Thursday, 25 April 2013

Song Of The Week

OMG!!!!! They are back!! After a long break in their career, they got up and pull themselves back together and started to create the dance music we all grow to love. Even if you are not a big Dance music fan, you have to love The Daft Punk! And they are back!!! What a great news! 

And not only that, they teamed up with one of my favourite artist in the whole world Pharrell Williams and brought us one amazing tune. So yes, this week the introduction is short and sweet. Because it was the easiest choice I had to do. 

The song of the week goes (as you could already guessed) to:


This tune reminds me summer and who doesn't love a good summer tune. It is already a number one tune in various countries and no wonder. It's a classic Daft Punk track which makes us all happy. It is easy to listen to and makes you dance straight away. 

I so cannot wait for the album to come out. The whole album, named RANDOM ACCESS MEMORIES, is due to come out on 20th May 2013. I am so pre-ordering my copy on iTunes right now!

What do you think? Are you excited about return of Daft Punk as much as I am?

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