Thursday, 7 March 2013

Song Of The Month : MARCH 2013

I have to say I became obsessed with the track the first time I have heard it. It was when i was browsing through good old YouTube and was watching trailers for upcoming movies when I stumbled across the trailer for Stephenie Meyer's THE HOST. And the track came on.. 

And I fell in love! Thanks to Spotify I have it on my daily playlist and poor Kay caught the same obsession and therefore the Song of the month goes to :


This song makes me dance and create various dance creations around by room. When the day is shitty and the whole world is against me, I put this song on sing it out loud! And I know when I finish, everything will be alright. 

I think I will make some of you jealous when I say that I have purchased the tickets to see IMAGINE DRAGONS live in Manchester April 8th 2013. I cannot wait. It is the perfect way to start my holiday. Of course I will take my camera with me and report my thoughts about the gig to you!

NIGHT VISIONS by IMAGINE DRAGONS is on sale on I-Tunes April 1st 2013. I will definitely get my own copy :)

If you want to get more info about the band just follow this link :

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