Sunday, 5 May 2013

Trailer Of The Week

As soon as I saw this trailer on my facebook page and 5 minutes later on my twitter account,  I knew I am going to make this trailer The Trailer Of The Week.

You all know how much I like Alexander Skarsgard. I very much enjoy The Southern Vampire Mysteries books, which inspired one of the best TV shows in recent years. HBO blessed us with 5 fantastic series of this popular drama and all the fans of the show are excited and counting down the days until JUNE 16TH 2013, when my favourite shows returns on our TV screens. 

I hope all these clues lead you to this week's Trailer Of The Week:

TRUE BLOOD : Season Six

I can't even start explaining how much I am excited about seeing the new series. We have been waiting for this for far too long and finally we have a glimpse of what to expect. And it's exciting, scary, sexy, dangerous, mysterious...FANGTASTIC. The truth is that this is the sexiest TV show on our screens! We have Alexander Skarsgard, Ryan Kwanten and Joe Manganiello who grace our day dreams and make us drool all over them. 

The whole household is counting down the days till the premiere of the season. And why not? I am sure that the trailer will make your heart skip a beat (especially the parts with Alexander Skarsgard shirtless ;-) )

I have to be honest. I have recently heard some rumours which kinda of upset me and I hope they are not true. Why would you kill off the post popular person in your drama series? I am sure that half of the fan base would be gone. 

What do you think we could expect from the new series? Are you excited as much as I am ?

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