Monday, 6 May 2013

THE GREAT GATSBY (Music From Baz Luhrmann's Film)

I am slowly counting down the days until the film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel - THE GREAT GATSBY comes to our screen.  I have been hearing about this movie for over year and half now. I am so excited. It has everything I look in a movie for :

  1. It's a book adaptation.
  2. It takes place in my favourite era - The 1920s - amazing fashion, lavish lifestyle, New York City.
  3. The costumes for this movie are dreamy & wonderful.
  4. It has an amazing cast : Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, Toby Maguire, Isla Fisher, Joel Edgerton, Elizabeth Debicki and many many more. 
  5. And lastly,  the soundtrack which has many big names on it and it absolutely fantastic! 

The movie will be released next week - May 16th 2013, but luckily the producers and the studio behind this project treated us to a release of the soundtrack for this film. 

The soundtrack is the object of this post. I have pre-ordered it last night and it was delivered to my iTunes this morning. So the first thing on order this morning was to do my research and listen to it on my way to work. 

We could all hear a glimpse into the soundtrack in the trailer for this most anticipated movie of the year. So of course the whole album was the next step and I could not wait for it to come out. The track list included big names like Jay Z, Beyonce, Andre 3000, Florence & The Machine, Sia, Estelle, The XX... when you hear names like these you know are for a treat. 

And I must say I have not been disappointed. Actually, I was amazed by the fact how incredibly good the soundtrack to this movie is. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! Perfect! Not a song out of a place! Every single track is unique in its each way. And even though the artists on this album are fairly modern and the movie is set in 1920's, it is one great soundtrack! I was a little bit worried that the people who were chosen for this movie weren't suitable, but I was wrong. The adjustment which were done to the tracks.. The mood they are set it.. everything fits well with the theme, setting and story of this novel and it's film adaptation. I think Mr Fitzgerald would be very happy with it. 

Here is the track list so you can listen to it and make up your own mind:

  • 100$ - JAY Z
  • Back To Black - BEYONCE & ANDRE 3000
  • Young And Beautiful - LANA DEL REY
  • Love Is Blindness - JACK WHITE
  • Crazy In Love (Kid Koala Version) - EMELI SANDE & THE BRYAN FERRY ORCHESTRA
  • Bang Bang - WILL.I.AM
  • "I Like Large Parties" - ELIZABETH DEBICKI
  • A Little Party Never Killed Nobody ( All We Got ) - FERGIE, Q-TIP & GOONROCK
  • "Can't Repeat The Past?" - LEONARDO DI CAPRIO & TOBEY MAGUIRE
  • Heart's A Mess - GOTYE
  • Where The Wind Blows - COCO O.
  • Green Light - GREEN LIGHT
  • No Church In The Wild - JAY Z & KANYE WEST
  • Over The Love - FLORENCE + THE MACHINE
  • Together - THE XX
  • Into The Past - NERO
  • Kill And Run - SIA
  • Over The Love (Of You) - FLORENCE + THE MACHINE & SBTRKT
  • Young And Beautiful (DH Orchestral Version) - LANA DEL REY
  • "Gatsby Believed In The Green Light" - TOBEY MAGUIRE & CRAIG ARMSTRONG

My favourite tracks are BANG BANG, new version of old Beyonce's classic CRAZY IN LOVE, Fergie's A LITTLE PARTY NEVER KILLED NOBODY ( a track I would not expect on soundtrack for this movie but definitely works - probably will find a place on my playlist for the gym as well ), Coco O.'s WHERE THE WIND BLOWS ( an ultimate single girl's song) and I cannot forget one of my favourite artist's work - Florence + The Machine OVER THE LOVE (when did Florence do a horrible track? NEVER!!). I have been positively surprised with the 2 added bonus tracks.

The soundtrack is one of the best soundtrack's I've heard in years. Of course, I am a big fan of soundtracks from dramas and TV shows and find movie soundtracks sometimes very boring. Only 2 or 3 songs usually impress me. But the soundtrack to The Great Gatsby is fantastic from start to finish. There is not one song I would not like. 

The price for the Deluxe Version is fairly reasonable as well. Only £10.99 on iTunes. And as usual you get the booklet with it. 

So lovelies, listen to it if you get a chance and let me know what you think. I am very interested in your opinion about the song choices and artist choices for this album. Are you as impressed as I am ?

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