Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A change is coming... (a little word from myself)

Hello my Lovelies,

I hope you are all doing well and are having a great day, week, month or start of the year 2013 :)

The reason why I am writing this little personal post today is that I want to make you aware of some changes which will be soon happening on this little blog.

As you are all aware this all started couple months ago. I wanted to share my love for books with the world and see if I can find people who share the same interests as me. And I enjoy every minute of reading and then writing about the books who caught my eye. I am full of surprise and happiness when I see that you guys are reading my posts. It never fails to amaze me that somebody somewhere in this big world finds the time and read my blabbing about books and my obsession with True Blood, Romance and Alexander Skarsgard. HEHE. 

So I have decided to expand my horizons a little bit  more and start to share more of my everyday life with you. You will start to find more and more posts about movies I have seen, gadgets and things I've bought, magazine I've loved and entertained me, places I've visited and maybe dined at or gigs and concert I had had the pleasure to attend. Of course, reviews of books will be still a big part of this blog but hopefully you will enjoy reading new stuff as well.

And it will allow me to post more frequently as I will have more to write about hehe.

Well I think is all I wanted to say at the moment. If you have any ideas, suggestions or want to share something with me, you can either message me on twitter ( @ZuzzieeQQQ77 ) or just leave something in the comment box. You can follow me on Instagram as well ( @zuzzieeqq ).

I hope to hear from you soon and I really do hope you will like the new changes :-)

Happy Reading Lovelies xXx

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