Sunday, 24 March 2013

Event Of The Month: Leeds TRINITY Opening

Trinity Entrance from Brigatte
Last Thursday night me and my friends decided to go to the opening of new shopping centre in Leeds - The Trinity. I was so excited as this shopping centre has been build since I moved to Leeds. And that was 5 years ago! It had been put on hold due to the economic crisis hitting hard the development business.

But after some hard effort and some generous funding, the plan went ahead and the building continued. For past couple of months me and the whole of Leeds watched buildings being torn apart and then put back together. New modern designs we popping up all over the city centre. Our favourite shops
like Urban Outfitters, Topshop, River Island were getting bigger spaces.

Soon enough, the deadline of the opening came and the whole Leeds got excited. Not only that! The great British designer Henry Holland curated the opening ceremony! And there was also the prospect of new fashion brands opening their stores in the heart of Leeds. 

21st March 2013. The day, when thousands and thousands came to the opening of this great new place. Henry designed the longest designer's dress in the world. The acrobats put on a fantastic show. And there was an official opening ceremony twice a day - 10AM and 6PM. Plenty of people were queuing outside from the early morning. 

Full House waiting for Henry Holland's creation

I went after work to have a look around and hopefully catch a glimpse of the second opening show @6PM. However I haven't expected such a turn up. There were so many people, that you could hardly move. Me and my friends had to try hard not to lose each other in there. I caught only half of the ceremony as there was no space for watching it from any of the balconies. It was that packed! Like a tin of sardines! 

But I really enjoyed what I found in there. There is a massive flagship Topshop store which has three floors.

The same my favourite shop in the world - Urban Outfitters. There is a brand new store with three floors packed with fashion, music, books and cool stuff.
I am also very excited about the Mango store. And in autumn Victoria's Secret is opening a store as well. Claire and I went absolutely mental when we found out that VS is opening their store here. I told Claire to get a job there so we can get a staff discount hehe.

There is also the pop up shop for One Direction fans and Candy Kittens store owned by Jamie from Made in Chelsea. Both of them are here for 3 weeks only. Which is kinda exciting to be honest. I was particularly curious about the Candy Kittens store. But I have to say when I walked in, a disappointment washed over me. There was only one thing in the store I liked. A that was a pink bike which was a decoration. Not for sale.

However, the food quarter (well food floor) is amazing. There is plenty of different restaurants to choose from - Nando's, Carluccio's, Yo!Sushi, T.G.I Fridays, Giraffe, Juice.. There are also new players in town - Homemade burgers, The Alchemist, Angelica, The Botanist, Crafthouse ..I am very pleased that new restaurants are opening hearts to Leeds's population and I cannot wait to sample their foods and service. It will be like being in a different city.

Glass Roof over the centre

I like how Trinity connects the whole city centre under one roof. I think it's a fantastic idea, especially on a rainy day. The roof is a beautiful glass piece, with lights which shines like little stars when it is dark outside.  Although the roof doesn't fully cover the shopping centre, it does provide a good shelter. On a cold day, the inside of the centre is really cold as well. Be ready for it. It is not like Meadowhall, White Rose or Trafford centre where you can take your coat off. In this place you need to keep your warm coat on - otherwise you freeze in the winter.

However, that is the only downside I could find. I also like that the owners are bringing in The Everyman cinema -  the first branch in North!!! I am particularly excited to visit it when it opens its doors. It supposed to be a very unique experience for the cinema lovers. I cannot wait.

The Trinity Leeds is opened everyday till 8PM. Soon they will also launch a membership club. I have already sign up for the news about it.

All in all, I am very glad that the centre has finally opened its doors. It gave us an opportunity to get something to be excited about. It provides space for our favourite shops and will have plenty more to offer when it develops even further in the future. I personally am happy that there is finally a bigger place in Leeds where people - students, friends, families... can hang around and enjoy the shopping day. 

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