Saturday, 16 March 2013

What To Wear - The Script & The Original RudeBoys Gig - Vintage Indie inspired by Alexa Chung

As you all know Music & Fashion are two of my four great loves. So when it comes to What To Wear to a massive gig like was the one in Sheffield, I had to plan ahead.

I love Alexa Chung. I love her style from hair to tip of her shoes. She is my style icon. I will definitely post something about that later on in the month, but the reason I mentioning this now is because I went to her for the inspiration on what to wear last night.

I knew that I wanted to wear something vintage inspired. So after my hard workouts in the gym started to pay off ( yes I have lost weight and tone up which was one of my New Year Resolutions) I decided to go vintage a la Alexa Chung.

I put on my Topshop wet look leggings, vintage cream blouse from Primark, beige coat from South. I have paired it up with black wedges from South - wanted to add couple of inches in height but in the same time I didn't want my feet to fall off as it was a long day. My current obsession with hats and great bargain find in Marks&Spencer added my lovely dark blue fedora hat. As an indie / vintage / geek chic girl I took my Cambridge Satchel with me and Voila - the fashion star has been born. 

I wanted to wear something I feel comfortable in, can dance in and look incredible good and my work paid off. My hair had the beach waives / just fucked hair style which gone well with the whole assemble! It gave me confidence.

My make up was real simple. I am currently very much obsessed with Smashbox Cosmetics and I swear in last two months I bought nearly every possible product. So I went for the Camera Ready BB cream and Halo Powder to make my skin look fabulous and perfect. My lashes were lengthen and volume was added by Full Exposure Mascara. A little bit of limited Love Me Blusher for the cheeks. Only products which wasn't by Smashbox was my lip tint from Maybelline as they last for ages and dont need to be reapplied all the time. Quick couple of sprits of CKin2U and I was ready to go.

I felt great, I looked OK and I had a fantastic night. What more can a girl want?

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