Monday, 13 May 2013

IRONMAN 3 (directed by SHANE BLACK)

I am not sure if you have realised this before my lovelies, but I am a true geek! I know what a surprise! Maybe you got the hint because of  the number and genre of the books I read. Maybe, it is because I am a big gadget fan. Maybe, it's because I am obsessed with fantasy and sic-fi.. who knows?! Anyways, as a true geek I love super-hero movies! Actually, Marvel Studios are my favourite. So it cannot come to you as a surprise that as soon as I have been given the chance I have decided to go and watch the new Marvel baby - IRONMAN 3:) And I splash out and even went to watch it 3D (not that I would not always pick 3D option where is possible - I am a true geek at the end!)

Anyways, so on wednesday night, after a long, very long and boring day at work, through whole I was in incredibly bad mood, I begged one of my friends at work to go and  watch with me this new film. So after some fine dining and a quick stroll around Trinity shopping centre, we sat down on our seat at THE LEEDS LIGHT VUE CINEMA, put on our 3D glasses and let ourselves enjoy the experience.

I have seen both previous movies. Actually I have seen all Marvel movies - sad I know but I enjoy it. So as you can imagine I was very excited about this one. IronMan movies are my favourite. And I think Robert Downey Jr. is the perfect IronMan. But I wondered if they keep the high standard of the previous 2 films.

AND THEY DID!!! It was absolutely epic! Fantastic! Incredible! Everything was just perfect. 

The special effects were spot on. The 3D effect was greatly done.  There were scenes in this movie which looked absolutely fantastic in 3D. I love the scene where all the IronMan suits, which Tony Stark created, came to help him. What an incredible scene. And what an effort must have gone to it to create all the suits and bring them to life. Well done. Great job Tech guys!

The story line was exciting. There were twists and turns I did not expect. Like that Pepper would get actually injected and nearly turned into a full hot body monster. Although it saved her life at the end. I was also very surprised when Tony Stark got her little thing which was keeping him alive up until now removed. What does that mean? Will he not be in another Avengers movie? If that is the is the case, I am very disappointed. Who else would be so arrogant and sarcastic with a great sense of humour like Tony Stark?!?! There is a big place to fill .. And I am not sure which super-hero can do the job.

Robert Downey Jr. was, as always, absolutely fantastic. I cannot imagine someone else who could breathe a life to Tony Stark's character like he does. He is one of my favourite actors. I love him even as Sherlock Holmes. He is a very talented actor who gives his characters a piece of him. He personalise them to suit him and I very much enjoy it. 

Gwyneth Paltrow was beautiful as usual. I love her character. I love that Pepper got a little more into the proper action then usually. She is mostly on the sidelines while Tony fights for the world. Gwyneth is a role model in life and on the screen. I wish I would look like her in that age. I have a lot of respect for her. Although maybe I would not pick the names for my children like she did. 

The soundtrack was very interesting. There were some song choices I would never in my life expect in IronMan movie. You all know what am talking about  - Blue by Eiffel 65.. what an interesting choice. But other then that little surprise at the beginning the music choice fitted the set of the movie perfectly. 

All in all I have absolutely loved this movie. I think they have ended the IronMan 
Trilogy with a BANG. Definitely a DVD for my collection. 

What did you think?

Check out the trailer below:

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