Sunday, 21 April 2013

Fashion Icon Of The Month: ALICIA VIKANDER

Alicia in Louis Vuitton
This month's style crush is a lovely Swedish actress ALICIA VIKANDER

She was born in Gothenburg in Sweden on October 3rd 1988. Her full name is Alicia Amanda Vikander. And she is not only an actress but also a dancer. She studied and trained at Royal Swedish Ballet School.

She is really famous in Sweden thanks to her role in television drama Andra Avenyn.

In Rodarte (my favourite choice) at Anna Karenina premiere
Alicia shot the fame on worldwide scale when she stared in last year's movie, which also happens to be a film adaptation to Leo Tolstoy's novel under the same name, ANNA KARENINA. I had to say I had tried to read this book, but unsuccessfully. Unfortunately, I gave up after first hundred pages as I found it boring and long-widing, so I went to see it in the cinema instead. (One of the examples where the movie is better than a book - note it's not many of them!) And I absolutely loved it. Not because of the story, because I have to say I was bored at times, but because of the amazing costumes which were created for this film. Loved every single one of them. No wonder it won an Oscar for Costume Design!! 

Anyways, Alicia got to play a role of Kitty and she got it just right. Since then she became a new star on the big screen. She put her signature  on movies like A ROYAL AFFAIR, THE SEVENTH SON, HOTELL & FIFTH ESTATE. 

She received great reviews from critics all around the world (She won Rising Star Award at Stockholm Film Festival  and Guldbagge Award for Best Actress) and actually even various fashion magazine praised her to heavens for her great style. 

Elie Saab Design

And I fell for her style too. I love the choice of her dresses for various Award shows. I think she is really chic. She knows how to pick a great designer dress, I would wear anything she has chosen. She worked with designers like Elie Saab, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Christian Dior and Rodarte. She looked beautiful in every single design and got it right with every piece of accessory. Her hair and make-up is always flawless. 

She is part of the new wave of hollywood actresses with a great style, which is not trashy, but simple and chic. 

Christian Dior

I think we can expect a lot of more great style choices from this fabulous girl. She knows what she is doing. She is Swedish, which means she is destined to have a great style. 

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