Monday, 27 May 2013

Song Of The Week

I must make a confession... I like trashy TV shows. And to be honest I am not ashamed of it. Teenage dramas, comedy shows, scripted reality shows.. I like them all. My favourite "scripted reality show", that's how the BAFTA calls them, is Made In Chelsea. Every monday evening, if possible, I sit down in front of my TV and watch these London based privileged people and their drama.

Not sure myself why I like it so much?!? There are various answers to this question. High-end glamour? Amazing fashion? Silly drama stories? Love triangle every season? Or is it simple because of the true fact that this show has one amazing soundtrack. It is actually the best soundtrack on our TV screens! 

Made In Chelsea is packed with songs by famous or upcoming artists. The tracks included on this show were written by big names on music scene like : M83, Imagine Dragons, Ra Ra Riot, Two Door Cinema Club, Jack White, Bastille, The National, Palma Violets, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Miles Kane, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Foals, The Strokes, Daughter, Alt-J, Young Kato, Atoms For Peace and many many more. The list is endless. 

I found 3 various playlists on @SpotifyUK. The most recent one is from the 5th season and it is actually officially agreed by E4. The truth is that to be selected to have a track playing on this TV show, helped many artist to be introduced to the world. I,  personally, discovered many musicians and bands I would not listened to before and this show showed how amazing their tracks are. 

I absolutely love the fact that the list of the featured musicians included big and established names on the music scene, but it also give equal opportunity for the new talent. Look at Young Kato! Thanks to MIC their fan based increased literally overnight!! And there are more artists like Young Kato. Through the 5 seasons we have had the opportunity to listen to and discover some really good music.

I have been thinking about the soundtrack on this BAFTA-winning reality show for quite a while. And therefore I have decided to make The Song Of The Week the main tune from the show which we all grow to love so much. So here it is:

Song Of The Week:

"Midnight City" by M83

The track is from the album  HURRY UP WE'RE DREAMING.
Thanks to this tune I have recently downloaded the full album and became a fan of this electronic band.

Enjoy!! :)

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