Wednesday, 6 March 2013

MOVIE OF THE WEEK : SAFE HAVEN directed by Lasse Hallstrom

So, you all know I am a big fan of Nicholas Sparks. You all maybe read some of my post on Walk To Remember, The Last Song and recently Safe Haven. I assume that it will not surprise you when this weeks movie of the week will be SAFE HAVEN.

When I first heard that they are bringing us this story to screen I was excited. Extremely! And when the cast was realised, it surprised me but also I wonder what the final product will be. I was specially interested in the performance of lovely Julianne Hough. I have only known her as the girl from Dancing with the stars in America and girlfriend of Ryan Seacrest. I knew she has done some movies before, but this was a completely brand new element to her. And Josh Duhamel?!? I have recently seen him in The Romantics (Stylist magazine called it the most romantic movie of the year - what a disappointment that was!!!! But I will talk about that in another post!) Other than that I saw him starring alongside Kirsten Bell in When in Rome and good old Transformers. He is one good looking chap!!! And Fergie is one lucky woman! By the way Congratulations to Fergie and Josh who recently announce that their are expecting their first child!!

Anyways, so me being me and the fact that I absolutely love the book ( As you probably read on here!!), made my housemate Kay to swear that the first weekend the movie is out in UK, we are going to see it. I will be honest, I was a bit worried. You never know with books who were made to movies. Either they will be really really good or really really crap. Like bottom of the barrel!! Anyways, so last Saturday me and Kay made the trip to local cinema ( Odeon in Bradford), paid for our tickets, grabbed some popcorn and found the perfect seats to watch comfortably the movie. And we were for a great treat!!

This movie is fantastic! I loved in from the start to finish. Yes, some of you may think that is too soppy or too romantic. But you are wrong. The story line is a little bit changed from the book. Josh Duhamel doesn't have a grey hair like Alex in the book and Julianne is amazing as Katie. Everything was perfect. The set of the movie, the performance of the actors, the cut, the director, the soundtrack!! Everything was spot on! Me and Kay did not talk to each other all the way through which is rare and at the end we both cry our eyes out. And that happen last time when watching The Perks Of Being a Wallflower on my birthday! Julianne put on a great performance. She was so natural! And she was the perfect Katie. Honestly, I cannot imagine better actors to play them two. They are the perfect on screen couple!! This movie needs to be voted as the most romantic movie of the year!! Seriously!!

Since leaving the cinema, Kay became obsessed with Josh, I started to follow them both on twitter, count down the days till the DVD is released and I put Julianne's name on the list of my role models. Her hair is amazing! She is amazing. She is in my top 3 alongside Alexa Chung and Keira Knightley. The first american who made the top 3 hehe!!

I will probably want to see it again soon, so I might be doing another sneaky trip to the pictures, even if I have to go on my own!!

Well, probably you know what I am going to say know, but I'll just say it! "Go and watch it! You will not regret it!" You will laugh on witty dialogues, funny scenes.. You will hold your breath at the romantic moments in the love scenes.. And will be scared for Katie in the dangerous scenes.. And you will cry at the end .. and not to mention the big twist !!

Even my housemate Kay said that it was one of the best movies she has seen in a long time! But then she might be charmed by the good looks of Josh Duhamel. He is well fit for his age. Can't believe he is 40. I wish my future husband would be looking that good at that age ;-)

I have added the trailer! Even the trailer is amazing!


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