Thursday, 6 June 2013

Song Of The Week

I am not sure where you guys are when you reading this post, but I am in SUNNY !! (yes, sunny - and I am not being sarcastic) Leeds. I am currently sitting on the door step to my house and enjoying the warmth of the early evening rays of sunshine. 

And because the sun makes me all happy and jolly, I have picked for the song of this week a tune which I am sure will be heard all over radios, TVs and blasting out of the speakers owned by the local beach bar this whole summer. And I am sure that all the holiday makers will soon hate it with a passion! HEHE

Jameela Jamil said praises about the interpreter of the song, even the song itself. It is a proper summertime tune! Not that I am deleting Will Smith's Summertime off my iPod (that is my ultimate summer tune!). 

So without any more of my mumbling here is the is The Song Of The Week:

LA LA LA by Naughty Boy & Sam Smith

The video to this song is so cuuuuute!!! Extreme #cutealert!!

And I would love to dedicate this song to my lovely housemate Claire who has fond memories of one drunken bank holiday afternoon, when she told her taxi driver that he will like the song because it has indian influence. Love you Claire haha!!

Enjoy guys!!!

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