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Book 1 of The Mortal Instrumets : CITY OF BONES, Cassandra Clare

Oh Cassandra, Cassandra, Cassandra.. Thank you!! Thank you! Thank you!! I have absolutely and unconditionally fell in love with the story of The Mortal Instruments. So I thank you for creating a world of Shadow hunters, Demons, Vampires, Werewolves and bringing them to my favourite city in the world - New York.

City Of Bones is a great introduction to this series. I think that Cassandra couldn't write it any better. 

The story takes are to New York where we meet Clary and her best friend Simon. On a boring night in a club Clary witnesses a murder of boy (who turns out to be a demon) by three warriors. Right in the middle of the club. But only Clary can see what has happened! Later on one of the warriors - Jace, looks her out and introduce her to a world of Shadow hunters, Demons, Angels, Werewolves, Vampires, Warlocks and other mystical creatures. And Clary discovers that she also too is a shadow hunter.

I really liked how to book started. It was not a boring introduction, where we slowly get to know the characters. It doesn't tell us the history and there is no prologue. It takes you straight to the action. No messing around. I personally don't like the boring beginnings of the books, it actually puts me off ( The Beautiful Creatures is a prime example ). But Cassandra took me straight to middle of club where Clary is witnessing what she thinks is a murder. And it doesn't stop here. This book is packed with action, secrets, romance, witty dialogues. I have read it in two days. It simply captured my attention to extent where I wasn't able to put it down. I stayed up till late hours in the night. Read it on the bus. Took it to work and read through it every possible spare minute. I could not stop reading it. 

I fell in love with every single character. Well, at least all the main characters. 

Clary Fray. She reminds me a little bit of myself. Overprotective mother. Absent father (although hers died - at least she thought he did). Geek. Having not many friends. Feeling like there is something missing in her life. Feeling like an outsider. I love her strength. I admire her for the fact that she would do anything for the people she loves, even risking her own life. Yes, she is really reckless sometimes. She doesn't think things through before heading straight for the action. She gets herself in a lot of dangerous situations. But she is a good person and she loves with her whole heart - especially Jace. 

Jace Wayland. Oh Jace! How much I fell in love with Jace. He is the kind of guy - hard on the outside, soft on the inside. He is smart, strong, gorgeous. He has every girl at his feet. He is arrogant, witty and a bad boy attitude is shining right out of him. But he cares deeply for his family and eventually falls in love with this mundane girl who shows him how amazing love can be. 

Simon. Clary's geeky best friend who is secretly in love with her. He is extremely smart. Knows his comic books. He has a great sense of humour which shines through conversations he has not only with Clary but also Jace. I hope we will get to see more of the BROMANCE between Jace and Simon. I absolutely love their witty exchange of words. Simon always hits cleverly right back on Jace's remarks. 

Isabelle and Alec Lightwood.  They are great too. They are true fighters. They both firstly do not Clary but at the end they realise how much they actually do like her because Jace loves her and she makes Jace happy. And the fact that she saves all of their arses. 

I love the whole book so much. I love the whole world Cassandra created. Her descriptions of the world are so details that you can imagine in your head like it would actually really exist. At least I did. Every day I have spent in the mystical world which hidden from our ordinary mundane's eyes. The writing is clever and you want to read more and more. You get lost in the story even without realising it. The interactions between characters is very funny and it is what I like the most about about this book. On many occasions I found myself laughing out loud. The flirtation between Jace and Clary is absolutely amazing. It makes you want to feel that way in your own life. It makes you desire the kind of love they found. TRUE LOVE. 

But then the massive twist comes at the end and you are left stunned. Mouth widely opened. Tears coming down my face in shock. Seriously I was not expecting that!! But obviously Cassandra Clare knows where she wants the story to go. And this twist will make you want to read the next book straight away. Trust me, I did reach for the City Of Ashes immediately!

All in all, I really enjoyed City Of Bones very much. So much that I made my housemate to read it and I recommend it everywhere I go and to everyone I know.  

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a copy and start reading. The movie is coming out in couple of months. And you want to be up-to-date :)

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