Sunday, 10 March 2013

Song Of The Week

All this week I have been writing and posting. And obsessing about Safe Haven. This film got underneath my skin. I am not sure exactly why it left such a big impression on me?!? Maybe because it is a love story.. About because it is about finding true love at the end and it kinda reminded me that there is a hope for everybody. Even me.

So while re-designing this blog and posting I was listing to Safe Haven Soundtrack. Surprise ! Surprise! I know.. I am a weirdo. But to be honest, I prefer to be crazy. It is so much more fun than being normal - that is boring.

Well and I came across this track. It reminds me the scene of the first date. Alex took Katie canoeing but it starting to pouring it down. Cats and dogs style. So they when to this old diner and had a meal there and after the meal they dance around the diner. What a perfect date!! I wish I would be on it instead. So romantic!!! And this tune was playing while they were dancing. And I really really loved it.

So The Song Of The Week goes to:

"Brandi Carlile - Heart's Content (Strings Mix)

I found it on good old YouTube. I found it very down to earth and romantic. And I sure would love to dance to it on my first date. No question there. 

I hope you will enjoy it. Let me know what do you think. What is your tune of the week? xXx

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