Thursday, 7 March 2013

Confusing, but very interesting movie: ON THE ROAD directed by Walter Salles

I have to say this was one of the most confusing but in the same time very interesting movie  I have seen lately. On the road captured my interest when watching the trailer on our lovely YouTube. To be honest I even did not realised that it was a novel in the first place which inspired this movie! A that is a great shame on me, I should have known.

Anyways, so on my first day off I rented it off I-Tunes. I have a rule that I don't buy movies off there unless I am 100% sure that I love the movie! So On the road downloaded and I ready to enjoy this very interesting journey.

It's a story about writer Sal who lacks inspiration for his writing after his father died. And then he meets Dean. Dean lives his life to the fullest without any care what other people expect of him or what they think. It is a story about their friendship and they travels around United States and eventual trip to Mexico. I will not bother you with the plot of the story. To be honest I am not sure if I understood it properly myself.

All I can tell you, that there are  reasons why this film confused me. There is a lot of marihuana smoking. Sex. Threesome is not a tabu between most of the characters of the movie. Gay relationships. A lot of travelling. No responsibility. The only reason I have not stopped watching it in the middle was that I wanted to find out if this movie will come to conclusive end. No joy. Basically it ended Sal leaving Dean on the streets of New York and then writing their adventures on big looooooong piece of paper. I think I will read the book so I can understand this movie a little bit better. Or I will give it another try and watch it tomorrow. 

One thing but I will not leave out. Kirsten Stewart. Recently I had developed a hatred to her. Maybe an allergy. Or both. And before you all think that it is because of her cheating on Robert Pattinson, you are all wrong. I just think that she is a terrible actress. All the characters she plays are awkward, weird, twitchy and behave like they have some sort of spasm. Yes, it might be partially because she is that way. Maybe she portrays her personality into her characters which I absolutely hate. She never gives a great performance and I personally feel very awkward watching her on screen. If she would be a great actress, she would adapt to various characters. And she does not do it. Even in this movie!! Yeah, maybe she took a risk and strip off but that's not what acting is about. Personally I never look forward to a movie where I know she is on the casting list.

On the bright side, I have to say that the male protagonists were great. Both Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund put on a great performance. Sam Riley played struggling writer very very well. And Garrett was amazing as carefree, I don't give a shit about anybody, Dean. I particularly enjoy the chemistry between them. It looked to me like a real friendship. I also have to mention the performance of Tom Sturridge who played gay Carlo Marx. 

I can not particularly mention any scene I have really really enjoyed. Maybe apart of the one where Sal and Dean goes to San Francisco bar and fully enjoy the singer's performance. They sing, they laugh and put their hearts and souls into singing out loud.

I am not sure if this is a movie I will want to buy for my DVD collection, but at least I can say that I have seen it. I am more looking forward to reading the book to be honest, so it will hopefully all make sense to me. 

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