Thursday, 2 May 2013

Song Of The Week

So last week I have picked a very summery song. Daft Punk. I can still hear it from every single radio station on every single corner I walk around.

So this week, I though, I will pick a song which really touches me and my heart.

Firstly, the author and the singer is very young but very very talented. And he is British! He has caught my attention when he won the Critic's Choice Award at the Brits this year. Yes, you all know who I am talking about. The gorgeous, very talented man, excellent piano player and musician TOM ODELL.

So this week's SONG OF THE WEEK IS:


It is a very melancholic song, but the words really touch something in my heart. Actually, this song inspires my writing. In last couple of weeks, there is nothing else on while I am typing either posts for this blog or my creative writing project for my little sister. Tom Odell's voice does the trick and helps me express myself in ways I even haven't dream of before. 

I have even been lucky enough to purchase tickets for his gig at the O2 Academy in Leeds on 15th October 2013. 

His album is coming out 24th June 2013 and the title is LONG WAY DOWN. As you already guessed, I've already pre-order the deluxe copy on iTunes. ;-)

So listen to him and let me know what you think about his music. I predict great things from him and I am sure that Tom will become a very successful musician and he is only young. There are great wonderful on the way for him.

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