Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Top 10 APPS I Cannot Live Without

Iphone, Ipad, Smartphone, Android, MacBook, Tablet, Kindle..and many more are devices which have become such a big part of our lives.

I am personally an owner of couple of these gadgets. I am an Apple sucker. I cannot live without my iPod and Macbook and recently an iPad has become a member of my little family of gadgets. I can say it out loud - I am a gadget girl. I love when a new technology is brought into world. I will be honest, my absolutely Must have is my Samsung Galaxy Note Phone. I have the first version of this phone and cannot live without it. I am also a proud owner of a keyboard Kindle by Amazon and recently I have purchased a gorgeous Samsung NX1000 camera in white with came with Samsung Tab 2. (that will be a surprise pressie for my little sis!).

Anyways, all these gadgets, we cannot imagine our world without,  run on different apps. There's millions and millions of different apps on the android or iTunes market, so I have decided to put together and share with you my TOP 10 APPS I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT.

  1. Twitter : This is my number 1 App as I am addicted to twitter and have to be up to date with what is going on in the world. And twitter is the perfect source for that.
  2. Man With A Camera : Best ever photography app which has about 10 different cameras and style in the pocket of one app. I have stopped using my DSLR camera and use this app instead. Shame it is only available on Android gadgets. 
  3. Instagram : It took the world with a storm. Overnight we started to share pics of our everyday life. Bloggers use it to stay in touch with their followers, ordinary people share their lives with the world, musicians and artists can share a little bit of their lives with the fans. I love Instagram. Had for past 4 years and never regretted getting it. 
  4. Facebook : although the boom of Facebook is slowly dying down, we all have an account and we all regularly share updates, status, pics with the people on different sides of the world. This is how I communicate with my sister.
  5. Pinterest : I fell in love with Pinterest couple months ago. I discovered through reading an interview with Whitney Port who said she goes on Pinterest to get inspiration for her design so I couldn't resist and created an account and I have quickly become a fan. Love sharing my photos, creating different boards and lots of times I find there inspirations for my outfits. 
  6. Google+ : Don't need to even explain why. Google+ have become a big part of my life, especially since launches this blog.
  7. Skype : App to stay in contact with my mum. 
  8. Panorama Camera : This camera app takes stunning panoramic pictures. I have recently used at The Script gig and it has an amazing results. One of the best panoramic apps, if not the THE BEST.
  9. Lloyds TSB : Even do not explain why. It is always nice to know how poor I am. 
  10. Voucher Cloud : Great app. Have been using for over 2 years now. It has lots of great offers off food, drinks, shopping. I cannot even count how many times I used it at GBK. 

What is your top 10 apps? Can you recommend me any good ones I have not mention here, I would me more than grateful for your suggestions.  xXx

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