Monday, 1 April 2013

CASSANDRA CLARE: The Mortal Instruments

The Mortal Instruments is a collection of 6 books written by American writer Cassandra Clare. In the book shop you would find them in the Young Adult Science Fiction / Fantasy department. So basically these books guarantee to tickle my fancy. Who doesn't like a little bit of fantasy and love story in one?

New York, present years. Normally, you would expect business men, expensive lifestyle and some kind of society love story between tycoons and rich people. But Cassandra went and did something completely different. She introduced us to world of Shadowhunters, Demons, Downworlders which is hidden before our Mundanes's (normal people's) eyes. And to me,  stories like this one are close to the heart. I think you could guessed that from my posts - Twilight, Harry Potter, The Host, Southern Vampire Mysteries..

The reason why these books caught my interest is that I have seen the trailer for the movie in the cinema. And it looks so great. Interesting. Exciting. Dangerous. Adventurous. Absolutely amazing. And definitely my cup of tea. So I have decided to put on my List Of Books I Want To Read in 2013. I thought I would leave it closer to the day when the movie comes out in this cinema. 

But somebody decided different way. I started to read Beautiful Creatures but I could not get into them!

And these books kept playing on my mind! For some strange reason all I wanted to read was this story. Maybe the reason was that I was lacking a good story in my life. I can only read The Host so many times before I stop enjoying it. I love The Host so much so I don't want to lose the love for this story and it's characters. So I was desperate to find a book which would fill the space left after I finished The Host. 

So last Monday I went for a walk to the town. I had an hour to kill over my lunch. And my feet took me to .... Waterstones!!!! What a surprise! I know.. And the only books I was looking for were The Mortal Instruments books. I bought the first two and 5 days later went for the rest of them and I got through the first one within 2 days ( I have had no social life over Easter as I had to work.). 

The books in the series are:


I will write a review of each one separately but I wanted to let you know what I am doing at the moment. And I wanted to tell you how fantastic these books are and inspire you to read them. The story is so fascinating. It was exactly what I was looking for. Within first couple of pages I was hooked and could not put it down. And wanted to share this treasure I found in Waterstones with you. I would recommend to anybody who likes these types of stories to read these books because they will capture your interest and you will not be able to put them down. And that is what you want from a good story. And Cassandra Clare did just that with The Mortal Instruments. 

Only 5 of them were published so far. The last one is coming out next year, March 1st 2014. They all are about £7.99 but you can get them on offer as buy one get other half price or there is the whole collection for a reasonable price on Amazon. 

So what are you waiting for? Go and get them lovelies and start reading! Don't forget to let me know what you think :)

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