Friday, 28 June 2013

Gig Of The Month: KINGS OF LEON, Manchester Arena

I DIED AND WENT TO MUSICAL HEAVEN! Yes, you are reading correctly. I have just witnessed one of the greatest gigs EVER! Tuesday night I have been lucky enough to see one of the greatest bands in the world to perform LIVE. The absolutely incredible KINGS OF LEON! 

Me and Andy had the genius idea couple months ago. Hungry for some great music I have been looking through various websites selling concert tickets. And somehow (With a great luck I must say!) I have stumbled upon tickets to see Kings Of Leon in Manchester! I have always wanted to see them live. I remember the first time I heard USE SOMEBODY and it stuck with me. 

Yes, I am one of those people who discovered KINGS OF LEON only when they become commercial (Stop laughing Andy). Anyways, because I know that Andy likes music as much as I do, I asked if he would like to go with me. And he said yes! So we purchased the tickets and waited for the set day to come. There were some frustrating times as the ticket company distributed the tickets quite late but about two weeks ago they arrived in the post. EXCITING TIMES! Now, we've started to count the days till the much anticipated event. 

And on Tuesday the day has come! 25th June 2013. Tuesday. 7.30PM. Me and Andy made our way to Manchester, checked into a lovely hotel (which I picked - what a great pick I must say!), ate some delicious italian food and were all set to enjoy these amazing musicians live.

At first there was a little bit of a disappointment with the supporting act. THE WEEKS. As Andy found out the band is from Jackson, Mississippi. They play similar music to the main act, but OH MY GOD, the main singer has no stage presence. Actually, all he does is move around in a triangle. Me and Andy had various ideas of why this might be. Maybe he was nervous? Maybe he was pissed off his face and they were the only movements he could manage? Maybe he had previously have too much of a presence on stage and was told to tone it down and took it to the extreme? God knows. But unfortunately, it did not work out for him and I felt very disappointed. Actually from the ten songs they played I only enjoyed 2 max 3. The only reason why I laughed at lot throughout the band's performance were the dance creations. Well the none existing dance creation and no stage presence. But that was over within 25 minutes and we got to a well deserved break. If you asked me, I think It was a great recovery break to take from the painful performance I have witnessed. 

But at 9.00PM London time the KINGS OF LEON took the stage and from the start I was blown away. 

They started off with Closer and what a great choice that was. The Lower Tier of audience was their feet straight away. Unfortunately, our seats were on the Upper Tier were people didn't know how to enjoy great music and were sat the whole time. But that didn't stop me and Andy to enjoy this once in lifetime opportunity.

The Kings were amazing! Flawless. Fantastic. Every tune they played was perfect without any mistakes. Caleb's voice pulled through the whole time. He was unbelievable. I think he has a very unique voice with the ability to bring up emotions in my heart which I buried long time ago ( I pretend to be a stone cold bitch most of the times !)

We had the privilege to listen to one amazing set list : Closer, Taper Jean Girl, My Party, Molly's Chambers, The Immortals, Fans, Back Down South, Pyro, On Call, Holy Roller Novocaine, Crawl, Four Kicks, Be Somebody, Milk, Ragoo, Arizona, The Bucket, Radioactive, Notion & Sex On Fire.

When Sex On Fire came on the whole arena exploded. Everyone was on their feet. And they were singing their hearts out.  And of course the audience wouldn't let them go just that easily after that..

So as usual, The Kings disappeared dramatically from the stage and the whole audience went sad and demanded more. We all started clapping and chanting more and more as each minute passed. They were really milking it! We must have been waiting for about 5 mins when they came back with a BOOM!! And not only with one song. They played another three tracks - Knocked Up, Use Somebody and Black Thumbnail...

After that it was time to say our goodbyes. Sadly, the evening was over and it was time for us to go home. 

I went on a journey through the whole time they were on. Their music touched me deeply in my heart and soul and I was very emotional. So much that I have nearly cried when they came back on and I heard first cords of Use Somebody!!! 

All the way through the sound was perfect. Sharp. You could actually enjoy the music. 

But One BIG WELL DONE goes to the person who design the stage. It was mind-blowing. Every single track was set in a different mood. They were streaming live footage in a vintage filter . That is a big STAR from my side. And there were so many screens which show some incredible moments. Whoever design that stage was a pure genius. I was impressed to the point when it took over me completely. 

Even when they finished, I was buzzing for hours. Me and Andy could not stop talking about it for hours and only LONG ISLAND ICED TEAS calmed us down. I felt drunk from the experience I have just gained. I was sweaty from dancing. My voice was gone from singing out loud but I was incredibly happy. Satisfied. High on the excitement. 

So I will just tell you this. GO SEE THEM LIVE. THE KINGS were AMAZING! Absolutely mind-blowing. Experience of a lifetime. I will definitely go see them again if the opportunity arises.!!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Trailer Of The Week

Ok, so this week's trailer of the week is a movie I have had actually seen last Saturday. Thanks to the Vue cinema and their early showings :)

This movie is a sequel to the one of the greatest animated movies made in recent years. The first time I watched it I knew I have to own it. It's a movie which will have you in stitches from the start, all the way through, until the end. And even the credits are funny. 

I loved the whole story where the villain is the hero. I love the three little girls who found a way to his heart and changed him. Make him a better person! Agnes is my favourite. I quote her all the time! I think that is one reason why I don't have a boyfriend. And lastly, the best thing about this movie - An army of incredibly funny and cute MINIONS!! 

Yes, you have guessed it correctly! I am talking about the 2010's greatest movie - DESPICABLE ME. I love love love this movie. It has a permanent part in my DVD collection and I even have an electronic copy so I can take it with me everywhere I go. You never know when you will need cheering up. And Despicable Me does just this. Even on a horrible day when you think that nothing can make you smile again, this movie does the trick.

It was a success which was followed by various YouTube Videos as the popularity of minions grown. My favourite is Dave. I wish I could have him in my household. 

Anyways, the creators of this incredible movie made a sequel and guess what it is as good as the first, if not a little bit better. 

So here is the Trailer Of The Week:


Trust me, the sequel is incredibly funny. The minions are in full form, Agnes is even cuter and Gru is the same. Prepare for an evening of belly ache from the amount of laugh. You will laugh so much that tears will come to your eyes, that is a promise!!

DESPICABLE ME 2 officially hits the UK cinemas on 28th June 2013. So do me a favour and go see it. You will not regret it!

I would like to end this review with one of my favourite quotes of all the time from a personal heroine of mine - AGNES!!!

Song Of The Week

So this week I have decided to dug through the archives and go a little bit vintage. But not too far. Only couple of years back. And the reason is so obvious. I have had the privilege to see one of the greatest band's on Earth on tuesday night to play live! ( A review is in the process of being written - just waiting for my USB cable so I can transfer pics from my camera as silly me lost it!!). 

Anyways, this is my favourite song EVER. It touches me every bit of my soul, makes its way to the deep depths of my romantic heart. 

I feel in love with this tune the first time I've heard it. And it stayed my favourite through the years. So without any further introduction, I will let the song speak for itself. 

So here is the Song Of The Week:

USE SOMEBODY by Kings Of Leon

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Trailer Of The Week

Yes, you heard me correctly. The trailer of the week post is back! And with a boom!!! I have been a bad blogger recently, but after an encouragement from you guys (the blog has over 5000 views - THANK YOU VERY MUCH) I got a fresh energy and inspiration running through my blood streams. I have a lot of ideas on my mind and one of them is bringing back the Trailer of the week section. 

There is so many great movies coming out this year. Every time I think that they cannot bring out a better movie, they come out with another one! Just like that. 

So for this week's I have chosen a movie I have been looking forward to see for quite a while. It's already out in America, but us unlucky Britons need to wait till 3rd JULY 2013

The Trailer Of The Week, ladies & gents:


This movies has an all-star cast: Morgan Freeman, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Mark Ruffalo, Jesse Eisenberg, Michael Caine, Dave Franco, Melanie Laurent.. and many more. You know it will be good. 

The trailer has a promise of excitement, amusement, action, fun, magic tricks, illusions.. I cannot wait to sit down with my Ben&Jerry's in the cinema and watch it. 

Song Of The Week

The time has come to pick another song for this week. I have been looking through the charts, listening to radio stations so I can decide what should be the song for this week. 

I then I stumbled across the cutest video of the year! I found it by accident while browsing through YouTube. Look don't judge. I have a really bad case of insomnia, especially on my days off, so I spend the nights browsing through YouTube videos. And one lucky night I have come across a new video by Taylor Swift. If I am being honest, I do not listen to her music, but she has teamed up with one of my favourite UK musicians - Ed Sheeran. Together they brought us this song. And they took it to the next level by creating the cutest video I have seen in a long time. 

So this week's SONG OF THE WEEK is:

EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED by Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran

I have to say I have started to like Taylor a little bit in recent months. I found her music quite inspiring and I have also noticed that she has a great style. Well the girl has everything what a girl can dream of. 

So me being me, loving exploring new music, I have downloaded the Taylor Swift's album RED. I'll let you all know how that all turns up

Have a listen to the song, check out the video and let me know if you find as cute as I do :)


WALKING DISASTER is a second novel written by Jamie McGuire. It is actually the same story, set in the same time frame, as Beautiful Disaster. But here comes the twist, it's told from Travis's point of view. 

I will not be boring you with they synopsis of this book as you can read it in a previous post. Nothing has changed. The story is the same. We are meeting the same characters. The only change is that we are in the Bad Boy's mind. I must say I find Travis very intelligent and loveable character. And wouldn't I? He is tall, well built, has tattoos and has the "I don't give a shit" attitude. That means he is my kind of a man. But as the story progressed I found him a little bit winey and too desperate.

It took me a lot longer to read this book compare to the previous one. But it wasn't the book's or author's fault. It was my own. I have so much enjoyed the Beautiful Disaster so I couldn't wait to read Walking Disaster straight away. BIG MISTAKE! I should have waited couple more months. I knew the story a little too well enough so I could predict and was expecting in front what was happing in the story. And therefore, I couldn't enjoy the book as much.

 I have still found the funny dialogues and interactions between the main characters hilarious. I loved the little insight into a guy's mind. How they think? How their mind works? How they react in certain situations? I found it a little useful for the future reference - well if I ever will go back to the dating scene.

So if you are on the verge of deciding if you want to read this book take my advice. If you read the Beautiful Disaster, wait couple of months before you proceed in reading Walking Disaster. You want to enjoy the story with fresh eyes. But if you haven't read the first book and you are interested in reading about falling in love from the guy's point of view, go ahead and read it.

This book is a wonderful story about the first love. It is really easy to read. You will laugh out loud. A lot. The book is packed with hilarious conversations and jibes. And you will fall in love with Travis Maddox. I promise you that. I let you on a little secret, in my head he looks like Channing Tatum ;-)


BEAUTIFUL DISASTER is modern romantic novel written by an American author JAMIE MCGUIRE. 

I have found this book last year while browsing through Asda's book isle. The synopsis on the back of the book immediately caught my attention so as soon as I got home I ordered it for my Kindle (It was the cheaper option to be honest - at the time I was proper skint thanks to Christmas shopping.). But I haven't found the time to read it until recently. To be truthful I was engrossed with the Mortal Instruments series, Jace and the Shadow-hunters' world took over me. But now, it's time for a break so I found myself reaching for this book. I am in a delicate state - hungry for some romance in my life. And I hoped that this book can provide a little relief from the absence of the romance in my mundane life. 

So let's start with the synopsis first. As I mentioned before, it's a good one. It will make you want to buy this book - especially if you are a fan of modern romance genre or vomit in the bucket as I expect my lovely housemate Claire to do (see I can already see your face Claire hehe). I have copied the synopsis from the Waterstones' website and added some of my commentary to it. Some of you might call it lazy, I call it convenient. 

Are you suffering from the Fifty Shades of Grey withdrawal symptoms? (Like that is possible!?! The book stores and supermarkets are packed with adult novels at the moment. You can easily find them - they all have the same dark coloured cover with an silvery object (a piece of ribbon, a tie, a glass, an apple..) You can spot them straight away.) But even if this amount of adult novels is not enough for you, meet TRAVIS MADDOX & ABBY ABERNATHY - the main characters of Beautiful Disaster. 

Good girl Abby doesn't drink or swear and she works hard. Abby believes she has created enough distance between her and the darkness of her past, but when she arrives at college, her dreams of a new beginning are quickly challenged by the university's walking one-nighst stand. Bad boy Travis 'Mad Dog' Maddox, handsome, built and covered in tattoos, is exactly what Abby needs - wants - to avoid. He spends his nights winning money in a floating fight club and his days as the notorious college lothario. A disaster waiting to happen.. Somehow they become best friends and start to spend a lot of time together. But Abby isn't falling for Travis's charms. Intrigued by Abby's resistance, Travis tricks her into his life with a simple bet. On a night of a big fight, he makes up a bet - if he loses, he must remain celibate for a month. If Abby loses, she must life in Travis's apartment for the same amount of time. Is it a start of something beautiful? Either way, Travis has no idea that he has met his match or that this is the start of an obsessive, intense relationship that will lead them both into unimaginable territory..

Intrigued? I surely was. And I must say I have enjoyed reading this book very much. It is an easy reading full of funny conversations. The dynamic relationships between characters are captivating straight from the start. It's fast paced, funny, intelligent. I found myself laughing out loud from the first page. I love the interaction between Abby and Travis. It wasn't a boring one for sure. The way play a game of cat and mouse with each other is great to read. 

I think it was nice to see a story where the bad boy falls in love for the first time and does everything in his power to win his "Pigeon's" heart. (reference and explanation of "Pigeon" is found in the book - I didn't get it at the start either.). And they went through some many obstacles. They fought hard and at the end ended up getting everything they dream of. 

But I must say, the life doesn't really work that way. It's only a story, although every one of us is dreaming about their happy ending. 

Also, I have found Travis a little bit over the top. Why would a bad boy who didn't have a care in the world change so radically? I am sorry but this would never ever EVER happened in reality. Hello!!!! Men don't change that drastically. But me being the good cop, it is nice to read that there is a possibility of existence of such a kind of men. 

As I have said earlier though, I have enjoyed reading this book. It was a nice break from the reality. I have laughed a lot and was happy with the Happy Ending Ms McGuire created for us. It actually made me to buy her second book - WALKING DISASTER. 

I would recommend this book for the ones who like a little bit of romance and have a soft heart like me. And summer is here. Well is on the way. And we all need a little bit of light reading for the beach. Why not to try this one?

Saturday, 15 June 2013


This is THE ONE FILM I have been waiting for since they have announced its production. And why wouldn't I? It has a promise of great things. Excellent director. Check. Amazing talented cast. Check. Brilliant soundtrack. Check. Breathe-taking set. Check. Costumes which would make any girl green with jealousy. Check. And it is a love story!!! Double check. Plus they have filmed it for 3D. My geeky heart is jumping up and down with happiness.

I had to see it as soon as possible, of course! The months of waiting only made me excited even more. But I was worried at the same time. What if the buzz around me coloured my judgement and the movie will a disaster?

With these questions on my mind I found myself with a group of friends sat in my seat in local Vue cinema one fine Sunday afternoon. With Ben&Jerry's core sundae in hand I was ready to five my full attention to Mr Luhrmann's take on this famous novel. 

And the result? F. Scott Fitzgerald would be so proud!! Baz Luhrmann created a wonderful piece for the cinematographic history - a dreamy world I would love to escape to. 

The film was breathe-taking. Mind-blowing. Absolutely worth the wait. 

I was only familiar with parts of the story. I barely remember reading a section from it when I was at elementary school. So it was something I didn't have to compare with a book itself. 

I absolutely loved everything about it. The story itself was captivating. It kept me on my toes all the way through it. Jay Gatsby is such a great character. He is a love sick fool who is doing everything in his power to win Daisy, the only girl he ever loved, back. Thanks to the love for her, he made a name for himself and became a millionaire. Also he was an eternal optimist with a big sense for hope. 

Leonardo DiCaprio was absolutely fantastic as Jay Gatsby. The emotions he displayed...The role he took up on... Everything about the character was so believable! One of my friends pointed out: "HE IS LIKE A GOOD WINE, GETS BETTER WITH AGE!" And it so true! Look at the films he starred in recent years: Catch me if you can; Django Unchained; Inception; Shutter Island; The Departed; Revolutionary Road; Body Of Lies; Blood Diamond.. Blockbusters! All these movies has been praised by the viewers and the critics. 

Carey Mulligan is a star of the movie! She looks fabulous and plays her role with such a grace. She looks so innocent - almost angelic. And you want her to pick Gatsby so badly. And then she turns on him and you are left speechless and heartbroken! 

I must mention Tobey Maguire. I have absolutely loved and enjoyed his take on Nick Carraway. Such an amazing supporting character. When someone usually mentions his name, Spiderman always pops on my mind and this was a first role when I have actually seen what a great actor he is. He was wonderful to watch. 

Hats off to Baz Luhrmann! He created a world which looked like a dream and captured the era so perfectly. The set was so luxurious. The costumes were beautiful. The music was just spot on. I know that a lot of people and critics criticised his choice of modern music to be included in this timeless classic, but I actually really liked it. 

I would love to live in New York in the 1920s - 1930s. Everything was so glamorous. People knew how to throw a good party and they had a great style. 

All in all, I give this movie thumbs up! Five stars. It was incredible!!!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

JUNE Book Bonanza

You all know how much I am obsessed with books. Actually I think I have a problem. I cannot stop buying books. I am serious. 

I look at books online while at work. Amazon and Waterstones website is my favourite. I stop at Waterstones book shop in Leeds city centre on regular basis. If I am shopping at Urban Outfitters or Joy I must check their book stock as well. Not to mention Asda's supermarket and their temptation with 3 for £10 or 2 for £7 offers. It's like the world wants to buy me more books. 

And it's not like I have nothing to read. Trust me, I have plenty of books I have not read yet. But me being me, I have bought this month couple of new ones. So I have decided to start a new monthly regular post called Book Haul. 

So here is the list of treasures I found on my wondering around the shops and internet. I wrote also the synopsis from the back of these books. You might find some of them interesting like me and grab your own copy. I will also make sure that I will post the reviews of these books as soon as I read them. 


THE GREAT GATSBY by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Jay Gatsby's parties are legendary. Night and day, the rich and the beautiful descend upon his mansion to drink and to dance. For Nick Carraway, newly arrived on Long Island, the handsome, wealthy Gatsby seems to lead the perfect life. But beneath that shimmering facade Gatsby harbours an obsessive desire for the only thing he truly wants, but can never have. 

The Great Gatsby is F. Scott Fitzgerals's masterpiece, a tragic love story played  out in a world of dangerous illusion amidst the famous decadence of the roaring twenties. 

This edition also includes an exclusive interview with Baz Luhrmann - the director of the the movie adaptation starring Leo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire. 

THE HELP by Kathryn Stockett

Enter a vanished world: Jackson, Mississippi, 1962. Where black maids raise white children, but aren't trusted not to steal the silver...

There's Aibileen, raising her seventeenth white child and nursing the hurt caused by her own son's tragic death; Minny, whose cooking is nearly as sassy as her tongue; and white Miss Skeeter, home from college, who wants to know why her beloved maid has disappeared. 

Skeeter, Aibileen and Minny. No one would believe they'd be friend; fewer still would tolerate it. But as each woman finds the courage to cross boundaries, they come to depend and rely upon one another. Each is in search of a truth. And together they have an extraordinary story to tell...

I got this book as a present from my housemate after I nearly abused her ears after seeing the movie adaptation. I loved it so much. 

CITY OF GOLD by Anton Gill

Brazil, 1595
Sir Walter Raleigh leads a perilous expedition through the Amazonian jungle in search of a myth. He returns to England with tales of an extraordinary discovery. 

In present day New York, the financial world is rife with a terrifying rumour - that a vast source of gold has been discovered. If it's true, it would mean the downfall of the world economy. Rogue Special Operative Jack Marlow is tasked with finding the source of the rumour, and following his only lead he uncovers the brutal murder of an antique dealer who specialises in maps. 

But Jack isn't the only person looking for the gold - an ancient and powerful organisation is one step ahead - and soon the race to find the gold turns into a race to stay alive. 


On 2 May, 1536, in an act unprecedented in English history, Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII's second wife, was imprisoned in the Tower of London. On 15 May she was tried and found guilty of high treason and executed just four days later. Mystery surrounds the circumstances leading up to her arrest - did Henry instruct Thomas Cromwell to fabricate evidence to get rid of her so that he could marry Jane Seymour? Did Cromwell construct a ease against Anne and her faction, and then persuade the King? Or was Anne, in fact, guilty as charged?

Never before has there been a book devoted entirely to Anne Boleyn's fall; now in Alison Weir's richly researched and impressively detailed portrait we have a compelling story of the last days of one history's most charismatic, controversial and tragic heroines. 


Georgia Malone joined a book club to expand her literary horizons. But when they swap serious classics for steamy fiction, she discovers just how much fun reading can be...

When Georgia loses her husband at the age of twenty-five, her world falls apart. Three years on, and she has thrown herself completely into her job, leaving no time for love. But this suits her just fine - she's prefer to read about fictional romances than face the real thing. 

But when she discovers that her new client is gorgeous sportsman of the moment, Woody Hanrahan, Georgia finds that her long-buried libido is awakened. Woody is charming and cocky - the sort of man Georgia usually avoids. But while her head is telling her to stay away, her body wants something else.

And as her book club explores the tantalizing extremes of fiction, Georgia is exploring the limits of pleasure and beyond. Woody is hers to command in hundred deliciously wicked ways, but when it comes to writing her own happy ending, this girl doesn't just need his body - she wants his heart. 


1961: On a sweltering summer's day, while her family picnics by the stream of their Suffolk farm, sixteen-year-old Laurel hides out in her childhood tree house dreaming of bright future she can't wait to seize. But before the idyllic afternoon is over, Laurel will have witnessed a shocking crime that changes everything. 

2011: Now a much-loved actress, Laurel finds herself overwhelmed by shades of the past. Haunted by memories, and the mystery of what she saw that day, she returns to her family home and begins to piece together a secret history: a tale of three strangers from vastly different worlds - Dorothy, Vivien and Jimmy - who are brought together by chance in wartime London and whose lives become fiercely and fatefully entwined. 

Shifting between the 1930s, the 1960s and the present, The Secret Keeper is a spellbinding story of mysteries and secrets, murder and enduring love. 


Amy Wilde is tired of the idiots her glamorous flatmate Jo tries to set her up with - she'd much rather be landscaping a garden with her dog Badger at her side than trying to find the man of her dreams. That is, until she meets Leo Wolfsburg. Handsome, polite, funny, intriguing - Leo is everything Amy could want in a man. Best of all, the attraction seems mutual. 

But Leo's lifestyle is a world away from her own. Private planes, charity balls, exclusive members' clubs - Amy begins to realise that her simple existence has been turned upside down. And just where is Leo's home country of Nirona, anyway? Is this all too good to be true?

So here are the books which are now part of my ever-growing library. I hope you find something which might catch your eye and gets you to read. Summer is on our doorsteps so we all need something to read lying on the beach or by the pool. 

Let me know if you like any of my choices and why. 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Song Of The Week

It's the time again to share with you my this week's obsession from the music industry. It is another track which will become one big summertime hit this summer. I predict it!

Me and my housemates are already dancing to this tune around the living room. The #BeatsPill stole it for its advert. And you can here it from every single radio station, music channel and blasting out of every single bar, pub and club..

And why wouldn't it be? It is a great tune. It makes you dance and it has the hottest property in the music industry on it. Pharrell Williams. Add to it T.I. (fresh from the prison) and Robin Thicke and you have a killer combo with an awesome tune. 

So the Song Of The Week is:

BLURRED LINES by Robin Thicke, T.I. & Pharrell

Enjoy. I am already swaying to the rhythm!

Exciting News!!

OH MY GOD!! The rumours are true. The level of my excitement is shooting through the roof. ALEXA CHUNG posted a sneak preview and pic of her book!! Finally!

I was browsing through the lovely twitter world in work today (because that is what you do when you are bored and there is nothing exciting going around you) ,  I skip through the news feed and found ONE AMAZING TWEET  by one of my favourite people in the world came up. Alexa CHUNG posted a picture of her upcoming book I only heard rumours about. 

It's called IT and it will hit the shops in it's hardcover copy on September 4th. All the fashion magazine are raving about it. Amazon is already offering to re-order it online for only £16.99 and I am on it. There is a book which has a place in my library for sure. 

The book has lovely pale pink cover with a small picture of an eye and three words: Alexa Chung IT. 

The book description on amazon is below and gets me even more excited as it is everything I am hoping for in a book written by Alexa. 

Here is the copy of the book description:

In It, her first book, the global fashion-trendsetter Alexa Chung shares her inspirations, musings and her own very personal and eclectic style.

With influences that range from Jane Birkin to Mick Jagger, Alexa Chung is a unique fashion icon. Her first book, It, provides her legion of fans with a long-awaited inside look at her world.
A truly one-off collection of Alexa's personal writings, drawings and photographs, It covers everything from her thoughts on life, love and music to her favourite looks and how to decide what to wear in the morning. With wit, charm and a refreshingly down-to-earth attitude, this gorgeously-designed full-colour book is a must-have for anyone who loves fashion, music and just about everything Alexa Chung.

Alexa Chung is a model and international style icon, and the co-host of the daily music television programme Fuse News, airing in the US. She is also a contributing editor to British Vogueand has received numerous style awards, including the prestigious British Style Award (voted for by the public), which she has won three years in a row. She currently lives in New York City.

Are you excited as m?!?! I am sure putting my order in tonight! 

The only book written by a celebrity I actually want to put my hands on. 

Saturday, 8 June 2013

SHHHHH SHHHH.... I've got some exciting news!!

Hi there lovelies, 

How are we all doing? I am sure that you are surprised that this isn't my usual post, but I have decided to write you a little personal post. 

Firstly, I would like to say A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL for reading my blog and coming back!!! I am so honoured and surprised how many of you find the time to read and browse through my little creation . I hope you are all enjoying reading my posts. I know that they are sometimes over the top and full of my opinions from my personal point of view, but hey that is what this blog is about. 

I hope to write more and more posts when the time permits. I know I have been a little bit of bad blogger lately, but I promised to be on my best behaviour now. I have a lot of new material to write about.. there will be more film reviews, book reviews and of course the regulars like Song of the week, Gig of the month, Fashion icon, Hottie of the month.... 

I have also decided to expand this blog a little bit and join forces with one of my good friends Andy "Blackstool" Lofthouse. Together we have made the decision to co-operate and he has become a new co-writer for this blog (I will have a little interview with Andy later in the week - so you can get to know him). 

I have made the decision to do this, so you guys can read more posts, find different opinions and also because Andy likes different things, genres, movies, books, music .. than me so you will have a wider choice of posts. So there will be some new posts coming out. 

I hope you will open your heart and minds to Andy's posts and let us write you some funny, maybe sometimes sarcastic posts. 

If you have any suggestions or questions, please do get in touch with us. You can either leave a comment below or you can find us on twitter @ZuzVystrcilova or @AndyBlackstool. We are both looking forward to hear from you. 

Again, thanks for all the support, you don't even know how much this all means to me. It all started as a small idea last year and now it's one amazing beautiful exciting thing which consumes my universe. 

Have a lovely day / night.. 


Zuz xXx

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Song Of The Week

I am not sure where you guys are when you reading this post, but I am in SUNNY !! (yes, sunny - and I am not being sarcastic) Leeds. I am currently sitting on the door step to my house and enjoying the warmth of the early evening rays of sunshine. 

And because the sun makes me all happy and jolly, I have picked for the song of this week a tune which I am sure will be heard all over radios, TVs and blasting out of the speakers owned by the local beach bar this whole summer. And I am sure that all the holiday makers will soon hate it with a passion! HEHE

Jameela Jamil said praises about the interpreter of the song, even the song itself. It is a proper summertime tune! Not that I am deleting Will Smith's Summertime off my iPod (that is my ultimate summer tune!). 

So without any more of my mumbling here is the is The Song Of The Week:

LA LA LA by Naughty Boy & Sam Smith

The video to this song is so cuuuuute!!! Extreme #cutealert!!

And I would love to dedicate this song to my lovely housemate Claire who has fond memories of one drunken bank holiday afternoon, when she told her taxi driver that he will like the song because it has indian influence. Love you Claire haha!!

Enjoy guys!!!