Tuesday, 18 June 2013


WALKING DISASTER is a second novel written by Jamie McGuire. It is actually the same story, set in the same time frame, as Beautiful Disaster. But here comes the twist, it's told from Travis's point of view. 

I will not be boring you with they synopsis of this book as you can read it in a previous post. Nothing has changed. The story is the same. We are meeting the same characters. The only change is that we are in the Bad Boy's mind. I must say I find Travis very intelligent and loveable character. And wouldn't I? He is tall, well built, has tattoos and has the "I don't give a shit" attitude. That means he is my kind of a man. But as the story progressed I found him a little bit winey and too desperate.

It took me a lot longer to read this book compare to the previous one. But it wasn't the book's or author's fault. It was my own. I have so much enjoyed the Beautiful Disaster so I couldn't wait to read Walking Disaster straight away. BIG MISTAKE! I should have waited couple more months. I knew the story a little too well enough so I could predict and was expecting in front what was happing in the story. And therefore, I couldn't enjoy the book as much.

 I have still found the funny dialogues and interactions between the main characters hilarious. I loved the little insight into a guy's mind. How they think? How their mind works? How they react in certain situations? I found it a little useful for the future reference - well if I ever will go back to the dating scene.

So if you are on the verge of deciding if you want to read this book take my advice. If you read the Beautiful Disaster, wait couple of months before you proceed in reading Walking Disaster. You want to enjoy the story with fresh eyes. But if you haven't read the first book and you are interested in reading about falling in love from the guy's point of view, go ahead and read it.

This book is a wonderful story about the first love. It is really easy to read. You will laugh out loud. A lot. The book is packed with hilarious conversations and jibes. And you will fall in love with Travis Maddox. I promise you that. I let you on a little secret, in my head he looks like Channing Tatum ;-)

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