Monday, 20 May 2013

Fashion Icon Of The Month: ALEXA CHUNG

It is the time of the month to introduce you to another fashion icon of mine. I have been admiring this gorgeous lady for some time. Actually, since I have moved to UK and for the first time turned on the TV and Channel4. At that time I have only known her as a presenter for T4 (kids and teenage program for the youngsters). But I have soon realise what an incredible Style Icon she is. By now you all know who I am talking about. Yes, The Fashion Icon For The Month Of May is ALEXA CHUNG. 

Alexa was born on cold day on November 5th 1983 in Privett, Hampshire in UK. So there is a first reason why I love her. She is British. And you all know how much love I have for everything British. She has a mixture of English and Chinese genes. Hello, that's already a killing combo which can guarantee you some great things in the future. 

She started her career at the age of 16 when she was scouted by a modelling agency at Reading festival. And no wonder they have been impressed with her. This girl is 5ft 8.5 in tall, has gorgeous features, green eyes and brown hair. She is beautiful and has a great smile. She landed jobs for ElleGirl, CosmoGIRL!, Fanta, Sunsilk, Sony Ericsson and my favourite Urban Outfitters. She has also appeared in couple of music videos. She is one lucky girl!!! 

At then her career went even bigger. Alexa became a household name at big fashion shows. She walked the show for big names in fashion world including Vivienne Westwood's show. She became a face of various brands which include Antipodium, New Look, DKNY, Pepe Jeans, Lacoste and recently Vero Mode and Mulberry

But she didn't only took over the catwalks. She took over our TV screens too. She became a host for Popworld and later on landed a lucrative contract with Channel 4. She became one of the most popular presenter of our screens and was awarded with Elle Style Award "Best TV Presenter" and Glamour's "Best TV Presenter" for 2009. In same year she also received Glamour's "Annual Award". 

And then she decided to leave our TV screen and pursue the Stateside. She moved to USA in April 2009 and landed her own show on MTV "It's on with Alexa Chung". The show was cancelled later on the year but Alexa wasn't jobless. She returned to UK to present another series of Frock Me with Henry Holland, Gonzo with Alexa Chung and she even presented "2011 Golden Globe Arrivals Special" with Carlson Daly. Since that she landed a job as a host and judge on US programme 24 Hour Catwalk and she is co-hosting a night show Fuse News

But Alexa is not only pretty face. She is a great journalist too. She used to be a columnist for my favourite magazine "COMPANY", she wrote a weekly columm for "The Independent" and she has also been made a contributing editor for "British Vogue". 

And no wonder!! Alexa and her style has been a talk of the decade between big designers. She is a muse for many of them thanks to her distinctive personal style. She has a permanent place on most Best Dressed lists. Anna Wintour, Vogue's fashion editor, has called her "A Phenomenom", Karl Lagerfeld has described her as "Beautiful and clever... a modern girl" and the New York Times declared her "The Kate Moss of New Generation". In December 2010, Bryan Ferry, on the behalf of British Fashion Council, presented Alexa with the British Style Award which "recognises an individual who embodies the spirit of British Fashion and is an international ambassador for the UK as a leading creative hub for fashion". She has received her reward at the posh London hotel SAVOY. 

And she continue to charm us with her style even these days. She has been voted by public and won the British Style Award 3 years in a row (2011, 2012, 2013).

And no wonder, Alexa's style is very British. Every girl in Britain wants to look like her and wants to be like her. She has a great style which inspires me in everyday life. She is a real role model. Hardworking. Intelligent. Great career. British. An Amazing Style. Cool. Fashionable. Beautiful. She knows how to mix designer labels and vintage pieces and always ends up looking absolutely stunning. Effortless. Modern. 

I wish she would be my friend. 

I am sure we can expect even more greater things from her in the future. Alexa Chung is taking the world by storm. And soon we can even expect even a book written by Ms Chung. And I hope it will be a fashion book. 

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