Thursday, 7 March 2013

My New White IPod Classic by Apple

It nothing more sadder when one day your amazing IPod stops working! It's like they chopped off one of your arms and there is no replacement for it but it is not the same!! And that is what happened to me this week.

My gorgeous Ipod Classic in Black stopped working! Yes, it is true that it might have been my fault a little bit. If you are clumsy like me, your things fall on the floor.. A LOT! And there is the everyday trip to the gym without any protection cover which might caused a little bit of damage to it.. Maybe ?? There is no proof ! ;-). But this week on Monday I found my old IPod playing nasty games with me. Firstly the play button on the wheel stopped working. It would not stop playing music, you had to take off the headphones to turn it off. Then it decided that the hold button will be on - Forever!! I have tried to rescue it. I spent whole 2 hours restoring factory settings and then reinstalling the software and my whole music library.. But the stupid hold button was still on!!!.. So I left it and went to work. I didn't have the whole day to play with. Girl gotta go to work to earn money for the pretty little things she likes and want to share with you, guys ;-) Anyways, when i got home later that evening the IPod was completely off. Black screen. I have tried to bring back to life.. Unsuccessfully !!!

So I had to say GOODBYE to my gorgeous Black IPOD Classic. We have spent a long time together - nearly 4 years. And it lasted as long as it could - especially with so many accidents I had with it. 

R.I.P. My gorgeous IPOD!!

So after this traumatic experience I had to decide on a new MP3 player. Of course, the make was decided straight away. I even didn't have to think about it for a second. APPLE was my one and only choice. But we do know that their range has changed because the progress in technology is amazing these days. They updated their designs and brought in new versions of their products. I had spent whole morning browsing through their selection. I was very tempted with the New Apple Ipod Touch with the colourful backs but they are expensive!! Bloody hell! 64GB iPod touch was £329!! You can get an IPad mini for that. To be honest I would rather buy that! All the rest of their products were out of questions. You see, with me you need to realise that I need a big big memory. I store my whole music library on this small handy gadget! And 16GB, 32GB not even 64GB would cut it. Even when they look pretty. And I am too lazy to compromise on reduce my library or have no time to be picky and decide which albums I want and don't want store on this handy device. 

After a long thought and comparing all the various versions of Ipods I have decided to purchase IPOD CLASSIC again. I know you might think I am crazy! Why not to upgrade it to a different one when I have the chance?!?! And here are the reasons:

  • 160 GB memory ( up to 40 000 songs or 200 hours of video) - I can store my whole music library! Not only that ! I can put all my movies and dramas on it. I travel a lot and my Ipod is my constant companion. It is needed especially on a overnight journey to London, which happens when I travel back home for couple of weeks.
  • £199 is great price for what you getting. 
  • Classic chic design with choice of two great colours - Black & Silver
  • 36 hours playback time on audio 
  • 6 hours playback on video
  • 4 hours to charge in full - which is great because I can charge it overnight and it last me for nearly 2 weeks!!
  • quizzes and other handy extras

I have decided though to spice it up a little bit and bought the silver version this time round. Hopefully it will last me for next couple of years. I have found only one negative downside to this. I would not actually miss it, but my best friend Claire was so kind and lend me her IPod Nano in the meantime. She understands that I cannot function without music. It wakes me up on the mornings and the journey on the bus to and from work is so much more entertaining, if I can put it that way. And I have discovered that Ipod Nano has this great feature where it lets your songs to blend one to another when played. It is called Audio Crossfade and mine is missing this. I was hoping that I have just not realised on my old that is there, but today I have tried and tried to look for this feature on my new one and IT'S NOT THERE!!! Great disappointment as I think that it is a great great feature and it should be on every version of IPod! Maybe I should put a suggestion to Apple to provide it in the future. Or put it through as a new feature on a software update. 

But other then that, I love my IPod classic! It is a big part of my life and it goes with me everywhere, well maybe not shower. And I will definitely buy some cool cover for it for the gym so I don't sweat all over it. I will be very careful, so no accidents happen to it. It so brand new and shiny at the moment. I can even use the back as a mirror for a quick lipstick touch up in the morning! Hehe. I don't regret not picking a spanking new Ipod touch or a new version of Nano. I am perfectly happy with what I had chosen and I would recommend this device to anyone who has a large music library like me or is purely fan of good old classic design. Why I would buy Touch when I already have Ipad and Macbook and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2? Classic is a nearly perfect version of good old Ipods like they used to be. 

160GB IPod Classic costs £199 and you can get it engraved for free at the Apple shop online :) 

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