Saturday, 23 March 2013

Dream Guy Of The Week: Mr Max Irons

Move over Robert Pattison and Taylor Lautner!! There is a new heart-breaker in town! And he is no more then a son of Jeremy Irons and Sinead Cusack. Maximilian Paul Diarmuid Irons. For us known as MAX IRONS!!!

Born 17th October 1985 in London, this 6' 2" tall British actor is going to break your hearts in Stephenie Meyer's new movie The Host. Not only he is destined to become a great actor  ( he has it in his genes ) but also he had his fingers in modelling too (Burberry and Mango choose him to be face of their brands - impressed yet?). 

Max firstly caught my eye in 2011's movie The RedRiding Hood directed by Catherine Hardwick - by the way she is also the director of Twilight ( starting to see maybe a little of pattern here - a destiny maybe?). After that he has gone quiet a little bit - couple of TV roles and modelling campaigns). 

And then the big break came! Max landed himself a role of  Jared Howe. One of the main characters from the acclaimed novel written by nobody else then Stephenie Meyer - THE HOST.(Yes, I know I am starting to be a little bit obsessed with this novel - I know).  The Host is coming to our cinemas on March 29th and I can predict that it will be phenomenal!! There will be thousands and thousands of girls all around the world who will fall in love overnight. I am sure if this movie is done as half well as the book is written, we can see that it will open the doors for him and the rest of the cast (Look how many doors it opened to Kirsten Stewart and the girl cannot act!). 

This gorgeous boy is not only handsome, but he is british ( and we all know how sexy british accent is), he also plays guitar (but apparently not very well - according to his friends). He prefers London to LA (another couple of gold points there!) because in his own words : "It rains, it's sad but I like going to the pub after work and in London people don't have plastic surgery." He also prefers natural looking girls, as opposite to proper made up. (This boy is getting some serious bonus points here!). According to him: "Kindness and a generous spirit go a long way. And a sense of humour. It's like a medicine - very healing. A woman who isn't preoccupied with superficial things - who knows what is real and important. Someone is willing to slum it over now and then. And does whatever makes her happy!" (Is this guy for real? He dated Emily Browning for a bit but she broke up with him! How dare she! But I am sure there will plenty of girls out there who would love to help him mend a broken heart after The Host hits the cimena !! hehe)

Max likes books, free diving and hiking. Apparently he loves Greece to bits  - everything about the place and goes there to travel around and get to know the place even better. 

What do you girls think about this former bad boy who has a bright future ahead? I am sure to expect a lot of doors to open for him in the future and we will hear more and more from this British lad. 

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