Monday, 18 March 2013


As a girl, I always look for new products to make my skin look great and make me gorgeous overall. It is a must. Every girl wants to look good in her own skin. We all want perfect skin, plump lips, long eyelashes.. We all want to look like the girls from the photographs who stare at us from every magazines, we all want to have a perfect look like hollywood actresses and we all want to look fabulous on pictures. 

We are subject to cameras all our lives from early childhood ( the day we are born ) until we die. On every corner is a hidden camera which will take a picture - a memory, which lasts lifetime. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social network there is hundreds and hundreds (maybe thousands) of photographs which we would love to burn. And its not only on the pictures we want to look good, we actually want to look amazing every single day of our life. 

And SMASHBOX COSMETICS - a company founded in 1996 by the grandsons of Max Factor, Dean and Davis Factor, is just about that. Their motto is CREATED, TESTED, PHOTOGRAPHED. 

SMASHBOX offers a range of products with the result. They want us girls to always look  'camera ready'. Their range included amazing primers, which guarantees perfect make-up all day; silky smooth foundations, which makes your skin without any signs of blemishes or spots; eye-shadow palettes, blushers, gorgeous lipsticks and many many more.

The first time I have ever heard about this brand was from the famous reality show THE HILLS where best friend of Lauren Conrad, Lo was working for Smashbox Studios. Even then I have googled the company and read only praises about their products. Unfortunately for me, Smashbox products weren't available as much in UK. That has fortunately changed, when our high street chemist Boots, started to stock up SMASHBOX BRAND in their store. Oh Boots, how much I loved you when I first found the counter in the Leeds store!!

I have become obsessed after purchasing the first product - my PHOTO FINISH PRIMER. You see, I have a very sensitive skin, which reacts with nearly everything. I cannot wear creamy foundations or have a gel primer, so when I found this kinda creamy watery primer I was so happy. It doesn't make my skin greasy. My make-up lasts all day - I work from 8.30am till 7pm and when I get to the gym a take off my make up, I can actually see it on the baby wipe.

At the same time I have purchased their FULL EXPOSURE MASCARA and since I don't want any other. My lashes are long and full of volume. Without any clumps.

And after that I have been sold to this brand. Every time I pass by the counter I have to buy something. I am an addict. I bought the two lipsticks from their limited edition LOVE ME - in both shades Love me & Tempt me. Love me shade is my favourite lipstick in the world. I absolutely love the colour, it is wearable on every occasion and lasts a long time (unless you drink a lot of coffee from Starbucks like me) and the lips feel so soft.

I am also a proud owner of their BB CREAM and HALO POWDER. My skin absolutely adores the Halo Powder and it let it breather and doesn't cause any spots. And of course there is the UNDER EYE PRIMER which helps me with my black circles under my eyes. I have also added the SOFT EYE PALETTE into my collections with the LOVE ME BLUSHER. Yes, I am a little bit obsessed. But why not trust a product which actually brings you the results that it promised?!?!?!

Yes, SMASHBOX products are a little bit pricey, but it is your skin. You wear these products on daily basis and it is your skin, wouldn't you rather pay for something which brings you the results you want and doesn't harsh your skin? I certainly would. 

The other thing I love about Smashbox is that they post tutorial videos on their website. It couldn't be more easier. You go on their website and there are tons of videos where their head make-up artist teaches you how to use their products. I absolutely love it, because they take you through it step by step. SHAMAZING!!

Even the packaging is so gorgeous and easy on the eye. The Love Me collections is packed in back boxes with white writing on it. So gorgeous!

I absolutely love SMASHBOX COSMETICS. Everywhere I go, every girlfriend I speak to, I never fail to recommend their products. And I will continue to do it as I believe that they are one of the best cosmetics companies out there. 

Check it out yourself on

And don't forget to check out their how to do videos. xXx

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