Thursday, 14 March 2013


I have to say this was one of the books I found most hard to read. No, stop moaning!! Let me explain and then you might understand why the first thing I said was what I have just said.

I purchased this book over 4 years ago. Just after I finished reading the amazing Twilight series. Stephenie Meyer's name automatically drawn me to this book. She wrote Twilight! I was so sure that The Host will be as amazing! Quick glance at the back of the book and online reviews confirmed for me that I am in for a treat !  So I took it with me for a day in the park.. but for some strange reason I could get into this book. I read first couple of chapters and gave up because I had to force myself read further. Maybe it was just the fact that I had to take a break. Maybe I was still hung up on Twilight series and therefore I could not get into this story? Who knows?!? So I decided to put it to rest on the bookshelf and come back to it when I felt like it. So about a year ago I tried to read it again. I picked it up just after moving to a new house and meeting my lovely housemate Claire. We both started to read it at the same time. But the same has happened!!! For the life of this, again, I could not get into the story. I progressed a little further than the last time but still it wasn't for I have decided to take another break from this book. I read hundreds of books in the meantime - but this one .. This one somehow never made it to my handbag so I can read when I travel.

So with the movie adaptation coming out in March, I have decided to give it one last try. Third time lucky, ey?!!?! And of course Claire, for some strange reason, could not understand why I could not get into it. So one evening after I cleared my mind of all the previous stories flowing in my head, I picked up the book, made myself comfortable, cup of green tea next to me and I bit into the story. And I was surprised!!!

I got into it straight way. I immediately grown to like Wanderer and was excited for her journey. I could not stop reading it!! I took it with me everywhere and my friends hated me because I was not responsive. You see, when I really really like a story, there is nothing in the world which could stop me reading it. And I fell in love with this story from the beginning until the end. It was a masterpiece. 

I absolutely adore the way Stephenie wrote this story. How she managed to created a future world where our bodies are occupied by alien race - The Souls. And she created an unusual heroine in very strange, no I have to say the weirdest, situation of all. Wanderer (Wanda) became my new heroine. She is one of the character I most heart. I admire her. I know I should maybe feel a little bit bad for siding with the Alien but she is one the most exceptional characters - she is kind, beautiful on the inside, smart. selfless, would do anything for the people she loves. And she even loves Melanie. And she feel sad that she took Melanie's body and life.  I know I should feel bad for Mel. She lost her body, life and love. She lost her family and was erased and instead of her, there is a Soul in her body. But I do not feel sorry for. Not sure why. Yes, I know how hard it must be. But I knew from the beginning that Wanderer will do the right thing at the end. That she will give her own life for Mel's so Melanie can go back to Jared.

And then there is Ian O'Shea. OMG!! I haven't fallen for a fictional character since Eric Northman, but Ian is just amazing. He is sweet, kind, loving, smart, strong.. I just love everything about him. This the second time in all the books I have read when I have not fallen for the person the main character supposed to be. Ian is  kind as a soul, but strong as a human. No wonder Wanderer fell in love with him. She deserves him and he deserves her. It is a true love!! He is my favourite character in this book. I could wait to find another page with him in it. Could wait to find if them to will get their own happy ending.

I have to mention Jamie and Jeb as well. They are wonderful character who added humour in the book. I love how both of them gave Wanda a chance and show the rest of the group how wonderful she is. 

Jared and Melanie.. I cannot not mention them. They are meant for each other.  And their love is deep and survived more than one obstacle. I rule for them as well. They deserve happiness, but they were not important to me as Wanderer and Ian. Their relationship ship came to the third important. Of course I hope that there will be a way that all the characters in this book will find a way to happy ending. You know me!! A romantic soul in planted in me!!

I really really enjoyed this book. Loved every single bit of it. I actually come back to it from time to time and read my favourite parts. I am glad that I waited to read it. Otherwise I would probably never realised how amazing this story is. It is truly unique! I have recently heard that Stephenie is writing a sequel which I am so excited about! Cannot wait for Wanda's new adventures!!

I was so wrong when I thought that this book is not good at all. I was really wrong. I thing that was the biggest mistake I have ever made about books. I loved The Host. I cannot wait for the movie to be in the cinema's. MARCH 29th. I will be there. 

Team Wanda and Ian all the way hehe !! Happy Reading Lovelies xXx

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