Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Gig Of The Month: IMAGINE DRAGONS, Manchester Academy

Wow! Wow! Wow! That's all I can really say after watching Imagine Dragons live at Manchester Academy last week!

But let's start from the beginning.

IMAGINE DRAGONS is my favourite band at the moment. Earlier this year I have introduced you to a song which found its way to soundtrack to THE HOST movie - Radioactive. And since then I have become a massive fan of this band.

Imagine Dragons were born in the sin city of USA - Las Vegas. Their style is Indie / Rock music which is really close to my heart. Their music has been compared to music of big names such as The Killers or Arcade Fire, but the tone and lyrics of their song are more positive and optimistic. Actually I found them very real and close to real everyday life. I think I have read on their website that their wanted to write their songs from their life experiences. And well done. They did a fantastic job

The band has currently four members. Dan Reynolds (Vocals, Drums), Ben McKee (Bass, Backing Vocals), Wayne Sermon (Guitar, Backing Vocals) and Dan Platzman (Drums, Viola, Backing Vocals). In the past there other two members, a married couple Andrew & Brittany Tolman, but that did not work out. Luckily these four lads found their sound and brought us an amazing debut album NIGHT VISIONS ( I will find time to write a review, but later on in the month). 

And with a new album, there is of course the promotional tour which took them one Monday night ( 8th Of April 2013) to Manchester's Academy where their performed the tracks from their baby. And I have been lucky enough to be in the audience with my two housemates. As I mentioned in one of my posts before Kay has become obsessed with the band after I introduced her to Radioactive and it was thanks to her that we have purchased the tickets for this gig. What a great choice it has been.

The guys were brilliant! Absolutely fantastic! I will not mention the Supporting Performer - The Good Natured  as I do not want to be nasty. I will be honest. I have not enjoyed their performance what so ever. I think I have been moving with the crowd from solidarity.

Anyways, my disappointment with the supported act has been deleted from my mind as soon as Imagine Dragons came on stage. Their performance was really energetic straight from the start. Their start with ROUND & ROUND track which I love. Dan was really present on the stage. He sang his heart out every single track. I think he gave to us as much as he could, even more. Their sound was flawless and perfect every single song. We heard tracks like TipTop, It's Time, Underdog, Nothing Left To Say... Nearly the whole album. 

The atmosphere in the place for electric. The whole audience knew words to every single track and I think the band was surprised with the support they have received from the audience. At certain point of the gig Dan even said that being here is the Manchester is amazing and he is very surprised that we actually know who Imagine Dragons are. When it came to Radioactive, not only Dan sang from the bottom of his heart, but the whole audience were on their feet singing out loud. Absolutely fantastic!

I have never enjoyed myself so much at a gig, like I enjoyed myself in Manchester. Everything, every single detail, was spot on. The lights. The sound. The presence of the band. The audience. The atmosphere. Everything.  They even came back to sing us one last song at the end.

I was not the only one who thought that Imagine Dragons created one fantastic evening. My housemates Claire and Kay were ecstatic at the same time. We all had a fabulous time and enjoyed ourselves to the max. We danced. We sang. We took plenty of pictures and videos. 

I have to say I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the Manchester's Gig. (well apart from the choice of the supporting act). I will definitely want to see Imagine Dragons again live as soon as it will be possible and will recommend to see them to anybody who will listen. Great evening. 

Imagine Dragons proved me why their are one of the greatest bands, if not even the greatest, at the moment. LOVE IT! Since them I have been listening to their album constantly. And I am sure that I am not the only one. 

So lovelies, I know you might be in different parts of the world, but if you get the opportunity to see Imagine Dragons, grab it. You will not regret it. I swear!

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