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Charlaine Harris: DEAD EVER AFTER (The Final Book of Southern Vampire Mysteries)

DEAD EVER AFTER is the last book in The Southern Vampire Mysteries Series written by American author Charlaine Harris. I have read all 12 previous books so it was only logical that I should read the final chapter of Sookie Stackhouse's story.

I have to be honest. I used to love these books! Used to is the right wording.  I got lost in them. And who wouldn't?!? These books are the reason why Alan Ball and HBO brought on our TV screens the sexiest  TV show ever - TRUE BLOOD. 

But something has changed in the 12th book - DEADLOCKED and the books and the story itself went down the hill. Actually, as you all know, it was painful for me to read the twelfth book. I have vented my anger in one of the posts on this blog. But I got through it and decided to give the last, final book a chance. But then some german girl had to screw us all over and post the end on the book on amazon and facebook - thank you by the way for destroying the book even more (not that that was possible!)!

I have to say I was not looking forward to reading the book, neither writing a review and my thoughts about it. The reason is simple. I am angry! Very angry! Charlaine Harris messed up! BIG STYLE!! But I have swallowed my pride, bought the book and started to read it. 

I got through the first nine chapters and then simply gave up. The book is awful! The story is boring and long-widing. And it doesn't make sense! It left me depressed and even more angry. What the hell? What has happened to the story I fell in love so much? 

Everything seems so rushed to me. The writing is terrible. To me Ms Harris run out of ideas and decided to just write it as fast as she could regardless if it is good or not.. Regardless if she would make her readers satisfied or left just pure angry like myself. She just wanted to be done with it and get her cheque. (Not that she deserves it. If I could I would return this book and ask her to pay me for reading the nine chapters.)

The characters we grew to love (now I am thinking about ERIC, even Bill) just disappeared and were only in the background of the story. The love story between Eric and Sookie we all shipped for just died. 12 books of persuading us that them two belong together didn't mean anything to Ms Harris. I feel cheated. Why did you left us in hope that them two will sort out their problems and find their way back together? Why did you write 12 books where clearly them two belonged together? And now? Now you sent Eric to Oklahoma to marry the Queen of Oklahoma for 200 years and Sookie ended up with shapeshifter Sam because of some magic Cluviel Dor !!!

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO ... Just NO!! It's all wrong! 

Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman

I have read some reviews online to see what other fans of the book series thought about the most anticipated book of the year (well at least for the fans of the series!). And unfortunately I must say that they have been of the same opinion. I think I have never read so many bad reviews on amazon as I read for this book. One particular stuck on my mind. The author of the review said: Yes, it is a story of Charlaine Harris. She is the author and she can do anything she wants with the story. But we are the readers! And as the readers we don't need to read so much crap as is in this book. We shouldn't feel cheated! And we are not obliged to buy this awful book either. And it is so true. 


I will not finish reading this book as it actually pains me to continue reading it. It fills me up with sadness because I personally think that Sookie deserved a better ending. And Eric should have been the one she should have ended up with. If Ms Harris put more effort in writing this book, she could come up with some great ideas how to make them two be together! 

Charlaine Harris
So the first time ever I have to say: "Don't buy this book unless you are prepared for the disappointment. If you are fans of the series, just stick to reading the first 11 books, because the last 2 books will leave you unsatisfied, angry and helpless that you can't change the ending." 

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