anyways, I like this book. I hope you will read because it will make you think. And it will make you cry. Even the toughest of hearts will shed a tear while reading last 10 pages. I promise you that.

Friday, 8 March 2013

My Favourite Movie Of Last Year And Maybe Of All The Time: THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER directed by Stephen Chbosky

You all know how much I love the book. And you all know the story why I have read this book. It has changed me. Change the views I have on the life, gave me some great advice and definitely made me realise that "there is a whole world out there!"

So when my best friend / housemate asked me what I want to do for my birthday on October 4th (just in case you want to send me presents - I would not say NO to that hehe), my choice was only one. Midday showing of Perks of being a wallflower. The trailer got me reading the book - the book which was so incredible! So of course, I want to see at the first possible moment. I was a bit worried. The novel so great, what if the movie doesn't live up to it?

What a wonderful surprise this was !!! From start to finish I was captivated and could not take my eyes of the screen. The main trio of characters and their protagonists were just right - perfect if I could say! And they played their parts so well. And I enjoy the interaction between them three. They were a great bunch! I actually wish they would be my friends. I loved the friendship they created for us. That's the way I want my friendships to be. Close. Always stand by each other. Overcome bumps on the road. Enjoy life. And enjoy a great music ;-)

Logan Lerman is a perfect Charlie. If I could chose anybody in the world of Hollywood and acting I would not find a better actor to play Charlie. His performance is a perfection. He really got Charlie and the way he is. You could even see the innocence in his eyes - the same innocence Charlie viewed the world. And he was kinda awkward like Charlie is described in the novel.

If I loved Logan as Charlie, then I absolutely adored Ezra Miller as Patrick. He was brilliant. This was the first movie I have seen Ezra in and I have not a bad word to say about his performance. Everything was spot on. He was the playful, smart, confident Patrick as Stephen Chbosky written him in the novel.He made me laugh on many occasions and i think he is the one to watch for in the future. 

Emma Watson as Sam?Hmmmm. To be honest I was a little bit worried about Emma's performance. Poor girl will never be able to get rid of Hermione Granger. She always be known to the world as the best friend of Harry Potter, but I have to say this character suited her well. She took a risk and showed us what a great actress she is. Her interpretation of Sam was the way I imagined Sam to be in my head. She was no Hermione, but confident young girl who was trying to figure out her place in the world. I absolutely loved her!

Yes, the movie was not exactly like the book. Some parts were missing but I did not mind it a bit. The story unfolded beautifully. Mr Chbosky has done a great job as a director. He made me laugh so hard that my belly hurt ( and trust me it hurts even more after you have done 150 crunches in the gym.). The scene which made me laugh the most was when Charlie got stoned on brownies and MaryElizabeth asked him what he thinks about high school. This movie made me cry so hard as well. For last 25 minutes tears we pouring down my face, my T-shirt was wet from crying and I was sobbing hard. I was so glad the cinema was empty and tonight when I watched it again I was happy to be alone.

This movie makes you think about life, about love, family, friends, relationships.. For about 20 mins I was sat in silence like after reading the book and just thought about my future. And do you know what I realised : "There is a whole world out there!"

My favourite quote from the book and movie always will be: "We accept the love, we think we deserve!"Paul Rudd put a great performance as Charlie's english teacher. He is one of my favourite characters apart from the main trio. I have never seen him playing a serious part like that. And I have to say Well done.

I can't write this review without mentioning how amazing, tasteful and indie was the soundtrack. The Smiths, David Bowie, The Samples, New Order, Dexys Midnight Runners... they all accompanied the movie in a great style. This is my kind of music. You will find the soundtrack and most of the artists on my iPod.

All in all, if you haven't guessed it yet, I absolutely loved, loved, loved this movie. I think it was a great, very powerful adaptation of the book. It could not have been done better. I know a lot of people and critics maybe have a different opinion, but to me this movie changed my life as much as the novel. Stephen Chbosky is a genius, great writer, director and he help me to open my eyes to brand new world. Thanks to him I have decided to stop dreaming and start making my dreams true. So World and Future, I am ready to take on you and live the life I want to live. I want to be happy!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Confusing, but very interesting movie: ON THE ROAD directed by Walter Salles

I have to say this was one of the most confusing but in the same time very interesting movie  I have seen lately. On the road captured my interest when watching the trailer on our lovely YouTube. To be honest I even did not realised that it was a novel in the first place which inspired this movie! A that is a great shame on me, I should have known.

Anyways, so on my first day off I rented it off I-Tunes. I have a rule that I don't buy movies off there unless I am 100% sure that I love the movie! So On the road downloaded and I ready to enjoy this very interesting journey.

It's a story about writer Sal who lacks inspiration for his writing after his father died. And then he meets Dean. Dean lives his life to the fullest without any care what other people expect of him or what they think. It is a story about their friendship and they travels around United States and eventual trip to Mexico. I will not bother you with the plot of the story. To be honest I am not sure if I understood it properly myself.

All I can tell you, that there are  reasons why this film confused me. There is a lot of marihuana smoking. Sex. Threesome is not a tabu between most of the characters of the movie. Gay relationships. A lot of travelling. No responsibility. The only reason I have not stopped watching it in the middle was that I wanted to find out if this movie will come to conclusive end. No joy. Basically it ended Sal leaving Dean on the streets of New York and then writing their adventures on big looooooong piece of paper. I think I will read the book so I can understand this movie a little bit better. Or I will give it another try and watch it tomorrow. 

One thing but I will not leave out. Kirsten Stewart. Recently I had developed a hatred to her. Maybe an allergy. Or both. And before you all think that it is because of her cheating on Robert Pattinson, you are all wrong. I just think that she is a terrible actress. All the characters she plays are awkward, weird, twitchy and behave like they have some sort of spasm. Yes, it might be partially because she is that way. Maybe she portrays her personality into her characters which I absolutely hate. She never gives a great performance and I personally feel very awkward watching her on screen. If she would be a great actress, she would adapt to various characters. And she does not do it. Even in this movie!! Yeah, maybe she took a risk and strip off but that's not what acting is about. Personally I never look forward to a movie where I know she is on the casting list.

On the bright side, I have to say that the male protagonists were great. Both Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund put on a great performance. Sam Riley played struggling writer very very well. And Garrett was amazing as carefree, I don't give a shit about anybody, Dean. I particularly enjoy the chemistry between them. It looked to me like a real friendship. I also have to mention the performance of Tom Sturridge who played gay Carlo Marx. 

I can not particularly mention any scene I have really really enjoyed. Maybe apart of the one where Sal and Dean goes to San Francisco bar and fully enjoy the singer's performance. They sing, they laugh and put their hearts and souls into singing out loud.

I am not sure if this is a movie I will want to buy for my DVD collection, but at least I can say that I have seen it. I am more looking forward to reading the book to be honest, so it will hopefully all make sense to me.