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The Gig Of The Month: THE SCRIPT - Sheffield Motorpoint Arena, March15th 2013

Oh yeah! The day I have been waiting for for past 6 months has come! The best Irish band in the world is on tour and I have been lucky enough to get the tickets for their Sheffield gig. Yes, I am talking about the Great One and Only - THE SCRIPT!!!!

I have been a big fan since the beginning. Bought the first album when I was with my ex and got even him to listen to them. Breakeven was the hymn of my break-ups. And then their brought out SCIENCE & FAITH and fell even more in love. I love their Alternative Irish Rock tunes. The lyrics of their songs seems to always capture everything what I feel. So when the third album, simply titled #3 came out, I was on a mission. The mission was that as soon as the tour is announced I will purchase the tickets! And that is what I have done! As soon as the tickets went on sale I bought two for the Sheffield gig. One was for one of my great friends as a birthday present - Killed two birds with one stone! And since then I have been looking forward to this gig. 

So on friday late grey morning I have made my way to Sheffield. The gig was held in Sheffield Motorpoint Arena. I knew the way as I have been here before (seen Olly Murs here last year). The doors opened at 6.30pm and the arena slowly started to fill up.  The warming act were The Original Rude Boys (who as you know from my previous post were amazing).

And at 8.10pm the band. the 3 Irish musicians took the place. And they did so so well. The opening tune was Good Ol'Days and they got everyone on their feet from the start. And as soon as the song finished, Danny took to the microphone and said Hello. They haven't been to Sheffield for 3 years and apparently they got there the night before and "painting the town red because that is what happens when you are somewhere after 3 years" according to Mark.They continue on to We Cry and so on... They played mixture of old (Science&Faith, I'm Yours, Before The Worst, Talk You Down, Break-even, You Won't Feel A Thing, For The First Time, Nothing, If You Ever Come Back) and new (Hall Of Fame, Six Degrees Of Separation, If You Could See Me Now) tracks. The whole arena was on their feet and singing. We even did a sing-along to The Man Who Can't Be Moved and every single member of audience was singing their hearts out. Danny got a little bit emotional after we all finished. 

When was a turn to sing Nothing they asked us to call our Ex and Danny took a mobile phone from one girl who called her Ex AJ and the whole arena and The Script sang to AJ that he means Nothing to us. Incredible! Absolutely fantastic! 

They were witty with the introduction to every track and created one amazing atmosphere. I have really enjoyed myself. I've been singing out loud every song (no sore throat this morning to my surprise!) and dance and sway to the melody. Absolutely fabulous atmosphere! Everything was spot on and every single person there enjoyed themselves (well maybe apart from this really moody cow who was sat behind me and was in a mood - seriously you are at the gig - if you aren't enjoying yourself go home and stop being a moody bitch!)

The last song of the gig supposed to be For The First Time and the whole audience sang the chorus about ten times and then Danny, Mark and Glen thanked the audience for great evening and away they went. Luckily as with every gig, the paying customers asked for more and they got it! Mark and Glen came back on the stage and started to play, but where was Danny?  you might ask. He came back through the audience. I saw him really close. It was SHAMAZING! 

The final final was Hall Of Fame and when they were coming to the end of the song, glitter came down from the roof and it looked absolutely fantastic. Very impressive!!

I have tried to take as many pics as possible, but my lovely Galaxy Note was running low on battery. But the photographs I have managed to take are pretty damn good and hopefully mirror the great atmosphere at Motorpoint Arena. Sheffield was on their feet and it was the best gig I have been to so far!

Well done boys! The Irish know how to make us dance, sing and enjoy ourselves. 

I will definitely keep an eye for future gigs, maybe watch the one in Manchester live on their fan page!

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