Sunday, 19 May 2013


Oh yes!! The wait is over!!!! Four years we had to wait for this. But finally it is here! The new STAR TREK  movie subtitled with                              INTO DARKNESS

I have fallen in love with the first one back in 2009. I personally think that is was the best movie of the that year and I am sure not to be the only one. J.J. ABRAMS brought a brand new version of well known and adored by millions series, onto the big screens. He did a fantastic job. The movie was a box office hit. Fans of the series all over the world said praises and even the ones who never watched the series before, absolutely loved the movie. So the bar was set high and a question on everyone's mind was: "Can he do it again?"

Oh hell yeah!!! He has done his magic and brought us another ,EVEN BETTER, sequel. 

I went to see it last week. The second day it has been out in the pictures. I was so excited but worried at the same time. Sequels aren't usually that great. Well apart from Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes and all the Marvel's movies. 

But this movie was mind-blowing. I was sat in the cinema, watching the movie tightly ripping the seat. All the way through I was scared to blink just in case I would miss some important part of the story which I would regret later. It was fast paced. Kept me on my toes all the way through. The twists and turns in the story kept coming. Just when you thought you had it all figured out, another twist was produced. This made the movie amazing to watch. If someone says that it was boring, they are wrong. You could not ask for more action. More excitement. More typical Star Trek story. 

The special effects were absolutely spot on. Incredibly good. I went to watch it 2D but I have still enjoyed the wonderful world JJ Abrams created in full. Sometimes I wonder how can someone have such a great and big imagination. But he did very good job. 

I have loved performances of all the actors. The old crew and the newcomers as well. I think CHRIS PINE is one hot, sexy, crazy, adventure-hunting, funny, full of life and energy Captain Kirk. ZACHARY QUINTO is a hell of a good Spock. I love his version of Spock. He is wonderful. Calm. Over-thinking. Don't do well with emotions Spock. ZOE SALDANA is a his great and sexy better half Uhura. I liked that we could see how feisty she can be. Her Klingon was smooth. Go girl. And I cannot forget to mention SIMON PEGG as Scotty. He is the funniest man I know. I always enjoy his movies but he is such a great Scotty. Without him Star Trek wouldn't be the same. 

Now,  I think the main stage and the most respect in this movie goes to the new-comer badass BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. He was such a great villain. I so wanted him to be good, but he turned out to be the worst person in the world. Heartless. Killer. Manipulative asshole. What an incredible performance. I have truly enjoyed his villain on the big screen. They couldn't pick a better one. 

I have gone through so many emotions while watching this movie. Laugh. Anger. Sadness. Annoyance. Thrill for adventure. Scare. It was a wild ride with a good ending. I am so recommending this movie to everybody. Go and watch it. It is enchanting. It will have you fix into your seats from the beginning till the end. 

JJ ABRAMS what a great job you have done. I cannot wait for this movie to come out on DVD so I can add it to my DVD collection. 

Watch the trailer for this incredible movie below:

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