Thursday, 27 June 2013

Song Of The Week

So this week I have decided to dug through the archives and go a little bit vintage. But not too far. Only couple of years back. And the reason is so obvious. I have had the privilege to see one of the greatest band's on Earth on tuesday night to play live! ( A review is in the process of being written - just waiting for my USB cable so I can transfer pics from my camera as silly me lost it!!). 

Anyways, this is my favourite song EVER. It touches me every bit of my soul, makes its way to the deep depths of my romantic heart. 

I feel in love with this tune the first time I've heard it. And it stayed my favourite through the years. So without any further introduction, I will let the song speak for itself. 

So here is the Song Of The Week:

USE SOMEBODY by Kings Of Leon

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