Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Original Rude Boys : An Unexpected Surprise

Yesterday I went to see The Script in Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield. Bought the tickets as a birthday present for one of my good friends who is a massive fan. I was really excited ! I consider music a big part of my life as you know, so when a gig is on my the horizon I get excited more and more as each day passes. I was wondering who would their warming act be. Purchasing tickets 6 months before, I didn't know who it was. And to be honest, I didn't what to know. I always like being surprised !

And surprised I was! Amazingly surprised!

The Original Rude Boys is band from Dublin. Its members are Sean "Neddy" Arkins, Robert Burch and Sean "Walshy" Walsh. "Neddy" is the one doing the rapping, Robert is playing guitar and has is an amazing vocalist and "Walshy" plays ukulele. So first, there is the sexy Irish accent! There is nothing better when a man has an Irish accent! Secondly, these boys are not only gorgeous, but amazingly talented too. They started their set with high energy track. Their tunes are a mixture of singing and rapping. But it works! It blends very well and by the time the first song finished I was on my feet dancing. And that didn't change all the way through. Robert has not only good looks (He is hot to the trot)  but also an amazing voice. Rapping was absolutely spot on and the ukulele made it even more quirky.  Random but it wouldn't be the same without it.

They paid the attention to the audience too. Talked to it and introduced every track. Unfortunately for me my phone's battery died and couldn't write them down so I can give you track list! But later on I have googled them and found out that all the tracks were from their album THIS LIFE. It goes without saying that I have immediately purchased a copy on ITunes. The whole set was very energetic, the tracks were great and I truly enjoyed every bit of it. Even the lighting was great. Each song had a different mood and colours.

I was particularly impressed when near the end of their set they asked the audience to light their mobile phone, the lights went off and the arena looked like a night sky full of stars. The boys took their phone and took a pic of this and posted it on their twitter and Facebook page.

After their gig they were so awesome and asked the fans to come to see them to say hello and suggest where they should go for a drink in Sheffield. Which is very impressive as not many bands do this. I had a look on twitter and it seems they won hearts of the Sheffield audience as the twitter was flooded with pics of their fans with them.

Immediately I got back to my hotel room and charged my phone, I went on my twitter and started to follow them. I was even bold enough to tweet them to say how impressed I was with their performance. Of course I kinda knew that they wouldn't even probably see my tweet. These lads impressed the whole Sheffield, I'm sure that at least 50% of the audience have become a new fan. But to my surprised they replied to me! Twice!!!! Well happy about it.

The original rude boys are The ones to watch!!! I think the are great live.

If you wanna know more about them and get your own opinion about their music check their Facebook page or follow them on twitter (I prefer the twitter option! ). I will keep my eyes opened for their future gigs. Hopefully with some luck they will come and play for us in Leeds so we can show them how amazing the Leeds audience can be.

Seriously guys, go and check them out! You will be pleasantly surprised!

Follow them on twitter @ORBsOfficial . 

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