Sunday, 17 March 2013

Playlist Of The Week - Run4Life

As you all know I have become kind of a gym freak at the moment. I am trying to lose couple of pounds and tone up for the summer. Hey, I am a girl who loves fashion and summer so I have a plenty of outfits on my mind and I wanna feel good when I am wearing them.

I know it is all about confidence, don't worry I am not stupid. And probably my mum, sister and friends would tell me them I all perfect the way I am. But they are not in this body. My body confidence is really low to be honest and I have always struggled with it. So this time I decided to this the right way.

I have obtained a membership in Virgin Active Club in Leeds The Light shopping centre, purchased some kick ass gym wear, changed my diet to healthy version and decided the I will be in charge of my body and they way it looks.

And so far it is working. I have lost a stone. And I feel incredible. My clothes fit a lot better, I have a spring in my step and my confidence is growing. There is a certain goal I have in mind and I have still 8 pounds to go.

Unfortunately with my busy work schedule, sometimes I find hard to motivate myself to go to the gym. I have become an obsessive runner and trying to push myself every time further and further, but there is sometime the lack of motivation to put on the trainers. 

So I have decided that I will create each week a different playlist to help me put on my gym clothes, trainers and hit the treadmill with my iPod and headphones in my ears. And I have decided to share it each week with you. You can find it on Spotify under Run4Life by Zuzana Vystrcilova (which is my name - I know it is a mouthful) or you can create it on I-Tunes. 

So here is the playlist for this week starting March 18th 2013:

  • FLASHDANCE by Deep Dish
  • HARLEM SHAKE by Baauer
  • 212 by Azelia Banks
  • LONELY BOY by The Black Keys
  • I HATE TO SAY I TOLD YOU SO by The Hives
  • FEEL SO CLOSE  by Calvin Harris
  • RADIOACTIVE by Imagine Dragons
  • MILLION VOICES by Otto Knows
  • ONE DAY/RECKONING SONG by Asaf Avidar & The Mojos
As you can see it is a mix of Indie, Dance and Chillout Music. It should take about 25 mins which is an ideal length of time for your cardio workout. 

Have a great workout :-) xXx

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